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The Scandalous Incest Was Brought Out as the Grandparent and Grandchild Watched and Discussed the Scenes from a Soap Opera

Things that get BLURTED out, from a careless “encounter”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of young kindergarten age sisters were raped by their eldest aunt’s husband, they’d kept it in for a very long time, one time, they were accompanying their grandmother as she was watching a soap opera, the grandmother reminded them, “Study hard, and don’t be like that leading lady that got sold into whoredom”, that, was when the two young girls disclosed how they were taken advantage of; the District Court in Hsinchu gave the horny husband of their aunt a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

The parents of this pair of siblings are divorced, they’d lived in with their father and grandmother.  The older girl is seventeen this year, the younger, just twelve; the eldest uncle is sixty, and runs a physical therapy place.

Two years ago in April, the siblings were watching a Taiwanese soap with their grandmother, the grandmother shared with them what was going on in the show, wanted the two to “study hard in school, to NOT become like the female lead who was sold into being a hooker”, the two of them disclosed how “they were taken advantage of by their eldest uncle.”

The grandmother was shocked and angered, she regretted not paying attention to her eldest granddaughter when she’d told her in kindergarten, that the uncle was a horny guy, back then, she thought that the girl was talking childish words, and disregarded that, and she blamed herself to allowing the abuse to go on, she’d asked the police to allow her to take the two young girls to the hospital to get examined, and asked the schools to help call it in.

The older sister said in court, that since her last year in kindergarten, the uncle had attacked her breasts, and he had raped her using his hands, and told her, “Do NOT tell grandma about it”, she’d mentioned, with a muffled voice, that he was an elder, believing, “So long as he left my younger sister alone, then, I will put up with it”, without knowing, that her younger sister became a victim too.

The younger sister of the victim told, that back when she was in the second, and the fourth grades, she was raped in her sleep twice by him, and afterwards, he’d told her, “Do NOT tell anybody, or, I will beat you up.”  She said, that the uncle would often touch her pubic region, almost once every month, she’d written about how he’s a “horny man”, etc.. etc., etc., to get her angers out into the open.

The uncle when brought to the courts, only admitted to touching their breasts and molesting them, denied having raped them, and, he’d “swore in front of god”, but, when they put him through a polygraph, the polygraph showed that he was lying, and so, the judge didn’t believe him, and believed that he had wronged his next of kin, and with absolutely NO sense of remorse, and so, the judge gave him a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

And, you THINK that fifteen years is enough?  Are you sure about that?  How long do you think it will take these two young girls, to get OUT of that nightmare of being sexually molested?  And, you believe that money would BE enough?  Yeah right, think again, these two young women are SCARRED for life, simply because NOBODY was paying close attention to them, and this sort of SHIT will keep on happening, NOT just in this part of the world, but, everywhere………

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A Middle-Aged “Leech” Wouldn’t Find a Job, Choked His Own Mother to Get Money from Her

And, the fault is still with the ENABLER, the parent, from the Newspapers, translated…

A thirty-five year old man, was raised by his mother who’d worked odds and ends, he was spoiled, and didn’t work, awhile ago, he’d choked his mother’s neck, asking her for more money to spend, and screamed: “You are my mother!  How could you call the police on me!”  The District Attorney’s Offices in Hsinbei City took him into custody, and, prosecuted him based off of hurting his next-of-kin.

On the hearing held by the D.A., the mother started crying, sighed that her son didn’t show any gratitude, but also begged, “Can you please not put him into jail?”, hoping that there is an institution that will teach her son, to NOT take anything in life for granted.

The D.A. investigations found, that Chang was spoiled, and would often get spending cash from his mother, last year in February, his older sister couldn’t stand it any longer, scolded him, Chang used a knife, to threaten her to shut up, she was so scared, that she’d moved out.

On the bottom half of January this year, Chang bought cigarettes for her son after work, then, when she’d returned home, he’d hollered to her to give him money, she’d marched angrily back into her own bedroom, but her son took her by the neck, she’d started screaming, ran out of the house, then, went to the police.

Two patrol officers came to Chang’s residence, Chang was emotionally distraught, and started screaming like crazy, and beaten his own mother with his fists; the D.A. thought that Chang showed NO sign of remorse, and prosecuted him based off assault on family member, obstruction of justice, and other charges.

And so, this, is still the RESULT of spoiling, and, this “leech” still SUCKED on his mama, because he knew that he could get his way with her, and the mother still didn’t see, that SHE, is the one, fueling to HIS bad behaviors?  How BLIND can you, STUPID parents BE???







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“Please Don’t Ruin My Son’s Life”

A mother’s words, spoken, on behalf of her son, who’d rammed a car into someone else’s child’s body and killed him.

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life, don’t SUE him for this accident”, she’d cried, as she’d begged and pleaded with them, with a total disregard of how the family is still mourning for their own child’s death.

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life”, well, he’d ruined HIS own life, by getting behind the wheels that night after he’d had one too many to drink, and would NOT allow the bar, to call him a cab, because it “cost” too much from this end of town to where he lives.

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life, and allow me, his mother, to pay for what he’d done”, the woman takes out her checkbook, and pen, looked up at the family of the victim, as she waited, for them, to holler out an amount, the amount that’s “tagged” on the child’s life…

“Please don’t ruin my son’s life, he’s ALL I have, it’s all my fault, that I didn’t teach him well, if you want to blame, blame me instead”, but, you’re NOT the one to have gotten behind the wheels that night, were you?  And, your son, NO matter how precious he is to you, MUST pay for the lives that he’d taken too, the lives of someone else’s babies.



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He Will Have an Excuse, Every Single Time…

He will have an excuse, EVERY single time, because he’d gotten away with the lies, because NOBODY ever made HIM pay!!!  He will have an excuse, every single time, because he’d gotten away with MURDER (or rather, something less severe, but yielded the same kind of consequences) with his mama, and so, naturally, he’d transferred that to you, because you are, after all, HIS “surrogate” mother (aka. His W-I-F-E???).

He will have an excuse, EVERY single time, because nobody’d taught HIM to stand UP right, and take HIS beatings, square, on HIS chins, and, because every single time, there is a woman (sometimes his mama, sometimes, his wife, sometimes, his W-H-O-R-E???) BLOCKING the troubles OUT of his life FOR him, therefore, he’d never learned, to stand UP right, and take responsibilities, like he is supposed to in life………

He will have an excuse, EVERY single time, as he’d been getting away, with the MISDEMEANORS, because his mama had let him S-L-I-D-E, and now, he’d lived his life, like he would, play a baseball game: getting STRUCK out, every THREE tries.

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Waiting on His Mother’s Smile

You ARE, your child’s world, you DO realize that, don’t you??? Problems in the family, once again, translated…
In the early mornings, I’d taken my dog along, to a small path to exercise, I’d met the son of my once community college classmate, En, he’d hauled along his heavy backpack, and was on his way to school.
That originally frozen face, upon realizing my face, started shining, ever so brightly toward me. I’d chatted with him, and asked how his mother is. He said, that his mother is still as she’d been, not at all happy, and she’d only smiled when friends come by to visit her.
En’s mother is a Vietnamese bride, extraordinarily beautiful, during the month of rest after she’d had En, she’d started making handicrafts, to help out the family economics, she’d worked day and night, and the result of overworking, tiring herself out, was that she’d gotten a STROKE at such a young age! Later, even though, with extensive rehabilitations, she still couldn’t return to the way she was before. Secondly, the lonely country life, it made her, a foreigner, feel even lonelier, and so, she became depressed, and had attempted suicide too.
I told En, that he needed to hold a positive outlook on life, to NOT get affected by his mom. Without knowing, that he’d told me, with extraordinary optimism, “Depression is not hereditary.”, and, that’s clearly telling me, that I’m worrying too much. I told him, that if his mom did something stupid, he needed to tell an adult immediately.
He’d replied with firmness, “Mom says that after five years when I graduated middle school, she will go and do that thing.” I was shocked, his mother should NOT be telling him that, after all, he is only ten, and inside his young mind, he must have been withstanding a TON of worries and fears.
I encouraged him, “Work hard in school, maybe, you can find a way, to help your mom get better.” This time, he looked at me, with a scent of not understanding me.
On the way to school, he still stopped, and said to me, in an all-too-sweet voice, “Aunt, you must come over to my house to play some time!”
En’s mother lived in depression for so long, not knowing that she was blessed with a little angel. This child, is like a small weed, growing in the cracks, even though, he didn’t have a good environment, he’d still welcomed the sun in, with great optimism.
Parents who are trapped, if you can look over at your children more, then, you’d realize, that your motivations for keep going is your children. So, En’s mom, my dearest, your child is staying constantly by your side, waiting to see you smile. Please, don’t disappoint him!
So, this, is a family with a foreign bride, and, the mother, being away from home, and now, she’d become STUCK with her son, without realizing, that her son is needing him, and the mother is so selfish, thinking ONLY of her wellbeing, without realizing, that her behaviors would affect her son, but thankfully, this kid has positive outlook toward life, and, his blind optimism is probably NOT inborn…

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Reason Why He Stole

Another ADULT child, that couldn’t handle things without HIS mama, from the newspapers online, translated…

“Because my mom is away, and I got too hungry, that, was why I’d stole!”, a college student, Jeng, who weighed OVER one-hundred kilograms, went to a certain supermarket, and shoplifted a quarter leg, some snacks, drinks, along with other food items, the store clerk stopped him, and the cops arrested him.  The store clerk, said that Jeng had managed to shoplift the ENTIRE full course meal, including the gum for after the meal too.

The currently “on-break” college student, Jeng (age 23, with theft priors), three afternoons ago, at three in the afternoon, while the store clerk wasn’t watching, he’d shoplifted a quarter leg, some chips, and placed it in his bag.  And because this wasn’t his first time, shoplifting, the store camera had zoomed in on him the moment he’d walked into the shop.

The clerk said, that Jeng weighed over one hundred kilograms by the way he looked, the “lunch” he’d stole include a quarter leg, a side dish, along with a drink, etc., etc., etc., along with juice, and gum too, for after he ate.  The clerk laughed and told, “it’s truly nutritious!”

The police discovered, that as Jeng put the food inside his sack, the store clerk had asked him to show the bag, hoping he’d returned the shoplifted items on his own, but he didn’t, but as Jeng saw the store clerk approached him, he’d pretended to be on the phones, and asked the clerk about other products, hoping he could divert the clerk’s attention.

The college student told, that his mother is currently abroad, and he got hungry, but didn’t know how to cook, that, was why he’d stole; after the police heard his pleas, they’d booked him, on theft charges.

Wow, so here, we still have someone, who SHOULD BE old enough, to HANDLE things on his own, but, HIS mama had taken real good care of him that it kept him from growing UP, and now, his mama’s away, he ran out of food, so, he shoplifted from a store?  Where is the youth going today?  Oh yeah, you’re still declining, more and MORE, by the G-E-N-E-R-A-T-I-O-N-S here, hello, hello, hello???






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