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He Will Have an Excuse, Every Single Time…

He will have an excuse, EVERY single time, because he’d gotten away with the lies, because NOBODY ever made HIM pay!!!  He will have an excuse, every single time, because he’d gotten away with MURDER (or rather, something less severe, but yielded the same kind of consequences) with his mama, and so, naturally, he’d transferred that to you, because you are, after all, HIS “surrogate” mother (aka. His W-I-F-E???).

He will have an excuse, EVERY single time, because nobody’d taught HIM to stand UP right, and take HIS beatings, square, on HIS chins, and, because every single time, there is a woman (sometimes his mama, sometimes, his wife, sometimes, his W-H-O-R-E???) BLOCKING the troubles OUT of his life FOR him, therefore, he’d never learned, to stand UP right, and take responsibilities, like he is supposed to in life………

He will have an excuse, EVERY single time, as he’d been getting away, with the MISDEMEANORS, because his mama had let him S-L-I-D-E, and now, he’d lived his life, like he would, play a baseball game: getting STRUCK out, every THREE tries.


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Worries Forever~~~the Mindset of a Mother

Overbearing, yet again!!!  Translated…

Awhile ago, I’d heard on the radio, that a doctor talked about healthy eating, and then, opened up the lines for the listeners to call in.

An elderly woman called, to ask the doctor, that her daughter is already fifty, and she’d always had great appetite, but she doesn’t gain weight, with a bad temper, and inquired, if there’s a way, to  help her daughter get more body weight; the elderly woman also told, that her daughter had some sort of illness that she’s taking medications for long term, feared that there might be side effects to her health.

The doctor gave the elderly some advice, then told her, that her daughter is already fifty, and should know how to take care of herself, that she too, must take care of HERSELF.  But the elderly woman disregarded his concerns, just kept asking questions for the sake of her daughter.

My neighbor, Mrs. Chang, her daughter lived close by after she’d married, but she’d owed some debts, and it’s kept Mrs. Chang worried.  After she’d done, preparing supper each night, Mrs. Chang would call up her daughter, to ask if she’d cooked, if not, she’d hollered for them, to come over; whenever there’s an offering, she’d had her daughter, take every food item she’d prepared home.

Normally, I’d cook, from Monday through Friday, and would go out on weekends, but since my daughter gone off to college this year, I’d changed my habits, from Monday through Friday, I’d eat whatever, but on the weekends, I’d prepare a home cooked meal, to welcome my daughter home.

There was a song, “All Mothers in the World are the Same”, so true, no matter how old the children get, they’re always going to be seen as kids in their mothers’ eyes, and there’s that never-ending worry we have for them.

Hello???  Overbearing AND unwilling to let go!!!  I mean, hello???  Your ADULT children are what?  Older than FIFTY, and you’re still worried that they hadn’t had their lunches?  Are you FUCKING kidding me here, this, is just W-A-Y (and I do mean: W-A-Y!!!) overboard here!!!

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Where Did All Her Money Go???~~~Between Siblings

So, do we loan our money, to a next-of-kin or not???  That, would be the Soup of the Day here, translated…

I’d gotten yet, another text, asking to borrow money from my older sister again, and I’d taken the mindset of skimming through it, and I couldn’t give her an affirmation or a negation.

My older sister had been married for almost twenty years now, and she’d started borrowing from her family of origin for god KNOWS how many times already.  At first, I’d loan it to her, because we’re siblings, but, she’d never paid me back the money I’d loaned her, and we’re both working for others, living on our separate paychecks, and in the end, I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  As to why my older sister is always short on cash, it’s hard for us to comprehend.  When my sister had work, so did my brother-in-law, but, the two of them took out loans after loans from credit cards, as to how this problem got started, it’s still a mystery to us all to date.  My parents aren’t willing to see how their child’s house got repossessed by the banks and sold, and wouldn’t have a place to live, they’d pulled their pockets empty, and in the end, she’d still kept borrowing nonstop.

After becoming a “slave to her credit cards”, my older sister wasn’t willing to allow the banks to take a-third of her paychecks, quit her job, and stayed at home, and, every two to three days, she’d called people to cry about how poor she is.  We’d consoled her to find a job that pays her in cash, that way, the banks wouldn’t know, and that way, she could also help pay her own household expenses too, but she’d turned all the offers down using an assortment of reasons.

I’d asked my brother-in-law why he didn’t encourage her to work, he’d told me, that they’re getting on without her extra paycheck.  Would it be, that my brother-in-law feared losing face, wouldn’t admit to their economical difficulties, or, was my sister borrowing money for something else?  Our lives don’t crisscross, it’s hard for me to understand, and I can’t help her either.

So, the sister is probably hiding something, and, because the sister had a “prior” of borrowing money from her family, without returning the money she’d borrowed, which was exactly W-H-Y, the sister is having such a difficult, getting yet, ANOTHER loaner from the family again, and sometimes, money is what comes between the siblings, and, it WILL ruin an originally okay interaction, when money gets involved.

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The Woman Whose Throat Was Slit in Her Own Home, the Perpetrator Was Her Husband’s Nephew, Over a Matter of Settlement Money

So, once again, money is still the ROOT of this E-V-I-L, the “follow-up” from yesterday, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

Hong, the woman who was found dead, having her throat slit two days ago, the police suspected, that it was done, by someone she was close to, the case was solved yesterday, and it turned out, that it was someone she knew who’d killed her, it was her husband’s nephew, Yang; it was suspected, that because Yang’s aunt turned him down when he’d asked her to loan some money, that he became embarrassed and angered, then, murdered her.

Yang is also involved in the case from last year where another woman, Jiang, had pushed a woman, Kuan, to jump off of a bridge, Jiang went after the debts owed to her by Kuan, threatened her, that if she didn’t pay her back, then, men will gang-rape her, Kuan didn’t want to be raped, and so, she’d leapt off of a cliff, and killed herself.  Yesterday, Yang didn’t only JUST admit to murdering his own aunt, and admitted to the rape of Kuan from last year.  Today is the one-year death anniversary of Kuan, and Yang was caught on a day before, the police commented on how coincidental it was.  The D.A. asked the judge to take Yang in, and the judge agreed.

Hong was murdered, and her mother-in-law couldn’t stop crying, said that she’d been nothing but a fitting and kind daughter-in-law.  Yesterday, she’d learned, that it was her own grandson who’d done it, she’d cried, in front of the morgue hard.  The suspect, Yang’s father said, “Because my mother spoiled my son rotten, that, was why he’d become the way he was.”

The police investigated, that in the case when Yang had forced Kuan to leap off of a cliff, because there was a lack of evidence, he was free, but he needed to pay the settlement money in installments, Hong’s mother-in-law took out $150,000N.T. from a friend, to help her grandson pay the settlement, but later, the mother-in-law couldn’t pay back the loan, and so, Hong had took it upon her shoulders, to help pay the debt.

Two mornings ago, because Yang couldn’t pay up the settlement, he’d asked to borrow $50,000N.T. from his aunt, the aunt said, that he had YET to pay her back from the last time, that she wasn’t willing to let him borrow more.  Yang claimed, that he’d gotten down on his knees, hoping the aunt could loan him another $50,000N.T., but she’d scolded him, “You don’t have a mother anymore, and you’re still misbehaving, so useless.”

Yang was angered, took out the sashimi knife from the drawers, threatened her, they started pulling on each other, the aunt screamed, “Don’t make another mistake again!”; but Yang chased her from the first floor to the second, covered up Hong’s mouth, then, stabbed her on the neck, one of his stabs managed to sever her right carotid.

Yang didn’t care that his aunt was losing a LOT of blood by the bed, bleeding to death, ran to the closets, to find more cash.  After that, he’d gone to a friend’s house to take a shower, to wash the blood stain on the clothes off, then, returned to his grandmother’s house, to try to get more money, but, no one was there at home, so, he’d given up.  In the afternoon, he’d gone to the D.A.’s office, to testify on behalf of Kuan, went to the net cafés in the evening, as if nothing had happened.

The police asked around the neighborhood, suspected that Yang was involved, and they’d managed to track Yang down from the father’s statements.  Yang denied having murdered, but the police found multiple scratch wounds on his forearm, suspected that he’d received them from the struggles with the victim, and that, was when Yang admitted to killing his own aunt.

The police said, that Yang’s parents were divorced, he’d been spoiled rotten by his grandmother, last year, after the case with Kuan, he still didn’t learn his lessons, and would LIE to his family about working every day, instead, he’d spent ALL his money at net cafés, and would often ask for handouts from his family.

And so, this woman got murdered because of M-O-N-E-Y, and, the one who’s at fault is still this nephew, along with the family members who SPOILED him rotten, and, this guy has MULTIPLE priors in violence, and now, murder charges are added, on top of his already lengthy RAP SHEET!!!




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Waiting on His Mother’s Smile

You ARE, your child’s world, you DO realize that, don’t you??? Problems in the family, once again, translated…
In the early mornings, I’d taken my dog along, to a small path to exercise, I’d met the son of my once community college classmate, En, he’d hauled along his heavy backpack, and was on his way to school.
That originally frozen face, upon realizing my face, started shining, ever so brightly toward me. I’d chatted with him, and asked how his mother is. He said, that his mother is still as she’d been, not at all happy, and she’d only smiled when friends come by to visit her.
En’s mother is a Vietnamese bride, extraordinarily beautiful, during the month of rest after she’d had En, she’d started making handicrafts, to help out the family economics, she’d worked day and night, and the result of overworking, tiring herself out, was that she’d gotten a STROKE at such a young age! Later, even though, with extensive rehabilitations, she still couldn’t return to the way she was before. Secondly, the lonely country life, it made her, a foreigner, feel even lonelier, and so, she became depressed, and had attempted suicide too.
I told En, that he needed to hold a positive outlook on life, to NOT get affected by his mom. Without knowing, that he’d told me, with extraordinary optimism, “Depression is not hereditary.”, and, that’s clearly telling me, that I’m worrying too much. I told him, that if his mom did something stupid, he needed to tell an adult immediately.
He’d replied with firmness, “Mom says that after five years when I graduated middle school, she will go and do that thing.” I was shocked, his mother should NOT be telling him that, after all, he is only ten, and inside his young mind, he must have been withstanding a TON of worries and fears.
I encouraged him, “Work hard in school, maybe, you can find a way, to help your mom get better.” This time, he looked at me, with a scent of not understanding me.
On the way to school, he still stopped, and said to me, in an all-too-sweet voice, “Aunt, you must come over to my house to play some time!”
En’s mother lived in depression for so long, not knowing that she was blessed with a little angel. This child, is like a small weed, growing in the cracks, even though, he didn’t have a good environment, he’d still welcomed the sun in, with great optimism.
Parents who are trapped, if you can look over at your children more, then, you’d realize, that your motivations for keep going is your children. So, En’s mom, my dearest, your child is staying constantly by your side, waiting to see you smile. Please, don’t disappoint him!
So, this, is a family with a foreign bride, and, the mother, being away from home, and now, she’d become STUCK with her son, without realizing, that her son is needing him, and the mother is so selfish, thinking ONLY of her wellbeing, without realizing, that her behaviors would affect her son, but thankfully, this kid has positive outlook toward life, and, his blind optimism is probably NOT inborn…

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Reason Why He Stole

Another ADULT child, that couldn’t handle things without HIS mama, from the newspapers online, translated…

“Because my mom is away, and I got too hungry, that, was why I’d stole!”, a college student, Jeng, who weighed OVER one-hundred kilograms, went to a certain supermarket, and shoplifted a quarter leg, some snacks, drinks, along with other food items, the store clerk stopped him, and the cops arrested him.  The store clerk, said that Jeng had managed to shoplift the ENTIRE full course meal, including the gum for after the meal too.

The currently “on-break” college student, Jeng (age 23, with theft priors), three afternoons ago, at three in the afternoon, while the store clerk wasn’t watching, he’d shoplifted a quarter leg, some chips, and placed it in his bag.  And because this wasn’t his first time, shoplifting, the store camera had zoomed in on him the moment he’d walked into the shop.

The clerk said, that Jeng weighed over one hundred kilograms by the way he looked, the “lunch” he’d stole include a quarter leg, a side dish, along with a drink, etc., etc., etc., along with juice, and gum too, for after he ate.  The clerk laughed and told, “it’s truly nutritious!”

The police discovered, that as Jeng put the food inside his sack, the store clerk had asked him to show the bag, hoping he’d returned the shoplifted items on his own, but he didn’t, but as Jeng saw the store clerk approached him, he’d pretended to be on the phones, and asked the clerk about other products, hoping he could divert the clerk’s attention.

The college student told, that his mother is currently abroad, and he got hungry, but didn’t know how to cook, that, was why he’d stole; after the police heard his pleas, they’d booked him, on theft charges.

Wow, so here, we still have someone, who SHOULD BE old enough, to HANDLE things on his own, but, HIS mama had taken real good care of him that it kept him from growing UP, and now, his mama’s away, he ran out of food, so, he shoplifted from a store?  Where is the youth going today?  Oh yeah, you’re still declining, more and MORE, by the G-E-N-E-R-A-T-I-O-N-S here, hello, hello, hello???






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