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The Young Mother Who Was Saved from Suicide, “I’d Strangled My Two Children to Death”

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young married woman, Lin, awhile back, took her two young kids to commit suicide by overdosing, the two kids are dead, the woman was rushed to the hospital and is now, out of danger, the police officers yesterday went to interrogate Lin, she’d cried and told them that she was emotionally unstable that day, that she’d fed her kids some medication, waited until they passed out, then, strangled them both.

Lin was very emotional when the police interrogated her, mentioned how “in the current world, there’s nothing keeping us here, I don’t want to let them live, so they’d have to weather through more pains in the futures”, “After I’d killed them both, I’d tried committing suicide.”

Lin said, in the little over six years, she’d been troubled by mental difficulties, went to two clinics to see doctors, and got medicines, later she’d gone off her meds, and in the past year, she’d started back on them once more.

On the 27th of last month, in the afternoon, she’d driven her kids to Kenting, and, on the way, she’d become emotionally unstable again, and gone off the freeways, bought some fast food at a fast food joint in Mingshyong, then, took her kids to a motel, mixed the pills into their drinks, waited until her kids passed out, she’d strangled them, her daughter tried to fight, then, she’d strangled her daughter with a rope, then, she’d downed the rest of the pills.

Lin said, she wanted to commit suicide, and didn’t want to leave her kids, to become burdens to her families, decided to take them with her, that, was why she’d strangled them to death.  Lin also said, that she and her husband were getting along very well, other than the occasional altercations, there was NO economic stresses, nor was there affair on her husband’s part, or domestic violence.

After Lin woke up yesterday, the family members consoled her that everything was all right, that the kids are fine, that they’d been taken back to Taichung already, but Lin knew, that she’d killed her kids by strangulation, as the police was about to interrogate her, she’d started crying, and when she told them how she’d strangled her kids, she was crying so hard she couldn’t even talk, said that she is in deep regret.

Yesterday as the coroner’s autopsied the young children, they’d found that the muscles of the young girl’s hyoid muscles had hemorrhages, and that there were finger markings on her neck, that she’d died of suffocation, the coroners then took samples of the internal organs, and sent the sample to the justice department to determine if there are drugs in the systems.  Because Lin had histories in depression, she’s still in the I.C.U., with the police, keeping a close eye on her.

And so, this mother has a history of depression, and, she didn’t want to keep her kids on this earth without her, so that, was why she’d killed them first, then, attempted suicide, and now, she’s going to have to live with the fact, the guilt, that she’d MURDERED her own young, for what?  Her own selfish reasons!

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A Boy with a Birth Defect in the Head & Throat, Unable to Grow Up in Time

A story of loss of one’s own offspring, from the Newspapers, translated…

A young boy with malignant neoplasm of the larynx had passed away yesterday, the doctors stated that this condition is not a rare illness of the childhood years of the throat and head, and that the parents must watch the child’s as s/he slept and was being fed, and, normally, this condition goes away on its own when the patient gets older the grandfather of the child who died yesterday sighed, “he didn’t even have a chance to grow up, and he’s already dead.”

Yesterday morning at around six, a ten-month old baby boy died, of no apparent causes in his own home, the family told, that the child was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm of the larynx, and because he couldn’t swallow on his own, he was living with a feeding tube, at birth, the baby boy was hospitalized for two months to get treatments, and, after he was released from the hospital, he’d gone back to the hospitals multiple times.

Yesterday morning, as the parents were just about to carry him up to feed him, they shockingly discovered, that he didn’t have a heart rate, and wasn’t breathing at all, and, even though, they rushed him to the hospitals, it was already too late, the family was in enormous pain, the young boy’s grandfather stated, that when they’d taken him to the doctors, the doctors told the family, “Wait and see if he gets better”, and now, he’s already gone.

The obstetrics department of Taipei Hospital’s manager, Wu stated, that this condition is a very often-seen abnormality of the head and throat regions of young infants, if it was not that bad, the condition will heal on its own by age one and a half, and, for most kids with this condition, it’d heal up completely by age four.

Wu pointed out, that the collapse of the ligaments in the throat will cause difficult breathing, and difficulties swallowing, and, in the most serious case, the patient would need breathing tubes to live, but, the patient can get laser surgery to make the soft tissues hard, so it won’t collapse, and, when the person gets older, it will heal just the same.

Wu reminded the parents, that if there are children in the house, normally, the parents should prevent the infant from sleeping on her/his back, so the child can breathe easily, and children with this condition are all recommended to sleep on their sides.

And, when the parents are feeding, they should hold and support the child’s neck, and feed the child in separate times, to make sure that the food doesn’t get stuck inside the throats.

So, even though this is a birth defect, it’s still treatable, but the parents weren’t paying attention, and so, their baby boy died, and, it still wasn’t anybody’s fault here, because the parents did all they could for this child, and, the child still died…

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A Father Who’d Murdered His Own Daughter, Dumped Her Body, and Now, His Son is Missing Too

Yeah, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man who’s serving time for something else, Jiang yesterday confessed on how because he couldn’t manage to keep up with his own daughter from his ex-wife, he’d murdered her when she was just five, and buried her.  The police department went looking for the body, and, dug up a set of bones, and, they’d sent it into the medical examiner’s office to see if it belonged to a human being, and, they’d called in Jiang’s current wife, Yeh, to see if she knew about this matter.

And, the sons that Jiang had with his current wife, Yeh, currently, the eight-year-old eldest is registered for school, but the seven-year-old younger son is nowhere to be found.  Yeh told the police, that she’d gone into serve time for fraud back in 2008 for four months, and when she got released, she couldn’t find her own son, the husband told her he’d sold him, but, couldn’t describe the transactions in precise details.  The police feared that the child is also dead, unless he’s found again.

The entire case was reported by the young girl’s birth mother, and learned that the daughter she’d left with her ex hadn’t registered for school, and she couldn’t get in touch with her ex, and dreamed that her daughter was covered in blood, telling her, “Mom, why don’t you want me?”, she’d suspected that something awful had happened to her daughter, she’d called the police.  Based off of understanding, after Jiang (age 36) and Tsai (age 31) were divorced, he’d gotten the custody of their daughter, and married Yeh later on, had two sons by her.

This March, Jiang’s eldest son said to his teacher, “My older sister was starved to death by grandma underneath the table,” the teachers listed them as “high-risk” family, and in September, the schools reported the family, once more, as “high-risk”; this August, Jiang was imprisoned, in September, the school reported the family as high-risk again, and the police at Hsinbei city got the tip, and called up the district attorney’s office.

The District Attorney’s office at Hsinbei City found that Jiang was taken to prison in August of this year, and they’d had the police interrogated him.  Jiang claimed from before that he wasn’t well-to-do, and had an active arrest warrant on him on theft, etc., etc., etc., he’d taken his family to run, and because he couldn’t afford to keep his own daughter, he’d abandoned her at a park in 2008.

The police conducted their fifth interview yesterday, and took her to the place where he’d told them he’d lived at his family, and found that it was all bullshit; Jiang then told the police that he’d murdered his daughter, dumped her body at Taipei Juvenile Detention Hall’s backside, and took the police to dig up the bones; but the police, after examined the remains, believed that it wasn’t from humans at all.

So, this LOSER killed his own children, and lied to the cops about it, and he got caught, and he’s still doing thing his way, leading the police on a wild goose chase, thinking that he can outsmart them, well, eventually, everything he did will come BACK to him, more than tenfold that’s for sure!

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Words that Killed

The pen had become, MIGHTIER than the SWORD after all here!!!

Words that killed, you might wonder, how, can words that flowed out of someone’s mouth so carelessly CAN do so much damage, right?  Well, it’s all in the ears of the beholder.

Words that killed, they might have been blurted out, in the heat of the moment, and, once those words of anguish, of pain, of hurt rolled from your tongues, you may shocking realize what you’d just said, and yet, there’s NO taking ANY of it back again!  Words that killed, why?  Because words always hurt more, because words will do a TON of damages to you, internally, while those sticks and stones?  They merely hurt you physically, and, we all should KNOW, how those emotional/psychological scars heal back up, a HELL of a LOT harder than those physical ones, don’t we???

Words that killed, they flew careless out of you, and, I heard them, took them to heart, because I relied on you to love me, but you NEVER did, because you were NEVER loved, using the RIGHT way (and yes, there IS a right AND a wrong way of love too!), and so, you unknowingly passed the abuse you’d received from your bad parents down to me, and, if I wasn’t as AWARE as I am already, I may just unknowingly (still doesn’t make ME less guilty either!) pass it down, to MY own flesh-and-blood, oh, wait a minute, didn’t Emily already DIE???  Sure she had, WAY back in 2008, and this, is currently 2014, and that would be, HOW many years again???  Why don’t you ALL do the “math”, and, feel free to “send” me your “answers”, and this last one, is still, MY SARCASM “talkin’”, so, don’t really send me the “answer”, and by the way, the “answer” is S-I-X!!!

Words that killed you, words that killed me, words killed us ALL, and then, There WERE N-O-N-E……..



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Things I Will Never Get to Do with You

Started making a list, a list of things I wanted to do with you, but, midway through making my list, you were gone, in a heartbeat, and so, I’d immediately tossed that list out, and started making me another list: things I will NEVER do with you.

Teach you how to be a little hostess, help you entertain all of our guests.  Read you that favorite bedtime story of yours to you again and again, and you, begging me for JUST one more story before you go to sleep.  These, are ALL the things, I will NEVER get to do with you, because you NO longer exists.

Things I will never do with you, because you were taken from me, and, I couldn’t find you again, NO matter how hard I’d tried, and, NO matter how high or low I’d searched, I can’t find you again!  Thing I will never do with you, the list just grows longer, and longer by the day, and I’m here, and you’re NOT!!!  It’s just so unfair, why, you should take the RAPS for what they did?  Well, guess that’s life, and, even though I still miss you from time to time, I’m at peace, about the fact, that you will NEVER be born, and it’s still for your own benefit, that you were NEVER conceived, my love………

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How Could Ten Years Be Enough for Rape?

This, is NOT only degrading, but very demeaning too, and, it SURELY took the J-U-R-Y, LONG enough, to “arrive” at their decisions that’s for certain, from…

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A Montana teacher was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison in a notorious student rape case that dragged on for years and led to the censure of a judge who partially blamed the victim.

Stacey Dean Rambold, 55, was resentenced by a new judge exactly a year after he completed an initial one-month prison term for the crime.

Rambold appeared to grimace as Friday’s sentence was read by Judge Randal Spaulding. He was then handcuffed and led away by deputies, pausing briefly to exchange words with family as he exited the courtroom.

Rambold pleaded guilty last year to a single count of sexual intercourse without consent in the 2007 rape of 14-year-old Cherice Moralez, a freshman in his Billings Senior High School business class. She committed suicide in 2010.

Rambold’s attorney had argued for a two-year sentence, pointing out that the defendant had no prior criminal record, underwent sex offender treatment and was considered by the state as a low risk to re-offend.

Spaulding indicated that the nature of the crime outweighed those factors.

“I considered your abuse and exploitation of your position of trust as a teacher, and specifically Cherice’s teacher,” Spaulding told the defendant.

The state Supreme Court in April overturned Rambold’s initial sentence, citing in part comments from Judge G. Todd Baugh, who suggested the victim shared responsibility.

Baugh was censured and suspended for 31 days. He’s stepping down when his terms ends in January.

Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said he was pleased with the new sentence, which included five additional years of prison time that were suspended.

“The criminal justice system worked today,” he said.

John Moralez, the father of the victim, said he had hoped for a longer sentence, but added that 10 years was better than the one-month Rambold previously served.

During the hearing, Twito asked Judge Spaulding to reject attempts by Rambold’s attorney to make the victim’s conduct with her teacher a factor in the sentencing.

That included references by the defendant’s attorney to video-taped interviews of the victim recorded by law enforcement prior to her death. Those recordings, which have never been made public, had been cited by Baugh during his sentencing.

Under state law, children under 16 cannot consent to sexual intercourse.

“The last thing we want to do is sit here in the criminal justice system and say, ‘What is the age?’ It doesn’t matter. Fourteen is way too young,” Twito said. “There has to be punishment. … Punishment means prison.”

Rambold’s attorney, Jay Lansing, responded that there was no statute preventing the court from considering Moralez’s conduct. He pointed out that prosecutors had not objected to comments about the videotaped interview during Rambold’s first sentencing hearing.

Lansing requested for his client a two-year sentence in the custody of the Department of Corrections, with another 13 years suspended. That would have allowed Rambold to serve his time in a community setting rather than prison.

Rambold broke down crying during a brief statement to the court. He said he was sorry for his actions and had worked hard to make himself a better person. In a recent letter to the court, he lamented the international publicity the case attracted.

“No one can really appreciate and understand what it feels like to have so many people actually hate you and be disgusted by you,” Rambold wrote. “I do not mention this for the sake of sympathy, but it has been hard.”

It was uncertain if the new sentence would be appealed, Lansing said.

After the death of Moralez, the prosecution’s primary witness, Twito’s office in 2010 struck a deal with Rambold that initially allowed him to avoid prison altogether.

Rambold, however, violated that agreement by having unauthorized visits with relatives’ children and entering into a relationship with an adult woman without telling his counselor. As a result, the case was revived and Rambold pleaded guilty.

Two additional counts sexual intercourse without consent were dropped under the deal with prosecutors.

During last year’s sentencing, Baugh suggested Moralez had as much control over her rape as the defendant and said she “appeared older than her chronological age.” He gave Rambold a 15-year term with all but one month suspended.

That triggered an appeal from the office of Attorney General Tim Fox, and ultimately resulted in the case being reassigned to Spaulding.

How, can this be JUST?  I mean, LIVES had been LOST here, and, how is JUST TEN years BE enough, to make up for the girl who took HER life after this LOSER instructor raped her?  So, as you can see, in these cases, punishment will NEVER fit the crimes!  And parents, would YOU feel safe, is a M***ER F***ING son-of-a-BITCH (b/c that, is what this is!) works in your child’s schools?  Yeah…

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A Stay-at-Home Dad Got Annoyed After He Got Drunk, Beaten Up His Own Five-Month Old Son into a Handicap

Alcohol became the CULPRIT here!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee had been unemployed long-term, and was responsible for caring for his five-month old son while his wife worked to provide for the family; awhile ago, he got annoyed after getting drunk, heard the infant cry, he’d slapped his son across the face over, and over, causing the child to become legally blind, and the tissues in his son’s limbs got destroyed too, and there was serious damages to the child’s head too.  Lee left, because he felt guilty for what he’d done, until he was caught, drunk driving, the District Attorney’s Offices of Hsinbei City prosecuted him based off of causing damages.

The man, Lee in his twenties has two son with his wife, Ding, and because Lee couldn’t find a job, Ding let him stay at home with the children, and worked odds and ends to provide for the family; Lee had been out of work long-term, and when he wasn’t happy, he’d gotten drunk in his home, and, if the two kids started to cry when he was drunk, he’d hurt them physically.

Lee didn’t teach or socialize his three-year-old son, caused the child to show delayed developments in language and cognitive abilities; the morning of April 8th two years ago, the five month old baby started crying, and Lee got drunk and got furious, started slapping the baby hard, and Ding found out, stopped him, but Lee continued slapping the child three times, then, chased Ding with a knife said, “Don’t test me, I will kill you!”

Ding ran out, and found the police, the male infant was rushed to the hospital, and was showing signs of swelling in his brains, intracranial hemorrhage, and his eyes had failed, he couldn’t use his limbs again, and, the child couldn’t even swallow anymore, and the damages were so great that it was untreatable; Ding decided to sue her husband for damages, Lee, because he felt guilty for what he’d done, he ran away, and the D.A. placed an active arrest warrant on him.

This year in June, Lee crashed his own motorcycle, the police took him in, and the D.A. immediately asked for incarceration which was allowed; when interrogated, Lee admitted to threatening his own wife on the day, but denied having beaten up his own son, claimed that the child was gassy and only slapped his face five, six times after the child was fed his bottle, and that that day, he’d slapped the child lightly, and that it might have been the older son who’d hurt the younger one, or that the infant had flipped off the bed and fell to the ground, or that maybe, he’d crushed his own child when he was sleeping, but the D.A. didn’t believe him.

And so, we still have an UNFIT father here, and, because he got drunk, became ANNOYED easily, and so, when the baby started crying, it’d exacerbated to the man’s feelings of annoyance, and so, he’d acted it out, and killed his own offspring, and, this could’ve been avoided too, but why wasn’t it?

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A Man Killed His Ex-Wife, Took Their Child, Burned Coal, Killed the Child, and Got Himself Caught

So, you’d decided, to take the life of an innocent child, huh???  From the Newspapers Online, translated…

In April, a man, Lee ambushed in front of his own daughters’ kindergarten, in front of his children, he killed his own ex-wife, then, abducted his eldest child, and burned charcoal in his car, killed his own seven-year-old child.  The D.A. took in to considerations, that it was his second offense, asked the judge for the death penalty.

The D.A. pointed out, that Lee married Chen eight years ago, had daughters ages five and seven, he had been violent toward his wife and children long-term, the wife filed for a restraining order.  The thirty-seven year old Lee was displeased at how his thirty-two year old wife asked the courts for a divorce, in order to get back at her, two years ago in August, he’d kidnapped his two children from their home in Kaohsiung, and was given a jail sentence by the courts, and he’d gotten released, just last July.

This year, on April, 16, he’d ambushed outside of a kindergarten in Kaohsiung, and stabbed his ex-wife who was picking up their children in the chest several times, and, in the chaos, the younger daughter had gotten inside the kindergarten, and he forcefully abducted his own eldest child, then, they drove up north.

Then, he’d burned charcoal inside his car, after a passerby discovered then, the father was found alive, and taken to the hospital, and, the eldest child, after two months of resuscitations, she still died.

The D.A. believed, that the crimes he’d committed was against nature, and that he’d shown anti-social personality traits, and, asked for solitary confinement for him in jail, and asked the judge to give him the death sentence.

And so, this man, who was unhappy about his wife, divorcing him, because frankly, she got tired, of being HIS punching bag, and, she took his two children, and so, to retaliate, he’d murdered her in cold blood, in front of their kids, then, abducted his own flesh-and-blood, and this man does NOT deserve mercy at all, and so, the D.A. was asking for the death sentence, but, death, would be his reward, because after he dies, he no longer needed to be tortured by his own GUILTY conscience, for murdering his own child and the woman who WAS the mother of his children.


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The Assemblies in Missouri Won’t Dissipate, Seven Members of the Rioters Were Arrested

On the recent shooting of an African American teen by cops in the U.S.A., from the Front Page Sections, translated…

When the curfew for the city of Ferguson, Missouri took place on the early morning of the 17th, there were two hundred rioters who ignored it, and kept gathering in the place where the eighteen-year-old youth, Brown, was shot and murdered brutally by the police.  The police shot the gas bombs into the crowd and threw tear gas toward the crowd too, managed to arrest seven individuals.  At the same district, there was also a murder by guns too.

The governor, Nixon, on the 16th, declared that Ferguson is in a state of emergency on the 16th, and from midnight of the 17th, started enforcing a curfew, which was ended at five in the morn.  Over a hundred of the public who’d gathered, left in peace before the curfew started, and, Ferguson was peaceful, save for the place where the teenager was shot, where the protestors ignored the curfews and still gathered, screaming, “NO CURFEWS!”

Not long thereafter, heavily armed police started shooting gas and tear bombs into the crowd, and slowly moved forward, to stop the crowd from gathering up.

When the police was at a standoff with the protestors, someone was shot in the same area, the police had yet to identify the injured victim, Johnson stressed, that the man injured was NOT shot by the police, and the man who’d shot him is still at large.

The governor, Nixon said, that the curfews had helped maintain order in Ferguson, and, the curfews will be lifted, as the local government sees fitting.

After Brown was shot by a white police officer, Wilson, on the ninth, the racial tension is on the rise locally, and, the residents had multiple times started riots, and there were those who took advantage of the situation.  Johnson pointed out, that there were forty FBI agents who made house calls since the sixteenth, to find the witnesses to the shooting, and a few weeks from now, hopefully, everything will be cleared up.

Once again, the locals saw this as a racial thing, and, maybe it IS a racial thing, after all, NOBODY would EVER mistake a WHITE dude, holding something that’s NOT threatening, and SHOOT him, and this young man was shot, because of his skin color, so, no wonder the local residents are PISSED off about it.

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Found Guilty for Raping an Adolescent Female, a Man in Charge of a Cult Got Eighteen Years, a Heavy Sentence

Finally a V-E-R-D-I-C-T, from that case that happened, oh, say???  Over SIX months ago???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The holder of the cult, “the Door to Taoism, a Life Course”, Ou-Yang, was accused of raping a female follower’s thirteen year old daughter seventeen times, and the female follower had even demonstrated for her daughter, how to fellate him.  The High Courts in Taiwan believed that Ou-Yang and the youth’s mother showed NO remorse, and gave them eighteen and twelve years respectively, and they can still go for an appeal.

The high courts pointed out, that in the evidence that the young adolescent female kept, she’d hollered out helplessly, along with the man, enjoying himself in raping her, would make anybody feel bad for the girl.

The verdict stated, that the woman thirteen years ago, entered into the cult that was set up by Ou-Yang and his wife at Hsinbei city, “The Entryway to Tao, the Life Course”.  In July of 2011, Shien Ou-Yang took the woman and her daughter to a motel, the woman told her daughter, that she must go through the “redirection of energy” to up her likability and become more able in her talents, she’d enticed her own offspring to fellate Ou-Yang, and showed her how it was done herself.

The young girl at first didn’t want to, and her mother warned her, “If you don’t, then, you will have NO allowances”, and, in the pressures, the young girl complied, and Ou-Yang was able to get his way with her.  In May of 2012, the adolescent girl came home, and bumped into Ou-Yang again, the mother used the excuse of “redirecting the energy”, to ask her child to fellate him, and later, the adolescent was told by her mother, to get on the bed, to allow Ou-Yang to rape her.

The adolescent is growing older, and other than writing about the events in her own journals, she’d also gone online to pour her heart out, and, someone she met online taught her to use her cell to record the process and use it as evidence to sue, and that, was when the case blew open.

In the hearings, Ou-Yang refused to plead guilty, claimed that the adolescent’s journal was a “romance novel”, that it was all made-up; the mother only admitted to having her daughter touch Ou-Yang’s pubic area twice.  The first trial, the judge believed, that the adolescent’s claims in her diary about being raped by her mother and a “grandfather-aged” teacher, could NOT be a projection of her romantic feelings, and the judge gave Ou-Yang fourteen years, and the adolescent’s mother eleven.

After the appeals, Ou-Yang had admitted to wrongdoing, but had gone back on his statements, said that he’d only had the youth suck his fingers; and the mother also kept speaking on behalf of the man, the high courts believed that Ou-Yang didn’t manage to exert the positive energies of the religion, and the woman also didn’t protect her own offspring, and that they both showed NO remorse, and so, they were both given even heavier sentences.

And so, finally the LAW had spoken, and, justice seemingly WAS served, but, is it?  I mean, really?  How is this young woman going to EVER recover from the fact, that she was molested, raped, and FORCED to fellate someone who’s old enough to be her grandmother, and, how is she to overcome the betrayals from how her mother was supposed to protect her, but instead, joined in raping her?

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