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A Man Directed a Skit of His Own Abduction, to Extort Millions of Dollars from His Own Father

We have here, a “perfect specimen”, of a L-E-E-C-H!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A model maker, Yang owed gambling debts and money for his car, after he’d gotten over ten thousand dollars from his father’s fish factory, he’d self-directed a kidnapping, and tried to extort his own family for one million dollars; Yang’s father had believed that his son was the one running this scam, but, after a week of not seeing him, he’d called the cops, two days ago, the police were able to track the man down, and he’d admitted, that he needed the extra money, that, was why he’d resorted this lowly method, and he was booked for fraud and using threats to extort money.

The police stated, that Yang and his father had worked in raising the fishes for over decades, because of a work injury, he’d sold the fish farm, and received over ten million dollars for it, and had managed to pay off his son’s two debts of a total of one million four hundred thousand dollars.  On the fourth of this month, Yang LINED his wife, and called up his father, falsified himself as an abductor, and extorted one million dollars from him, asked his family members to wire the million dollars cash to his account, and claimed that he will be released, upon the receipt of the money.

Yang’s father got a call from the kidnapper, and immediately believed that it was his son’s voice, and said to him, “Stop scamming, you’d owed so much gambling debts, don’t try to scam me using this method!”  But after seven days, his son hadn’t come home, and thought, that he’d misjudged the situation, and started feeling bad.

On the eleventh, the Yang’s finally called the police, and the police chased the leads, and managed to get the surveillance footage, and found, that it was Yang who walked to one hundred meters away, then, got into a black SUV and rode off.  Because this car was registered under Yang’s name, and the family didn’t know about it, so, the police suspected that something ELSE was going on.

Two afternoons ago, Yang’s father had set up the ransom at a hundred thousand dollars and wired it to the account.

After Yang’s father wired the money, the police found Yang at the same time, and that, was when he’d told them, that he’d owed the gambling debts of eight hundred thousand dollars, and he’d bought a pre-owned SUV and needed more spending cash, that, was why he’d singlehandedly made the skit of kidnapping, and that he’d hid out in the motels.  After the police notified his father and his wife, they both got so angry that they refused to speak to him.

And so, that, is what a grown man does, when he needed the money, and his daddy won’t give it to him, he’d orchestrated his own kidnapping, to get the money from his own father, because this LOSER can’t stand UP on his own, and he still needed his own parents and his spouse to WIPE up the messes he’d made.

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Found Guilty for Raping an Adolescent Female, a Man in Charge of a Cult Got Eighteen Years, a Heavy Sentence

Finally a V-E-R-D-I-C-T, from that case that happened, oh, say???  Over SIX months ago???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The holder of the cult, “the Door to Taoism, a Life Course”, Ou-Yang, was accused of raping a female follower’s thirteen year old daughter seventeen times, and the female follower had even demonstrated for her daughter, how to fellate him.  The High Courts in Taiwan believed that Ou-Yang and the youth’s mother showed NO remorse, and gave them eighteen and twelve years respectively, and they can still go for an appeal.

The high courts pointed out, that in the evidence that the young adolescent female kept, she’d hollered out helplessly, along with the man, enjoying himself in raping her, would make anybody feel bad for the girl.

The verdict stated, that the woman thirteen years ago, entered into the cult that was set up by Ou-Yang and his wife at Hsinbei city, “The Entryway to Tao, the Life Course”.  In July of 2011, Shien Ou-Yang took the woman and her daughter to a motel, the woman told her daughter, that she must go through the “redirection of energy” to up her likability and become more able in her talents, she’d enticed her own offspring to fellate Ou-Yang, and showed her how it was done herself.

The young girl at first didn’t want to, and her mother warned her, “If you don’t, then, you will have NO allowances”, and, in the pressures, the young girl complied, and Ou-Yang was able to get his way with her.  In May of 2012, the adolescent girl came home, and bumped into Ou-Yang again, the mother used the excuse of “redirecting the energy”, to ask her child to fellate him, and later, the adolescent was told by her mother, to get on the bed, to allow Ou-Yang to rape her.

The adolescent is growing older, and other than writing about the events in her own journals, she’d also gone online to pour her heart out, and, someone she met online taught her to use her cell to record the process and use it as evidence to sue, and that, was when the case blew open.

In the hearings, Ou-Yang refused to plead guilty, claimed that the adolescent’s journal was a “romance novel”, that it was all made-up; the mother only admitted to having her daughter touch Ou-Yang’s pubic area twice.  The first trial, the judge believed, that the adolescent’s claims in her diary about being raped by her mother and a “grandfather-aged” teacher, could NOT be a projection of her romantic feelings, and the judge gave Ou-Yang fourteen years, and the adolescent’s mother eleven.

After the appeals, Ou-Yang had admitted to wrongdoing, but had gone back on his statements, said that he’d only had the youth suck his fingers; and the mother also kept speaking on behalf of the man, the high courts believed that Ou-Yang didn’t manage to exert the positive energies of the religion, and the woman also didn’t protect her own offspring, and that they both showed NO remorse, and so, they were both given even heavier sentences.

And so, finally the LAW had spoken, and, justice seemingly WAS served, but, is it?  I mean, really?  How is this young woman going to EVER recover from the fact, that she was molested, raped, and FORCED to fellate someone who’s old enough to be her grandmother, and, how is she to overcome the betrayals from how her mother was supposed to protect her, but instead, joined in raping her?

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He Showed His Love for Her with a Diamond Ring, She Was Shocked, and Tried to Get Away, He and His Friend Forcibly Took Her to a Motel

Just because you have a crush, and she’d said NO, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

They’d only met once, he gave her flowers as a surprise, she was shocked, and tried to run away, but was dragged by the man, his two friends onto a car, the three men were all arrested.

A man, Lin had a crush on his friend, Wu’s female employee, Wang, asked her out for coffee, took out the flowers, and diamond, to proclaim his love to her, and it’d shocked Wang away, Lin was displeased with how she’d turned him down, and asked the two guys that were there with him, to forcefully take Wang to a motel, and, attempted to “get through to her” on his own, and, Lin’s way of pursuing love had caused him a law suit, and, he wasn’t able to have a Chinese Valentine’s Day to spend with the woman.

The D.A. believed, that Lin’s crazy way in pursuing after the woman he was into had already broken the law on obstructions of freedom, and they’d indicted Lin, his two friends.  Lin’s friends claimed, that they thought he was going to propose, they’d stuck to his back, as good friends would, was about to surprise Wang, and got themselves sued, they are NOT going play the matchmaker again.

Wang said, she and Lin had only met up once, on the day of the incident, she was called by her boss, to go out for coffee, she thought it was for business, and, she was shocked when Lin proclaimed his love for her, and, he’d forced her to accept it, there was only the “surprised” element, and NOT the ecstatic part.

Based off of investigation, Lin had had his eyes on Wang a long time, but he couldn’t find a chance to show her, on April 10th of this year, he’d asked Wu to ask Wang to a certain café to meet, when Lin arrived, Wu left, to give Lin a chance alone with Wang.

Lin saw that that, was a hard to come by chance, took out the roses, and diamond ring, to give her as a “meeting present”, wanted Wang to go out with him, Wang was shocked by Lin’s behaviors, and turned him down, then, ran out of the shop.

Lin was displeased at how he’d gotten turned down so quickly, he’d chased after Wang, and called up his two friends who were waiting by the café, the three of them forced Wang into the car, then, drove her to a certain motel in Chunghe in Hsinbei City, planned to get a room, and proclaim his love to her again.

Wang worried that something bad might happen to her, in front of the check-in counters, she’d screamed, “HELP ME!”, Lin’s friends worried that the hotel staff might call the police, Lin’s friends helped explained, that it was a “lover’s quarrel”, Wang gave them the eye roll; Lin was unscathed, told his friends to drive the car to Chunghe High School, to allow him to be alone with Wang, as he tried once more, to show her the love.

Wang, on the ride, clearly TOLD that she wasn’t interested, asked Lin to let her out, or, she will kill herself, Lin worried that the events might go south, and so, he’d allowed Wang to leave, after Wang got out of the car, she ran straight to the police, and told them of this “thrilling encounter with love”, the police managed to find the three men and made an arrest.

Uh, hello, are your RADARS on right?  When a woman says NO, she means N-O, NO, NO doesn’t mean: maybe, I’ll think about it, or, I might consider it, because if we MEANT that, we’d say that you LOSERS, and, just because a woman had turned you down, hurt your FUCKING pride, doesn’t give you the right to do what you did to her!

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A Man Used Porn to Get His Courage Up, to Rape His Seventeen-Year-Old Younger Sister-in-Law

And you still don’t think that watching those VIOLENCE and SEXUAL shits are affecting your minds???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A Man in his twenties had the eyes for his wife’s younger brother’s seventeen-year-old wife, and when he’d gone to visit his brother-in-law’s house, he’d made sure that his wife’s sister-in-law, and her baby were home alone, and he’s watched porn in their living room, to work up his courage, then, waited until the woman’s asleep, then, he raped her, and the D.A. in Hsinbei City prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts.

A man in his twenties saw that his younger brother-in-law’s seventeen year old wife was sexy, and got horny; at the end of last December, one morning, he’d called her house, to make sure that she was home alone, then, he’d gone to pay her a visit.

When the brother-in-law was taking a nap with the baby, the man watched porn in her living room, to get his courage up, waited until the woman and her baby was sound asleep, then, he’d snuck into the bedroom, took the baby to the side, then, pinned the woman down, the woman fought him off nonstop, but because he was way too strong, he was able to rape her successfully.

Afterwards, the man told him, “It’s just for this once, don’t tell your husband”; the woman felt she was shamed, didn’t know how to tell her family, she’d used a crafts knife and slashed her own arms, and posted the pictures of her bleeding arms onto Facebook, with the captions, “This, is a sort of beauty, a sort of a warning, that not everybody is to be trusted by me.” Her husband noticed this, called the police, and the police caught his brother-in-law.  The D.A. found that the evidences were stacked up against the man, and that he’d raped a woman who was NOT yet eighteen, and asked the courts for a more severe punishment.

And, just because a woman is very hot or sexy, that still does NOT give you the right to fucking rape her, and, on top of that, you’d watched porn, to help boost your courage to rape her, and that merely shows, that pornography have the tendency to cause MORE violence against members of the opposite sex, but it’s still JUST a correlation, NOT a causation…


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A Predator Threatened a Woman with a Taser, and the Woman Didn’t Dare Scream

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-three year old woman two early mornings ago, had a spat with her boyfriend and wasn’t feeling well at all, she’d put on her earphones, and walked home alone, and, on the way home, she was attacked by a thirty-six year old man, Liu, with a taser, after she was shocked, she’d handed him her cash, and was forcefully taken by him to a motel where he raped her, then, she withdrew $20,000N.T. more and gave it to him, the police were able to track down the man, and charged him based off of robbery and forced sexual acts.

The police investigated, that two early mornings ago, at around three o’clock in the morn, the woman passed through the alleyways of the waterways, and, she was strolling back to her home about five kilometers away, and she was zoomed in by Liu who was looking for someone to rob.

Liu used the taser on her for several minutes, the woman fell limp on the ground, with serious bruising on her right upper arm and multiple contusions on both her legs and arms, and was forced to hand over the over a thousand dollars cash she had on her, but he didn’t think it was enough, the perp saw how she was wearing her shorts, became horny, and asked to have sex with her, and the victim begged him, “Can we NOT do it on the streets?”

The two of them walked over to a certain cheap roadside motel some five hundred meters away in the Luzhou District, and on the way, Liu had gone into the super convenience stores to buy medicines for the woman.  At around six o’clock, the two of them walked into a super convenience shop close to the motel, where the woman withdrew $20,000N.T., then, the separated.  At around ten in the morning, the woman was accompanied by her boyfriend and went to the police.

The police believed that as the woman walked to the motels, she waited for the suspect to go into the super convenience shops to get the medications, and they’d gone to the stores for her to make a withdrawal, she should’ve had multiple chances to call for help or to run away.  But the woman told the police, that she was so cared from the Taser zap, and that the passersby were mostly elderly or young children, and the suspect had taken away her cell phone and threatened her not to make a scene, and held a taser to her back, she didn’t dare call for help, she just wanted it to be over quickly.

After the woman told the police, the police went through the surveillance along the way, and found that Liu went into a certain community close to the motel, and, while they were reviewing the community surveillance footages, Liu walked out, and the patrol officers who saw him went up and made an arrest.  In interrogation, Liu admitted that he was turned on by the woman after he’d robbed her, and asked her to have sex with him, in the spur of the moment, and that she didn’t fight him off hard, or clearly stated “no”.

And so, this, is understandable why this woman didn’t call for help, and, just because a woman was so FUCKING scared to scream out “NO!”, doesn’t mean that it IS a YES, losers, and this M***ER F***ER (maxed out here!!!) was still caught, and, that, is the good work of K-A-R-M-A, and, if you do something bad, you will NOT get away with it!!!



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Three Adolescent Girls Started Screaming at One Another, and Called Upon Twenty More Others to Enter the “Wars on the Streets”

What’s WRONG with today’s youth?  They are, getting more and MORE violent by the nanosecond here, are they not???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A super convenience store clerk, Yang, two days ago she’d gone out to buy something and returned late to her work post, another clerk, Lin was displeased, she’d used her motorcycle helmet and hit Yang on the head.  At dusk yesterday, Yang bumped into another clerk, Yeou at the store, Lin stood up for Yeou, and hit Yang on the head again, they started shouting at one another, and found their own separate groups to come, and, more than twenty youths started fighting on the streets, using clubs, bats, and knives, along with other dangerous weapons too, there were FOUR individuals who were injured by beating or by stabbing.

After the youth who were hurt were taken to the hospitals, both sides called up more, and, at close to nine in the evening, more than twenty youths should up around Chungchen Road and Yuantong Road of Chunghe, the police were notified and quickly sent out the officers with shields to separate the groups, and the youths even hollered out to the police, “I can go and wreak havoc in the police station!”, and a lot of the passersby stood around and watched.

The police investigated that the sixteen year old Yang, because she’d’ returned late to the store from buying things, was interrogated by Lin and hit on the head, Yang knew that she was at fault, and apologized.  Yesterday at dusk, because the resting area of the store was too narrow, as Yang was walking, she’d bumped into Yeou, and Lin hit Yang over the head again.

Yang was very displeased, and claimed that she was going to find someone, and took five people with her, then, Lin and Yeou found twenty more people, with baseball bats, knives and other weaponry, and the two sides started beating on one another, Yang found others to get the weapons from Yeou and Lin, and managed to damage the small group that Yeou and Lin had found to help them out.

“We’re very well behaved!  We never called anybody!”, the police took both sides of the gangs to the subprecinct, the youths involved claimed that they never called others to come, that they were there to have a peaceful talk, and there were youths who were involved that carried a bad attitude.  The police charged the nine individuals based off of laws against peace of the society, and, on the damages, nobody had pressed charges yet.

And so, this, is still due to raging hormones, and, that just shows you how easily children WILL take to violence, after all, solving IT with a FIST feels a HELL of a LOT better than using your words, and, with youths today, you never know what sets them off.


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After the Break-Up, He Killed His Ex, and Told Her, “Never Again”

Not a “good” bye at all, I’m afraid, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu, fell in love with a married woman, Wu, the two had been dating for almost two years to date, Wu wanted to break up.  Before Hsu committed the crimes, he’d was asked by the residence of the woman’s building, “Why are you here?”, he’d replied, “I won’t come here again.”

The forty-five year old Hsu is a mechanic, his girlfriend, Wu, who’s three years old works as a salesperson for a technology company, she was married twice, the second husband, just passed away because of cancer on the 22nd, Wu took care of a pair of middle-school aged twin daughters on her own.

Hsu said, that he’d invested ALL his emotions into Wu, he’d given her $12,000N.T. out of his $30,000N.T. paycheck each and every month, to help her household expenses.  Last year, the two had argued in front of Wu’s daughters, Wu felt it to have been improper, asked him to move out, but, they’d still spent nights at one another’s place from time to time.

Hsu claimed, that Wu has a ton of male friends, and would often hang out with her friends, and he suspected that she was unfaithful toward him; awhile ago, Wu told him, “We’re over”, that, was what made him decide to kill her.  But, Wu’s neighbors said, that Hsu is an alcoholic, and would often get into fights in the community with Wu, and got too loud, forced the neighbors to call the police, it’d made the other residents headachy.

Two nights ago, at around seven, before Wu went out to work, Hsu waited for her at the basement, saw Wu walked out of the elevator, he’d hacked her chest, her abdomen nonstop, Wu fell to the ground, and, there was blood everywhere.  Hsu claimed that he’d only hacked her four times, but, the police found six to eight knife wounds on her.

After Hsu assassinated Wu, he’d tossed the knife in the corner next to the elevator and left by foot, he claimed, that he wanted to kill himself then, but he didn’t have the knife anymore, after wandering in the parks, he’d turned himself in at the Sanming Subprecinct at three in the morning yesterday.

And so, this, is how love CAN kill, because she wanted to break up with him, and he wasn’t willing, because he felt that he wasn’t done with her yet, and that, was his primary motive for murder.

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A Man Falsified His Record of Education and Managed to Empty Out Fifty Million Dollars from the Company

Is the world getting DUMBER here or what???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A high school dropout, Gu, used a falsified degree to trick a company that had stocks in trading, the CEO, Hsu believed him, hired him as the CEO, and Gu was suspected of enticing the higher managers to set up empty company accounts, to get the differences in the amount of earnings that the company made, and used his position in the company and allowed his girlfriend to get a paycheck, and set up subsidiary companies overseas to find a study buddy for his daughter, etc., etc. etc., he managed to steal over fifty million dollars of assets from the company, the D.A. got the okay from the judge to detain Gu yesterday.

The D.A found out, that the financial crisis from six years ago, because of the client, Yo-Da had withdrawn its contract from the company, Ban-Tai was at a loss, the former CEO Hsu, in order to turn the company around, had gotten the newest nanotechnology and hired more employees, he’d met Gu, Gu falsely claimed that he was a currency doctorate from the University of Munich in Germany, and had worked with the Central Research Laboratories on development of nano technology, actually he was a drop out from a certain private middle school, and he didn’t have any experience in nano technology.

But Hsu believed him, in 2009, he’d used the amount of $25,000,000 N.T. to buy sixty percent of the shares of Gu’s company, and hired him using the name of “technical specialist consultant” as his own company’s CEO.

Without knowing, that Gu had set up false companies with the higher managers in the company, and that when the clients wanted to buy something, they must go through the false companies, and Gu would make the difference from the prices that the company quoted and the prices that the buyers accepted; he’d also used the excuse of wanting to set up a subsidiary company in southern Australia, and the subsidiary company wasn’t bringing in any profit, and still he’d hired a tutor for his own daughter.

The D.A. found, that Gu met his girlfriend who was in college three years ago, and hired her as the assistant CEO on the amount of $300,000N.T. per month, and she was just getting paid for doing nothing; Gu also had falsified his company spending accounts, using the money from the accounts to buy his girlfriend a diamond ring, name brand purses too, and had his family sell lower quality tea to Bang-Tai, to make a profit.

The investigation also found, that Gu had also used the difference of negotiated prices of the goods to accept bribes, selling the company’s properties at a very cheap price, and getting commissions for the sales, had managed to embezzle over fifty million dollars.

The D.A.’s office in Taichung had called Gu, along with twelve others yesterday, after the interrogations, the D.A. asked the courts of detain the individuals, which was allowed; Yu the sale manager was out on bail of $300,000N.T., and Hong, the district manager, along with Chou, the assistant were out on $200,000N.T. bail, the rest of the gang were sent back home.

And wow, it’s either that this young man is way too smart, or that the ADULTS are way too RETARDED, and, how is it that a high school DROP OUT was able to scam so much from a company, I really just don’t get it, and that just shows you, that kids today are using their wits for bad things instead of good, and this young man is getting punished for his bad behaviors here.

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The Child Disclosed a “Secret” on Her Father’s Facebook Pages…She Was Raped by Her Mother’s Cousin, the Mother Doesn’t Believe it

Are you FUCKING kidding me, you STUPID parents, what the FUCK happened to do NOT doubt the words of your child???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A middle school girl, started when she was just three years old, was forced by her mother’s cousin to fellate him, and she couldn’t shake this darkness of her past away, until she went to elementary school, they moved, and she’d gotten a temporary escape from the bad behaviors; but, at third grade, she moved back home with her mother again, “He came over again”.  The girl once told her mother, but the mother brushed it off, until last year the girl found her father on Facebook, and started disclosing this deep, dark secret she’d kept for the last decade.

The mother’s cousin (age 25) at the trial, denied the allegations, but the child’s description was very precise, the Shilin D.A.’s office prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts, and asked the judge to make his sentence heavier.

The parents of the adolescent girl (age 15) were NOT married, she’d lived in Shihlin District with her mother since she was younger.  The young woman told, that her mother’s cousin would often come visit her, at age three, he’d SHOVED his penis into her mouth, and she’d worked so hard to fight him off, but couldn’t.  After that, the uncle would come every now and then, she didn’t know what to do.

Later the girl moved and went to Taoyuan to attend elementary school, she was away from her nightmares for a short while; but at her third-grade year, the mother moved them back to Shihlin again.  The adolescent girl saw her of age cousin-uncle, she wanted to “pretend that she didn’t remember what happened in the childhood years”, without realizing that one day, her mother’s cousin came into her room, forcefully pinned her to the bed, and, the nightmare began again.

She’d accused, that the uncle first licked her pubic area, then put his penis into her mouth, exactly what had happened back when she was just three years old.

“Cousin Uncle would touch me inappropriately a lot!”, the girl told her mother, her great aunt multiple times, but the family doubted her, because there was NO proof.  Last year, the adolescent girl found her father on Facebook, and told what happened to him, and that, was when the father realized that his daughter had been hurt, he called the police.

The cousin-uncle admitted to finding his niece often, but denied having raped.  The Detective Agency had the uncle on a lie detector test, and, he’d shown signs of lying when they’d mentioned “licking her pubic region” and “placed the penis into her mouth”.

The D.A. believed that the young woman remembered it clearly, that what she’d told to her relatives are roughly the same things, and that her words were credible.

The father said, that as the daughter told him of her cousin-uncle’s bad behaviors, she’d not only started wailing, and had shown signs of self-mutilation, he believed that she wasn’t lying at all.

And so, the mother here is still the ENABLER, because she did NOT take the words of her daughter, and that’s just BULLSHIT, because why would a child make up something like that, and, a child is simple in thought, a child doesn’t have the mind to set someone up, to FRAME someone, to get them in jail.

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The Son Killed at Random…the Mother Took Out a Loan to Send Money to the Family of the Victim

And NO, I still did NOT just make this up, it was found, on the newspaper pages today, translated…

A sixteen-year-old adolescent male, Chou, on the early morning of the first of May, followed a twenty-one year old college student whom he didn’t know, and he’d stabbed Lee on the back uncontrollably like crazy, and Lee is still in critical condition to date.

Chou’s mother tried to visit Lee at the hospitals but wasn’t successful, she’d cried to the family, and given them the amount of $10,000N.T. to say she’s sorry for what her son did to their son, but the family refused to take the money, stressed that they’d only want their son to get better soon, and everything else will be based off of the court rulings.

Chou’s mother, Wu took along $10,000N.T. in cash, and was accompanied by the man in charge of her borough to the hospital to visit Lee, even though, she’d missed the visiting time, she’d still stayed outside the ICU, and said she’s sorry for what her son did with tears running down her face.

Lee’s father said, that his son originally went to college in Hsinchu, and wanted to help save the money for his family, that, was why he’d transferred back to Taipei and took up part-time jobs, and he couldn’t understand, how he was brutally stabbed by someone whom he didn’t even know, “The way he’d stabbed my son is meant to take his life!”

Wu said, that Chou was the child from her ex-husband, because he was bullied in the elementary school years, he’d often thought that people are out to get him.  He didn’t continue his education beyond the middle school years, just stayed at home and played on his cell phone, without many friends, how was she to know, that he’d attacked someone as he’d gone out to get some food in the evenings?

As for the medical payments and for the damages, she didn’t know how she’ll make that, because she is a low-income household that’s registered with the system, the $10,000N.T. she’d taken to the hospitals yesterday, she’d borrowed from someone too.

And so, this MOTHER had a FAILED attempt in WIPING UP her teenage son’s A-S-S, and, the family did NOT take the money, because they are NOT supposed to, after all, their son is in CRITICAL condition, and, the stabbing happened at RANDOM, because the teen was in a foul mood, and that just shows you, how BAD the teens are getting these days…

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