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After He Was Released from Serving Time for Murdering a Pair of Sisters, He’d Murdered Another Woman…Managed to Escape the Death Penalty

Because his previous punishment wasn’t severe enough, and so, after his release from prison, he’d offended again, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chen, with a history of mental illness, twelve years ago, murdered a pair of young sisters in their elementary years, five years ago, he’d falsely claimed that he was hiring a woman for a betel nut stand, and clubbed Lin, a woman who went to the interview to death, the Highest Courts on the first trial, believed that he could still be reformed, that there’s no need, to pass down the severe sentence on him, changed his sentence to life in prison, the High Courts yesterday, tossed the decision of the man’s appeal back.

The verdict pointed out, the thirty-three-year-old Chen during the month of April of 2003, drove a pair of elementary school sister in Banciao District of Hsinbei City to a small cabin underneath the Huazhong Bridge, and he’d murdered the young girls who were innocents, then, he’d disposed of their corpses into the Hsintien Creek, and, afterwards, in his trial, he fitted the criteria for reduced sentence because of his mental states, and the diagnosis of a mental disorder was confirmed by the hospitals, and the courts gave him twelve years in prison for certain.

But, after Chen served only six years, because of the amnesties, in July of 2009, he was released, the following year in October, he’d found a place to live in Hsinbei City, used the name of “Mr. Hsieh”, and posted out an ad that hired ladies to operate the betel stands, Lin saw the ad, and after she’d called him, she’d gone for an interview.

Because Lin kept asking to meet with the boss, Chen realized that his lies were about to went bust, and he’d used a baseball bat, clubbed the victim on the head, after Lin fell to the ground, she’d begged him to stop, Chen lied to the victim, that by taking FM2, a date rape drug can help alleviate the pains, he’d waited until Lin passed out, then, continually, clubbed the victim’s head, until Lin was dead.

Afterwards, Chen took off Lin’s shorts, ripped her top off, and wrapped her corpse with a quilt, then, wiped down the blood splatters across the walls, and he’d even gone out to buy himself food for lunch.  After Chen was caught, he’d claimed to be mentally ill, has dual-personalities, that it was the demon in him who’d killed, that it wasn’t him who’d done it.

For his first and second trials, the judge gave Chen the death penalties, but, the first appeal of the high courts believed that Chen can still be reformed, that there’s NO need to give him the death penalty, gave him life in prison, stripped his ability to take up a government post for life, yesterday, the Highest Courts tossed back the rulings, and the case is settled.

Wow, after you’d BRUTALLY murdered so many, the courts still believed that you still have the abilities of being reformed, what the F***!  And this man even tried to use the insanity plea, but gladly, nobody bought it, and, his behaviors are thought out carefully, his actions, planned.

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Fearing Date Rape, a Woman Who Got Drunk at a Party Went to the Super Convenience Shops to Sleep it Off, But Was Still Sexually Molested

Watch out, ladies!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, she’d feared that she might get date raped after she got drunk, she’d intentionally went into a populated super convenience shop to rest up, but, she’d still gotten molested by a bad man, and, the man also managed to steal all of her possessions; as she’d hung over, she’d hollered out for help, that, was when the store clerk realized that something wasn’t quite right, and, the police are now, advocating, that people go straight home after getting drunk, for their own safety concerns.

This 42-year-old woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, last week, she’d gotten too drunk, and parties too hard, until eight in the morn, at a karaoke bar with her coworkers, she’d passed out, as the party was over; she feared getting date raped because she could barely stand up straight, she’d found a 24-hour super convenience shop, put her head down on the dining area to rest for a short while, but, a man in his twenties, Hsu crept up next to her, started molesting her, because he felt turned on, and, stole her iPhone, and the $4,000N.T. cash she had on her.

The sexual molestation lasted over half an hour, but, nobody discovered it.  The store clerk explained, that the woman had her head down on the tables, resting, and, not long thereafter, the man walked toward her, and, because both were intoxicated, they’d hugged, the clerk thought they were a couple, until the woman hollered for help, did the clerk realize, that he was a thief and a molester, but the man ran out right away.

The woman told the police, that she’d gotten too drunk, and became totally unaware, after she’d rested for a short while, she’d felt better, and, realized, that someone was extending his hands up and down her body, she started hollering for help; as she and the store clerk confronted the man, he ran.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and found, that the 23-year-old Hsu was involved, and they’d found the woman’s cell phone, along with the cash on him.  The police stated, that when the woman was partying with her coworkers at the karaoke, Hsu was right there, in the box next to her, partying too, and, the time the parties were over were about the same time.

Hsu saw that the woman went into the super convenience shop alone to rest, followed her in, first, he’d tapped her on the shoulders gently, to see if she was responding, but she was too drunk, and, he was able to move his hands up and down her body.  Hsu admitted to what he’d done, and, after he was questioned, he was sent to be processed on theft, sexual molestations, and some other charges.

The police suggested, that when you go out to drink, you need to tell your families where you’re going, and, have your family members pick you up at specific times, or, have someone from the same gender drop you off at home; and, if you sensed danger, you need to notify the police immediately.

And so, this, is still, a crime of opportunity that’s happened, and, this LOSER just took advantage of a situation, and, he was caught, and, it’s still NOWHERE NEAR justice, because the woman WAS sexually molested, and, NO amount of jail time that this LOSER does will be enough, to give HER back her innocence, that still just tell you, that IF you want to party hard, DO have a buddy system, so, you won’t be in this sort of a predicament too!

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The Man Who Shot His Girlfriend Committed Suicide at a Hotel Using a Gun

We have a murder-suicide, caused by???  Love, once again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Police Department in Tainan received a call that someone brought a gun to a hotel to stay yesterday, the police broke down the door, called out: “POLICE!”, the man ran into the bathroom, and committed suicide using the gun he had, afterwards, the police found out, that the man was the one who’d shot the mother of his young son, Huang, awhile ago.

The manager of the local subprecinct, Chang said, that they’d gotten a call yesterday, that there was someone suspicious who’d gone to a hotel to stay how had a gun, and, three in the morn, he and four other officers, in their bulletproof vests, and shields in hand.

As the patrol officer turned the key to the door, screamed out, “OPEN UP!  It’s the POLICE!”, the man who was originally lying on the bed, watching television ran immediately into the bathroom, because the chains on the door was stuck, the officer kicked down the door, and he’d heard a “bang!”

“The entire process took NO more than thirty seconds, there was no time for me to react yet,” Officer Wan-Ji Chang stated, the man had shot his own temple, and, even though the officers had rushed him to the hospital, but he was still declared dead.

Chang said, that he had no idea who the suspect was at the time, and, there wasn’t any identification, that afterwards, he’d gone by the description of the clothes of the active arrest warrant, and realized, that it was, Huang.  The police discovered six bullets on the bed, and an altered gun in the bathroom, and two shots.  The officer recalled, that back then, the television was set to the news station, reporting on the “Murder Caused by Love in Gui-Ren District”, that the suspect realized that he wasn’t getting away, that, was why he’d committed suicide.

The police investigated, that the thirty-year-old Huang has a young son with his ex, they’d broken up, and he was unsuccessful in getting her to take him back, on the fifth, he’d made his way into his girlfriend’s house, shot his girlfriend, and her uncle, and hacked his girlfriend seven times, the girlfriend died on the scene, and her uncle was severely wounded, and the entire process took NO more than seven minutes, and back then, their young son was at the scene too.  After Huang committed the murders, he’d ran to Taichung, and last night, he’d slipped back to Tainan, and, in the assistance of his friend, Lin, he was able to check into the hotel.

“This, was the right way for this to end, a life for a life was still too easy for him!”, the girlfriend’s father learned of Huang committing suicide, he’d commented, still angry, after his daughter died, his grandson would tell him that he wanted his mother every single day, and, to date, the family still hadn’t figured out, how to tell the child, that his mother had died.

The Gui-Ren police subprecinct stated, that after the D.A. and the coroner’s examinations, that the gun which Huang used to commit suicide matched the ballistics and the type of the bullets from the fifth of this month; in the evening, they’d asked Lin who’d helped Huang check into the hotel, and after the police interrogated him, they’d booked him for abetting a criminal.

This, is still KARMA, working ITS magic, and, apparently, we can only speculate that this man just couldn’t withstand the torture of HIS own guilty conscience for murdering his ex-girlfriend AND shooting her uncle, that he’d chosen, to end his life, and, although, this, is NOWHERE near justice, but, this, is as CLOSE as it gets, for getting JUSTICE for the families of the woman who was brutally murdered…

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He’s Horny, He Wanted the Money, the Grandson Talked His Girlfriend into Sleeping with His Own Grandfather

We have here, someone who PIMPED out his own girlfriend, and that just shows, how WRONG the values are, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixty-five year-old man, Lin saw how pretty his grandson’s fourteen-year-old girlfriend was, was suspected of having his grandson to make his girlfriend to have sex with him twice.  The adolescent girl told of this in school, the police made an arrest on the grandfather and grandson pair.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office prosecuted the elderly man on charges of obstructions of sexual freedom, and his sixteen-year-old grandson was turned over to juvenile court to process.

The D.A. investigated, that Lin and his grandson lived in Hsinbei City, last year on April 22nd, the grandson took his runaway girlfriend home to stay temporarily; the very next night, Lin got horny, and begged his grandson, to introduce his girlfriend to him, to have sex with her, and promised, that he will pay him, after the deed is done.

And the grandson said okay, used the reason of he needed the quick cash, he’d consoled his girlfriend, to “do it once” with his grandfather; after the girlfriend said okay, the grandson left the residence immediately, to allow for the deal to go down, afterwards, Lin paid his grandson $1,200N.T.s, but the adolescent girl didn’t get any money for the deal.  The very next time, Lin once again asked his grandson to console the girlfriend to have sex with him once more, and afterwards, he’d only bought her some midnight snacks, but still didn’t pay her any more.

Later on, after the adolescent girl returned to school, and in her counseling session, she’d told of how she’d been sold to her boyfriend’s grandfather.  The school notified the Department of Education, and told the adolescent girl’s mother, and they’d gone to the police, and the police arrested both the grandson and the grandfather.

So, let’s DISSECT this story, shall we then???

First, the boyfriend was acting MORE like a P-I-M-P, I mean, even IF you needed the extra spending cash, would you be willing, to allow your own grandfather to HUMP your girlfriend, c’mon, we all know how possessive you losers are, toward our virginities and our bodies too, and, what’s worse was, this young woman actually SOLD herself, at the request of HER boyfriend (more like her PIMP if you ask me!!!), and, because she never got paid, that, was why she’d told, and, had the elderly man paid her some money, then, this case may NOT have bust wide open, who knows???  And that still just shows, how MESSED up the values are getting, for these younger generations of men AND women alike!

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After Their Youngest Daughter Was Placed in Protective Custody, the Pair of Drug-Addicted Parents Still Kept Using and Abusing Drugs

All I can say, is that drugs still gets you SCREWED, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Yao and his wife, Tong got addicted to drugs, when they were both arrested back in August this year, the police found that the couple had used ALL of their money to buy drugs, but their youngest child was crying, because she was hungry; within three months time, the couple got arrested once again, for dealing drugs, Yao claimed that his wife had leukemia, and so, that, was why he’d resorted to dealing drugs, for some easy money, and he’d provided the illegal substances for his wife, to alleviate her pains.

The Detective Squad of the city of Taipei said, that the man, Yao (age 34) from Taoyuan, and his wife (age 31) were both arrested on drug possessions this August.  When the police went to their place to make an arrest, they’d discovered that he’d blown ALL his money away on drugs, while letting his young daughter cry of hunger.  The police quickly used the money they had, to buy some infant formula for the child, and called up social services.

Within just three months, the police received another tip, saying the that Yaos are dealing drugs again, the detectives started setting up a large-scale bust, awhile ago, they’d taken the arrest warrants to Taoyuan to arrest the couple; at their residence, the police found heroin, amphetamine, along with some other illegal substances, and a toy gun that looked very real.

Yao claimed that his wife was diagnosed with leukemia and couldn’t put up with the pains, and in order to help support his own wife, he’d dealt drugs, and used the earnings to keep up the family, and provided the illegal substances for his wife to use to reduce her pain.  As for the toy gun, it was for his own protection, in case someone doesn’t pay him for the illegal substances, and the gun would be on display around his waist, to get the people he was dealing with to believe that it was real so they wouldn’t do anything stupid.  After the police interrogated them, the couple was turned over to the D.A.’s office in Taoyuan to be prosecuted.

And so, you NOT only didn’t have an inkling of remorse for being caught with drugs, you’d used so many excuses, and, you were high on drugs, while your children are crying because they are hungry?  What kind of parents are you!

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“You Have an Evil Spirit Following You”…a Man Tricked a Woman to Sleep with Him Using Her Fears

This is what???  The OLDEST trick in the book, and still someone still fell for it, are you FUCKING (oopsy!!!) shitting me here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A chef, Cheng used the talk of spirits and god, and made up a story about a spirit, tagging along, and scared a college student without a single clue, said that she must give him her first night, to change her luck, the highest court believed that Cheng is at the age of the woman’s father, and used the name of being tied to the mobsters, and the spirits, to threaten and to shock her into having sex with him, he was sentenced to eight years two months.

In 2000, while Cheng worked as a helper to a certain candidate voluntarily, he’d used the opportunity when he’d gone to the headquarters, to start chit chatting with the victim.  He saw that she believed in the spirits and claimed that he knew things of the sort, and started getting to know the young woman’s family statuses, along with other private matters.

Later, there was someone from the headquarter who pursued the girl, and the woman asked Cheng about what he’d thought, Cheng told her, that the man has a bad temper, and is calculating, “if you give your first time to him, you will become his prisoner for life.”  Cheng went a step further, told her, “Giving your first time to someone with power and status, you would have protection; if you give your first time to the head of the mobster, then, you’re set for life, you will always be protected.”

In March of 2000, Cheng falsely claimed that he wanted to introduce the girl to the leader of a gang, after they’d met, Cheng told her, that he was the mobster, and took the victim to a motel, wanted her to comply with the “cleansing rituals”, and took her virginity.  Later, he’d lied to her said, “you have a spirit, following you around, it is your aunt who died when she was younger, she didn’t reincarnate, instead, she’d become a ghost, you must work hard, otherwise, you will end up, very bad.”

From April to May of the year, Cheng lied to her about how she will have bad luck, and that there’s spirits, following her around, and wanted her to have sex with him, to ward off the evils, he’d raped her successfully three times; afterwards, Cheng also asked her to take the “morning-after” pills, and the victim asked him why she’s bleeding out black blood from her pubic regions?  Cheng lied to her, said that it was your “bad blood” coming out of you!

Uh, you’re NOT in middle school, are you?  And, you still fell for that bullshit?  I mean, I get that you’re very young, still JUST a college student, but, at least, HAVE some S-E-N-S-E, and that, is just another case of how being too superstitious can get you FUCKED UP, and, there will always and forever BE bad people such as this one, who used the fears, and the weak side of human nature to her/his advantage, and, I KNOW, that someone IS bound to fall for similar SHITS the next time ‘round, so, this still won’t be the last of its “kind”…


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The New Methods that the Pimps Use: Falsifying the Reason to Come to Taiwan, Said it Was to Understand the Culture, When in Reality, She Wanted to Whore Around

They’re still coming up with more and more innovative ways, to pimp them ladies out, from the Newspapers, translated…

A ring of sex workers were found, in the high-end mansions of Banciao Special District when the Department of Immigrations got a tip that there was a group named, “Dianfen” that introduced women from China to sell their bodies here, the primary suspect, Wang rented the suites for $18,000N.T. per month for the ladies to stay; and the ladies who came over from China used the falsified documents of marriage, health examinations, and some had even used the method of “business conventions” to come over here.

The Department of Immigrations stated, that one of the thirty-year-old ladies, nicknamed, “Ruo-Chien”, Peng, is a graduate from a teacher’s college somewhere in China, with a good body, has a license as a trainer, was loved by the customers.  In just fourteen days since Peng came here, she’d pocketed $530,000N.T.

The Department of Immigrations stated, that Peng had used the purpose of travel of business to come here, as she was returning to China this May, she was stopped by the officers, and they’d found fake work papers, along with $530,000N.T. in cash, along with a couple condoms, and they’d suspected, that she was not here for business.

The first team of the Immigrations Specialized Officials managed to break through to her, and chased the leads for over four months, and they were finally able to crack the Triumph Group.

The Triumph Group, in order to get the phone number accounts, and to avoid getting caught, they’d used the store managers of phone companies, the members of the sanitary crew, to act as “fake husbands”, offered them free airfare to China, documentations, and boarding, to entice the “fake husbands” with economic troubles to go to China, to register themselves for marriage.  And after the Chinese ladies came here, the fake husbands would get $30,000N.T. of payment monthly.

The Department of Immigration said, that the group in order to suck up to these Chinese women, they’d searched for places to dine in Hsinbei City, and took them there to dine.

The team captain who’d led the bust, Liu said, that these ladies who’d not found a better way to earn their livings here can face up to over three years, but no more than ten years of prison time, in combination with a fine of five million dollars.

And so, this, is why sex still sells, because it’s easy money, for these ladies, and, they’re using the fact, that Taiwan is now, opened to China for the purpose of trade and international affairs as an advantage, and they still got caught!

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A Man Who Ran Off From an Unsuccessful Rape…Took the Panties, and Was Prosecuted

Yeah, uh, are you FUCKING (no, do NOT pardon me this time!!!) kidding me here??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Zhu, forcibly pulled down the panties of a woman, and attempted to rape her on the streets, and because the victim’s hollering caused the crowd to come, he’d picked up her underwear, and ran. The D.A. prosecuted him for robbery of her underwear, and attempted rape, but the judge believed that he didn’t pull her panties off to possess it as his own, that it wouldn’t be robbery, and sentenced him to two years based off of the attempted rape charges.

Last year on the midnight of June 29, Zhu was passing by a certain intersection in Taoyuan, saw a woman, who got drunk, walking alone, he got a bad thought, followed her; he grabbed her from behind, then, got in front of her, pushed her down, stripped her panties off, was about to rape her.

The victim kicked him and fought hard, a rider passing by found it to be awkward, started honking his horns for attention, and there was another driver who stopped and offered assistance to the woman; Zhu saw that he wasn’t going to get his way with her, took the woman’s underwear and ran off, couple of days later, he’d tossed the panties away inside the Keelung train station, after the police got a call, they’d reviewed the surveillance camera, and made an arrest.

“After I forcibly removed the victim’s underwear, I’d shoved it into my pockets; and the reason why I took her panties home was because I wanted to smell it, I admit to robbery.” The D.A. used Zhu’s statements, decided, that the victim’s underwear was also considered property, and prosecuted him based off of attempted rape and robbery.

And because in interrogation, Zhu claimed, “I was about to keep touching her pubic area, then, have sex with her, that, was why I’d stripped her underwear off; and the panties felt jammed, half way down, and so, I’d stripped it off completely, and I ran, because someone came by.” The courts, based the attempted rape off of this statement, and that it didn’t constitute as forced robbery, and sentenced him on attempted rape for three years two months, and gave him a free pass for the robbery charge.  Zhu and the D.A. were both dissatisfied with the result, and went for separate appeals, and the High Courts decided, that the charge of robbery didn’t stand up.

And, this, is still clearly, an UNSUCCESFUL R-A-P-E, and, just because you got a bit drunk, and feel somewhat HORNY, that still doesn’t give you the right, to RAPE a woman who was just passing through, does it? Of course N-O-T, and, this woman was still violated through the entire process.

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A Man Who’d Raped and Went into Hiding Sixteen Years Ago Was Exposed When He’d Left His DNA as He’d Stolen a Vehicle

Crime & punishment, or, you might just call it K-A-R-M-A, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu, three years ago, was caught, stealing a car, the police took his DNA for comparison, and found that he was involved in the breaking and entering of a residence, along with raping of two women sixteen years ago; at first, he’d only admitted to auto theft, and claimed, “I’m exercising my right to remain silent”, until he was prosecuted by the prosecutors, did he finally admit to everything.  The high courts maintained the judgments of his first trial, and gave him twenty years for robbery and forced sexual acts, and he’s still able to appeal.

The verdict stated, that on the noon of November 17, 1998, Wu had a pantyhose on his head, and broke into a residence in Shijr, saw two women reading the Holy Bible in the living room, used a knife and told them NOT to make a sound, then, he’d duct-taped them, took all their belongings, then, raped them separately, took them to the bathrooms to get cleaned off, then, ran off with the properties he’d stolen; the police managed to recover his DNA at the scene, but because there was NOTHING to compare it with, so, they couldn’t identify him.

In the afternoon of March 8, 2008, Wu used the same methods, broke into a residential area in Shulin, to steal a purse, and because he’d made loud noises, he’d waken up the man in the house, he’d stabbed the man, along with his friends, then, made his escape, and the pantyhose he’d left behind, the police were able to extract DNA from.

In the morning of July fourth, 2011, Wu stole a truck in Wanhua, after he was caught, the police cross-checked his DNA, and found him responsible for the breaking and entering, along with the rapes.

So, this man was “at large” for a very long time, but, eventually HIS own bad karma caught up to him, and, this time, he wasn’t able to break away from the consequences of his accumulated bad deeds, and that just tells you all, that IF you do something bad, you WILL get CAUGHT, maybe not now, today, tomorrow, or, in the near future even, BUT, you WILL get C-A-U-G-H-T, and, when you are, you WILL be forced to take whatever’s coming to you!!!

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Enticed His Students to Go to a Motel, the Male Cooking Instructor Made to Serve His Time

B-A-D teacher, from the Newspapers online, translated…

A certain branch of a Chiayi middle school, back in 2004, a male cooking instructor used the lessons, took a thirteen-year-old female student to two separate motels, to rape, to sexually molest her, then, he’d taken the opportunity that he had, at a local high school, when he’d instructed cooking, to take an adolescent girl to the change room opposite of his cooking class in the high school to sexually molest her.  The girl told her family, and the family sued the male cooking instructor.  Yesterday, the Courts in Chiayi, based his sentence off of one crime one sentence, gave him a total of three years eight months, a year eight months, and nine months, and mandated that he serves four years six months in prison.

The verdict stated, that afterwards, Jiang didn’t show up for his court arraignment, and had an arrest warrant out on him, he was free, until the end of two years ago, when the police picked him up.  The judge took into consideration that he’d had multiple health problems, was fired from teaching, without an income, along with other things, and showed him leniency.

On the afternoon of April 10, 2004, Jiang seduced a thirteen-year-old female student, took her to a motel, and successfully raped her with his fingers, thirteen days later, he’d taken the advantage of his teaching a cooking class in the high school, took the girl into the dressing room, stripped her clothes off, then, sexually molested her.  On the afternoon of November 5th, he’d taken the girl, to a local motel in Chiayi, then, sexually molested her.

After the incident, the middle school department notified the high school branch, which got Jiang fired, the principal at the school told, that Jiang wasn’t a hired instructor for the school, he was only hired, for the cooking lessons, the school didn’t know that he was going to use the lockers, to molest and rape the young women.

And, to think that this, could’ve been easily avoided with a THOROUGH background check, I mean, I’m sure that this, is NOT the first time that this loser had done something like this, and, firing him is still too lenient a sentence, because what IF, after a few years, when all of this blows over, and nobody remembers this event now, he could still get hired, and be close to the students, then, you’d been sending those sheep, right into the lion’s mouth, wouldn’t you???

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