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The Birthday Party Continued the Entire Night, the Group Gone Out, and Used Drugs After the Party Was Over…the Female College Student Ended Up Dead

The results of setting oneself FREE, partying too hard here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female college student, Huang who just turned twenty-two, on the early morning of the 29th, went to her birthday party at a pub with her friends, later on, she’d gone to a motel, to continue drinking with Lin, her older schoolmate; they’d taken ecstasy, and had sexual intercourse, two days ago at four in the afternoon, Huang wasn’t feeling well, was taken to the hospital, where she’d died, her birthday became her date of death, the family members couldn’t understand how, or why this had happened.

The D.A. reexamined her body yesterday, there was no external injuries to the deceased, the family told the D.A. that there were no family histories of illnesses.  Lin, her older schoolmate admitted, that at four that very morning, he’d gone with Huang to a motel in Yonghe, to continue the party, after they took ecstasy, they’d had sexual intercourse, he felt awful, for what had happened to the young woman; the D.A. found out, that the ecstasy tabs were bought from a friend they met up in the night clubs.  After the D.A. interrogated him, they’d taken Lin into custody, and put him on a $50,000N.T. bail.

The police investigated, that Huang who’d just turned twenty-two, on the 29th, during the midnight hours, went partying with a group of friend in a nightclub in Taipei.  Lin said, that at her birthday party, he’d asked her if she wanted to continue the party later on at a motel, in the motel room, they both took one ecstasy tab; later on, he’d felt drowsy, and Huang started shaking all over, she’d called up a friend, to get some milk to her, to help her feel better.  He said, that he drank the milk, but Huang hadn’t, not long thereafter, he’d found her to be short of breath, started panting, and asked the motel to call the ambulance.

Huang studies at a certain private university, in the sales department, Huang’s mother stated, that she’d lived with them regularly, had outstanding performances on her grades, and entered into the sales competitions on behalf of the school; that she’d heard her daughter told her that she’s a good drinker, but, didn’t know that she was using drugs.

And so, another young life lost, to drug usage, and, had this woman not drunk too much alcohol before she’d gone to the hotel to use more drugs, then, the outcomes may have been different, and this still just shows, how your kids may be totally different people, in front of you, and their friends.

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An Adolescent Died in Juvenile Detention, the Family Wants to Know What Happened

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A youth in the Taoyuan Juvenile Detention Hall, Mai, died last year in February, the representative from the Democratic Progressive Party, Yo, held a press conference for the family, pointed out, that there was large areas of wounds on the youth, and the coroners found, that his death was caused by others; but after the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office looked into the matter, and found NO suspects, so, they’d signed the case as closed.  The families believed that there’s more to their child’s death, they’re asking the country to pay for it, hoping that they can find closure, as the real cause of his death came out.

The fifteen-year-old adolescent, Mai, was arrested for theft three years ago, and sent to the juvenile detention hall in Taoyuan, last year, he’d had pus in his organs in the abdomen regions, causing sepsis, and died.  The grandmother publicized the photos she took of her grandson at autopsy, she claimed, that on her grandson’s right chest and shoulder, there was a huge area of bruising, swelling, and bleeding, didn’t know how much her grandson suffered before his death, and, she couldn’t accept the reason that the juvenile detention’s reason for his death, “infection”.

The manager of the Taoyuan Juvenile Detention Hall, Lin said, that they’d never punished him physically or bullied him, and they thought that the young man had no history of heart problems, but, at a routine check, they’d found that his bicuspid valves was a bit detached, that the detention hall didn’t ignore it; but the family stated, that on the day the detention hall sent him to the hospital didn’t match up to the hospital’s cause of death on his death certificate, the family thought that there’s some sort of cover up going on.

The Juvenile Detention Hall in Taoyuan said, that since Mai had been admitted, he’d seen a physician on site for ninety-two times, and gone out of the detention hall for treatment five times, “We’d done our very best for him.”

The assistant director of the Facility of Corrections, Chiu stated, that as the other students who came into contact with Mai told of new facts or new evidence, they will all, include it into the payments that the country will be making to the families.

Yo, the representative suspected, that after Mai’s death, the juvenile detention hall didn’t punish the related individuals to the matters, and, everybody who’d been a part of the case are already transferred away from the center, she suspected, that there’s a cover up, to protect the workers involved.  She hoped that the truth will come out, with the investigations of asking for the government to pay.

Lin said, that based off of what they’d discovered to date, there were NO signs of inappropriate discipline, and that the juvenile detention hall did everything it ought to; and the workers, transferring out is a process that happens daily, that he respected the family members, for asking the country to pay.

So, something MUST’VE happened to this youth, we just don’t know what.  But, because his medical records aren’t provided, we can’t pinpoint the cause, and plus, the family didn’t tell the heart condition of the youth as he was admitted to the juvenile detention hall, and, someone is still dead, and the family just wanted the truth, so they can find closure, and get on with their lives.

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The Young Children Slept Together in the Same Bed, the Five-Year-Old Ended Up Crushing His One-Year-Old Sister to Death

So this time, the “culprit” is the older brother instead of the father, hello, hello, hello???  Are you parents STUPID?  Or are you just, PLAIN R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D here!!!  Translated…

A young girl of just one-and-a-half year old early yesterday morn, was suffocated to death by her five-year-old older brother as he flipped over in his sleep, as the mother returned to check on the kids, she’d found that her young daughter had stopped breathing or a heartbeat, couldn’t save her using CPR, and she feared that it would affect the mental developments of her son, the family still hadn’t told the older boy the news of his baby sister’s death.

The family started crying hard at the Changgang Hospital in Linkou yesterday, the child’s paternal grandfather said, “She’s gone now, and all we want to do, is to protect this only child that’s left behind.”

The Yeh’s have a business together, has a son and a daughter.  A little past the midnight hours last night, the baby girl woke up and started crying for her mom, Yeh rocked her to sleep, and temporarily placed the child onto the bed of her son who’s sound asleep, and she went to take a bath, then watched television in the living room with her husband.

At around a little past two, the mother planned to carry the daughter back into her crib, that, was when she’d discovered that the child had gone limp and her lips and limbs had become purple, that she wasn’t breathing, and had no heart rate, Yeh quickly brought the young daughter to the living room, and performed CPR on her, but, as the ambulance rushed her to the hospital, she still died.

Yeh’s mother told the police, that back then, the son was lying on his back, on top of the young girl, and she’d suspected that he must’ve flipped over and got on top of his younger sister, causing her to suffocate.

After the coroners examined the child’s corpse, they’d determined the cause of death as an accident, the mother was crying, she was heartbroken, but she didn’t want her son to bear the burdens of killing her baby sister, and she has no intentions of telling him how his younger sister died.

The girl’s paternal grandfather said, “She’s already gone, we don’t want to cause any more distress in his young life.”

The CEO of the Jing-Juan Child Safety Foundation, Lin said, that there are rarely any case where a child had caused another child to suffocate to death, mostly, the cases composed of adults, crushing their young, she’d recommended that families with young children MUST have separate beds, and children who are under one couldn’t control their bodies and that the parents should check on them every twenty minutes, and for children two and under, check on them at thirty-minute intervals.

And so, this, is still due to the negligence of the parents, the mother didn’t have the sense of bring her daughter into her crib, she thought her kids were both sound asleep and nothing can possibly happen, and, it’s her carelessness that’s caused her own daughter’s death!




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2272. A One-Year-Old Older Sister Pulled the Covers on Her Four-Months-Old Younger Sister, and the Four-Month-Old Suffocated to Death

Last time, a young child drowned in the Central Parks in New York City, because the parents left another young boy in charge of his younger baby sister, and this time, UNFIT parents left their young daughter, in charge of HER younger sister, and look what happens, when are YOU, STUPID parents, EVER gonna learn???  From the Front Page Section, translated…

A young couple yesterday, went out to find work and to buy more formula, and left their one-year-apart young girls who were born on the same day at home, napping, when the parents returned, they’d found the four-month old younger child was hovered over by the big quilt, they rushed her to the hospital, the hospital couldn’t save her life.  The police investigators found NO visible external injuries, and so, they’ ruled out abuse, and they suspect, that the baby died from suffocation from the quilt, and they will see if the parents would be held responsible or not.

The mother of these young girls said, that her one-year-four-month old older daughter recently started modeling the behaviors of the adults, took care of her baby sister, by pulling the quilt over her, without realizing that the quilt is heavy.  The Labor and Social Services Departments sent social workers to interview the parents, and found that they took good care of their young, and they’re not planning on reporting them, but will educate them.

The children’s parents are quite young, the father works as a plumber, he’s turning twenty-one today, the mother is only nineteen, the parents loved their girls very much, and their Facebook pages are filled with their family photos, without knowing, that right before the child’s birthdays, something like this happened, it’d broken the father emotionally.

The father left the message on Facebook, “…I’m sorry, we’re unfitting father and mother!  The heavens had given you to me, and yet, I failed to cherish you!  Because of my carelessness, daddy lost you!  Even if I feel a TON of regrets, pains…I can’t ever see your radiant smiles again!”

The officers examined that the father of the young siblings doesn’t make that much money, and doesn’t have a steady job, and in order to help out with the household finances, the mother accompanied the father to the employment center to find a job, while their young children were napping at around two in the afternoon, at three they saw their girls are still asleep, by four forty, they’d gone out to get groceries, diapers, formulas, and didn’t return home until five fifty in the early evening, they climbed up to the second floor bedroom, saw their eldest daughter, dumbfounded, staring at the large quilt.

The mother instinctively felt that something wasn’t right, lifted up the quilt immediately, found the younger child, completely drenched, lying on the bed, face turned white, without breath, she quickly performed CPR on the child, then, rushed her young downstairs, and had the husband drive her to the emergency rooms, and the young girl still died at six thirty in the early evening.

“My daughter behaves very well, she could usually nap from one to six in the evenings,” the mother stated, that the first time she’d arrived home, the sisters were sound asleep, there wasn’t anything wrong, and her mother-in-law was there too.  The second time she went out, the mother-in-law went to work in the vegetable garden out back, and, something like this had happened.

Uh, are you F***ING (“maxed out” already???) shitting me?  There WAS that previous case where the mother placed the young child on her bed, while her husband was asleep, and, the husband flipped over, and crushed and suffocated the child to death?  Just because your babies are sleeping soundly right now, that still doesn’t mean that they’re NOT going to wake up the next second that you leave, and this, is a tragedy that could’ve been prevented, so, why was it not???  Uh, I dunno!

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A Stay-at-Home Dad Got Annoyed After He Got Drunk, Beaten Up His Own Five-Month Old Son into a Handicap

Alcohol became the CULPRIT here!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee had been unemployed long-term, and was responsible for caring for his five-month old son while his wife worked to provide for the family; awhile ago, he got annoyed after getting drunk, heard the infant cry, he’d slapped his son across the face over, and over, causing the child to become legally blind, and the tissues in his son’s limbs got destroyed too, and there was serious damages to the child’s head too.  Lee left, because he felt guilty for what he’d done, until he was caught, drunk driving, the District Attorney’s Offices of Hsinbei City prosecuted him based off of causing damages.

The man, Lee in his twenties has two son with his wife, Ding, and because Lee couldn’t find a job, Ding let him stay at home with the children, and worked odds and ends to provide for the family; Lee had been out of work long-term, and when he wasn’t happy, he’d gotten drunk in his home, and, if the two kids started to cry when he was drunk, he’d hurt them physically.

Lee didn’t teach or socialize his three-year-old son, caused the child to show delayed developments in language and cognitive abilities; the morning of April 8th two years ago, the five month old baby started crying, and Lee got drunk and got furious, started slapping the baby hard, and Ding found out, stopped him, but Lee continued slapping the child three times, then, chased Ding with a knife said, “Don’t test me, I will kill you!”

Ding ran out, and found the police, the male infant was rushed to the hospital, and was showing signs of swelling in his brains, intracranial hemorrhage, and his eyes had failed, he couldn’t use his limbs again, and, the child couldn’t even swallow anymore, and the damages were so great that it was untreatable; Ding decided to sue her husband for damages, Lee, because he felt guilty for what he’d done, he ran away, and the D.A. placed an active arrest warrant on him.

This year in June, Lee crashed his own motorcycle, the police took him in, and the D.A. immediately asked for incarceration which was allowed; when interrogated, Lee admitted to threatening his own wife on the day, but denied having beaten up his own son, claimed that the child was gassy and only slapped his face five, six times after the child was fed his bottle, and that that day, he’d slapped the child lightly, and that it might have been the older son who’d hurt the younger one, or that the infant had flipped off the bed and fell to the ground, or that maybe, he’d crushed his own child when he was sleeping, but the D.A. didn’t believe him.

And so, we still have an UNFIT father here, and, because he got drunk, became ANNOYED easily, and so, when the baby started crying, it’d exacerbated to the man’s feelings of annoyance, and so, he’d acted it out, and killed his own offspring, and, this could’ve been avoided too, but why wasn’t it?

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Babies, Discarded, Like T-R-A-S-H

And no, we’re still NOT visiting the G-H-E-T-T-O-S today, okay???

Babies, discarded, like T-R-A-S-H, their dead corpses were found, inside those black trash bags (you know, the ones you buy at those local wholesale, retail places???).

Babies, discarded, like T-R-A-S-H, that, is an ATROCITY toward human life, and, whoever that did that, deserves to be S-H-O-T, but, NOBODY had been made, to PAY for these deaths, because, their killers are still at large, plus, their parents are claiming, that they were only disciplining those babies, for wetting their pants, for NOT being potty-trained well enough.

Babies, discarded like T-R-A-S-H, how can this be?  Just yesterday (or so it seemed to the rest of us in the neighborhood), they were still very alive, very active, crying, every now and then, and yet, we saw patrol cars pulling into the neighborhood, and, the parents, in handcuffs, and, they told us, that they’d found those babies’ bodies outside, in the trash can………


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His Three Friends Couldn’t Get Him Out of the Waters and the Middle School Student Drowned

Because it’s the summertime, therefore, a LOT of drowning are currently happening, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Four middle school students got together, went to the fishermen’s wharf close to the dock of the fishermen’s association in Hsiao-Gang, Kaohsiung to fish, a teenager, Lai, went swimming in the water, but because he got too tired, his three friends couldn’t manage to pull him back up to shores, he fell back into the oceans hard, and was lost, twenty minutes later, when the fire department discovered him, he was already a dead body, at the bottom of the harbor.

The Hsiao-Gang subprecinct’s officer pointed out, that the thirteen-year-old second year middle school student, yeste3rday afternoon at around two, went with his three younger neighbors, to horseplay by the docks, and Lai had gone alone for a swim for half an hour, the other three hollered that they wanted to head home, he’d made multiple attempts to climb back up to shore using the floating markers, but had failed, the three younger kids saw, wanted to give him a pull, but their hands slipped and he fell back into the oceans.

The three younger kids told, that as they saw Lai fell in, everybody was dumbfounded, and they could only start hollering out his name on the shores, and a member of the group called the family of Lai. As Lai’s father got to the scene, he looked very miserable, the fire department got the call and came, and put on their diving outfits and quickly, went in search of the student, about twenty minutes later, they’d recovered his corpse, at the bottom of the harbor, he was not breathing, and, he died, on the way to the hospitals.

The principal of his middle school stated, that the school had told the students to take precautions when swimming, but, the tragic accident still wasn’t prevented before school started.

And so, this, is an accidental death, but, this could’ve been prevented, had these children NOT gone off to play in the waters, I mean, it’s the OCEAN for crying out loud, and, you can’t swim in the oceans safely, and, without calculating into the “equation” the unforeseen circumstances you might meet up with in the waters, that, was what caused this kid to get killed.


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Leaving Her Child by the Poolside

This, can easily get turned into Negligence Homicide…

Leaving her child by the poolside, what WAS she thinking?  She thought, that she needed to go to the restrooms, and that she’d told her child, to stay on the shallow end, I mean, it wasn’t as if she was talking to a young baby or anything, he’d understood his mama.

Leaving her child by the poolside, and when she came back, she didn’t see him, and she started to panic, and, as she circled around the pool time after time again, she’d become more and more panicky…

Leaving her child by the poolside, are you FUCKING (oopsy!!!) N-U-T-S?  and, had you NOT learned, that kids have a way of getting themselves in deep water (NOT speakin’ metaphorically this time!!!)?  Yeah, uh-huh.

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A Father Accidentally Ran Over His Two-Year-Old Daughter, Driving Drunk

The carelessness of a parent here, once again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday evening, the Kaohsiung subprecinct in Chienchen received a call from bystanders, that a two-year-old young girl was run over by a car, the police rushed to the scene, found the father of the child, dazed, sitting on the curbside, with a beer can next to his feet, and he wreaked of alcohol too, the truck close by was still running, the patrol officers took him in, and at the subprecinct, he’d admitted to running over his own child, but couldn’t tell how it’d happened.

The police said, yesterday at eight in the evening, they’d received a call, that there was a traffic death in Chienchen District, that there was a young child who’d died, the police and fire department rushed to the scene, saw the two year old girl, Chen, laying dead to the side of the road, her head had been crushed by the wheels of the truck, like a ball with a hole in it, the way she’d died was awful.

The neighbors said, that after the accident, the child’s father said that as he was pulling in, he saw his child run over by a motorist, and that the motorist ran off, the neighbors called the police for him; but as the police came, they saw the father, drunk, wreaked of alcohol, and the truck was still running, and there was blood on the tires, suspected that he was the one who ran over his own daughter, and so, they’d taken him back to the station, and his wife started wailing, had a melt-down.

After they took him in, the father quickly admitted to running over his own child, and that he was drinking, that last night, as he was pulling in, he accidentally hit his two-year-do, but he really didn’t see her running out; the child’s mother, in order to stabilize the husband’s emotions, kept telling him, “We’ll give birth to her again in the future.”

The police suspected that the child might have heard the engines, and ran out to greet her dad, without knowing that there would be an accident on the way.  The police did a breathalyzer test, and he showed a 0.38B.A.C., and they’d booked him based off of public endangerment and negligence homicide.

And so, another innocent child D-I-E-S, because she was eager to see her daddy, but her daddy was too drunk and didn’t see her, and, this could’ve been prevented, had the man only gotten dropped off by a designated driver, but why wasn’t it?  Oh yeah, we don’t “DO” designated drivers here in Taiwan!!!






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Is the Online Friends Really “Almighty”? Left Her Two-Year-Old Son in the Care of Someone She Met Online, and, the Child Died a Week Later

It’s like sending a SHEEP into the lion’s den, are you FUCKING kidding me here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A single mother, Huang left her two year-old son, to a man she’d met online, Kao, two days ago, the little boy went into a coma and was taken to the hospitals, and, yesterday morning, he’d died, of intracranial hemorrhage.  The police found that there were wounds on the child’s head and chest, suspected that there’s MORE to the child’s death; Kao admitted disciplining the boy with a toy, but denied having beaten him, said that the little boy fell and bumped his head.  The D.A. examined and found that the wound in the chest was not what killed the child, and, had sent Kao home, and they will be autopsying the child, to find out the real cause of his death.

The police investigated, that Huang got pregnant at age fifteen, and later on, married the child’s birth father, but, the marriage only lasted for one year and two months.  Later, Huang met Kao (age 29) who auctioned things off on a website, and because “the cost of living is a LOT lower in the lower parts of the country”, Huang moved to Kaohsiung with him from Taipei, and asked Kao to look after her son for a few days, so she could go and find a job.

In a week’s times, Huang used her cell phone to understand how her son was doing, and Kao had even posted photos of him and the child on outings together, told her not to worry.

Two afternoons ago, Kao panickyly took the child to the E.R., the boy was in a stage four coma, and it’s not looking good for him, he showed of intracranial hemorrhage, the doctor immediately operated on him, but the child’s recovery isn’t at all optimistic, yesterday morning, he was pronounced dead.

And because there were bruising on the child’s forehead, and on the chest, the back, there were multiple old and new bruises, and there were palm prints on his thigh, the social workers suspected that abuse was what had happened, and the police were notified.

“I did discipline him with a toy, but I had NEVER used violence toward him”, Kao stressed, two days ago, he was cleaning up after the boy after he defecated, turned around, saw him tripping, and twitching, took him to the hospital immediately, believed that it was because he wasn’t steady enough on his feet that he’d tripped and bumped his head.

Huang said, as she cried, that her son is very naughty, that the wounds on him were from the disciplinary measures that Kao and she took with him, but it was discipline, going overboard.

The D.A. found in the prelims, that even though there were multiple wounds on the child, but none of them could have killed him, as for what caused his intracranial hemorrhage, they will be autopsying him to find out.

And so, we have here, a very likely case of a child, getting BEATEN to death, and, once again, it’s still about the SAFETY of your kids, and this woman left her son in the care of a practical stranger, I mean, she’d only met him online, and that’s just a woman, without ANY parenting sense.

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