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A Mother Was Unhappy with the Test Scores that Her Daughter Made on Her High School Entrance Exams, She Leapt Off the Building in Front of Her Own Daughter’s Eyes

Overbearing parents, your children ARE the ones who are (or rather, should be) TROUBLED by the examinations, and you can’t handle it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An emotionally unstable woman, Liu, because her daughter performed badly on her examinations recently, she’d gone up to the twelfth floor roof yesterday morning, to jump, even though the daughter found her mother in time, but she wasn’t able to stop her, she’d still taken the leap right in front of her child, the daughter had a mental breakdown right then and there.

As the police came to understand the facts, the family told, that because Liu had been diagnosed with depression, she’d been on medication for five years, and had suicidal behaviors and thoughts from before; and recently, she was troubled by how her daughter didn’t perform well enough on her middle school exam, she got depressed again, the family was already on high alert, yesterday, when they discovered that she was not in the house, they’d gone up to the top floors of their building immediately, but, they were still, a bit too late.

Based off of understanding, early at nine in the morn, Liu walked up to the roof of the building, as the daughter found that the mother wasn’t at home, she’d gone up to the roof to find her, she’d found her mother, sitting by the fences, she’d called out to her mother, “mom, don’t jump”, the mother replied, “Don’t come any closer”.

The girl ran to call the security guard, and, as she’d climbed back up, the mother took the leap right in front of the daughter’s eyes, landed on the second floor balcony.  The fire department and the police had about to go up to try to console Liu to not jump, as they’d gotten to the top floors, the security guard told them, “She just jumped”, and, everybody who was there was so shocked, especially the adolescent girl who bore witness to her own mother’s suicide, she was so shaken up.

The school instructor mentioned, that the mother had hoped that the daughter would take the specialized examinations or to retake the exams again, but the girl wanted to go to the school she’d gotten in yesterday, the mother couldn’t accept the outcomes of the child’s scores, and, that, combined with her depression, may have been what caused her to suicide.  The female student blamed herself, just cried nonstop, this made everybody who saw her, feel the heartaches.  The school stated, that they’d already assigned professionals to her house, to counsel her, and will keep an eye on this girl in the future.

Liu’s husband is a regular nine-to-five worker, yesterday as he was called, he’d rushed home, heartbroken, thought about how broken his family became, the father and daughter held on to one another and cried.

The senior doctor of psychiatry, Su said, that this patient would think about all the negatives of life, and has a low handle on stress and pressure, even though, she was taken medications, but she’d still magnify the effects of some events.

Su believed, that the mother, taking the leap in front of the daughter, it would cause serious traumas in the child, and she’s carry the guilt inside, and that someone should show her constant concerns and guidance.

And so, what DOES this mother leave behind?  Pains, sufferings, guilt, and loss, among other things, and, because of her prior diagnosis of depression, that is probably what made this woman cracked, and this, is when a parent cared too much, so what IF your kid didn’t do well on her/his exams, it’s her/his life, let her/him handle it, STOP carrying it ALL on yourselves, STUPID parents!!!

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The Couple Argued About Their Divorce and Disregarded Their Three-Months-Old Young Daughter, They Were BOTH Sentenced

Bad parenting behaviors here, meaning, this, is a what NOT to do, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu got into an argument with his wife, went to the courts to get their divorce settled, but didn’t manage, because they couldn’t decide who should be responsible for raising their three-month old young daughter, they’d gone from the negotiation rooms in the courthouse to the outside; the child’s maternal grandmother was so mad from watching that she’d placed the baby in the ditches, and they’d both left the scene.  The Kaohsiung District Courts sentenced the couple to ten months in prison, which they are to serve three years from now, because of abandoning their child, and, they are both made to pay a fine of $30,000N.T. each to the Treasury Department.

The verdict stated, that Hsu and Chen had four children, last November, they’d negotiated divorce, they’d gone to the youth and family court in Kaohsiung to settle the matter, and, at the evening, they’d walked out from the courthouses, still heated, and still fighting hard, the maternal grandmother of the child who was holding the baby screamed at them, “then, I’ll leave her right here then!”, left the baby on the plate that covered up the sewage systems.  The bailiff tried to stop her from doing this, but, both parties left, without turning back.

The bailiff carried the baby back into the courthouse, and, not long after, the maternal grandfather brought the change of clothes to the court house, left the items on the scanners outside the courthouse, without the intentions of getting his granddaughter back.  The bailiff called the police, and, the baby was sent to foster care by the social services department in Kaohsiung.

Hsu stated, that when the child was a newborn, his in-laws had dropped her off in front of his house, later, they’d taken her away; and, as they left the courthouse, he thought that his mother-in-law was doing it again to threaten him, without knowing, that she did it for real this time, had he known, he would’ve come back for her.

The D.A believed, that if Hsu and Chen, as the child’s parents, and still they’d left their daughter defenseless and exposed, and they were charged based off of abandonment; the judge, after his own investigations, found, that they had broken the law, because they were under economic pressures, that they didn’t really intended to abandon their offspring, plus, they’d admitted to wrongdoing, allowed them to serve their time delayed.

But, because the two of you couldn’t DUKE it out, you’d taken it out on your offspring?  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  The child would BE better OFF in foster care, I mean, at least, in foster care, she’d have some extent of stability, wouldn’t she???

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Adults & Their Plans

Plan, plan, plan, still???  Oh yeah, my A-S-S!!!

What’s wrong with all you adults, and your “plans”, you’d been planning every single MOVE for your children’s lives, since BEFORE their conceptions, haven’t you?  And, all this is still due to???  Oh yeah, your separate mommies and daddies had FORCED their dreams onto Y-O-U, and, you’d never gotten the chance to EXERCISE your own dreams, isn’t that right?

Adults and their plans, that is really, really, really A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G, just thinkin’ ‘bout it too, because all you adults do, is P-L-A-N, where I’m gonna go on that business trip, I need the itinerary, when’s that meeting scheduled again?  Do I have a lunch appointment too???  Blah, blah, B-L-A-H, and, B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

And, here’s another “note”, ADULTS, all of you who are still planning your every single second of your every single day, feel free to keep doing so, but for those of us who’d found our lost senses of the self, we know, that we don’t need any plan, because FATE will always take good care of us, hello, hello, hello???  Does anybody NOT get that???  Or, am I, once more, talking to these WHITE-WASHED walls of this lecture hall of mine again???  Yeah, uh-huh!!!

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In a World of Two, There’s NO Room for You

In a world of two, there’s NO room for you, I mean, let’s FACE it, you’d been an “extra” on this small, small set of ours… In a world of two, there’s NO room for you, don’t you see, IF your mom pays attention to you, then, she won’t have enough time for me, and I got here first, and now, I’m FORCED to share her with you?  Why should I?  And, get your own woman!!!

In a world of two, there’s NO room for you, and that’s just IT, you see?  I won’t HAVE you anymore, and now, this “world of two” had been reduced, to the world of JUST one, and I’m still the O-N-L-Y one.  In a world of two, there’s NO room for you, I don’t want you around, and besides, you’re only taking TIME and ATTENTION from MY wife, and she’s MINE first, she was ALL mine, before you came along, and now, she spends her entire day, cooing, and caaing with you, and that’s just NOT fair…

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The Husband Went Off the “Maps” After His Affair Went Bust, He Was Ruled to Pay a Higher Price by the Courts

If you cheat, you WILL get caught!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wang had asked for his son’s assistance, to transfer his files from his cell, to the computer, it’d caused his wife to find out about his affair, and he’d also used the opportunity of a business trip, to travel to Japan for a vacation with the spare wheel, Lin; after his return, his wife found out that the pants he took to get altered had listed Lin’s contact information, and that there were love letters inside his car, Wang’s wife sued them both, and asked for $800,000N.T. for emotional damages.

On the first trial, the judge ruled that Wang and Lin must pay Wang’s wife $100,000N.T., Wang left his house out of anger; the highest courts rulings believed, that after Wang had his affair, he didn’t deal with it effective, and had gone into hiding, he’d abandoned his wife for thirty years, and abandoned his own family too, exacerbated his wife’s pain even more, the judge ruled that the husband and his spare wheel MUST pay Wang’s wife $300,000N.T. for certain.

Wang’s wife’s claims in court stated, that she’d been with her husband for over thirty years, they have a son and a daughter together.  Two years ago, in February, she found that her husband had been in close contact with a married woman, Lin; in May of the same year, the son had helped the husband transfer some files from his cell to the computer, and she’d found numerous photographs of her husband and Lin’s intimacies, holding each other close, kissing.  She had a huge argument with her husband, and texted Lin, “Do NOT become the spare wheel that destroy my marriage”, but Lin ignored her, and kept dating her husband.

Wang’s wife said, that two years ago in October, the husband told her that he was on business abroad, when he’d returned home, she’d helped him unpack, and found a pair of brand new pants, with the tag from the alteration with Lin’s information, and she’d found Lin’s love letters to her husband in the trunk of his car, after grilling him, she’d found out, that he’d gone on a trip with Lin on vacation.  She was emotionally distraught, and was diagnosed as severely depressed too.

Lin claimed, that she and Wang had common friends, that they’d head out to dine or to hang out, that it was within the normal socializations; that the tag on the pants had her contact, because she was doing him a favor, helping him to get his pants to be sent to get altered, that she did NOT break any laws.

Wang also claimed that he and Lin were just friends, that the love notes were a one-sided crush she’d had on him.

The first trials used the evidence stacked against the husband and his spare, and the judge found them guilty, and that they must pay the wife $100,000N.T.; Wang’s wife went for an appeal, after Wang learned, he’d gotten mad, and ran from home, refused to show up for his court dates, and because Wang’s wife couldn’t find him, she’d reported that her husband was a missing person with the police.

The story of the THREE BLINID M-I-C-E, see how they run?  Except that in THIS case, it’s see how HE ran!!!  Because this loser did wrong, and was made to pay what he thought was unreasonable, so, he went into HIS “burrows” (like those rabbits???) to DODGE his responsibilities, and that, is all too IRRESPONSIBLE still.

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Making Her Mind UP, to NO Longer Be Needing Assistance

A woman’s decision to TOUGHEN herself up, finally!!!  A Q&A, translated…

Q: The mom of a one-year-and-eight month old child, Ice Cream wrote…

She’d accidentally discovered that her husband was having an affair with his first love in August, he was ashamed of what he’d done, and got mad, and lost control, said that even though he and Ice Cream fell in love ten years ago, but he never really loved her at all, and would cuss his own son out every single day, “I HATE you, go find your mother!”, and would use a LOT more verbal AND physical abuse toward her, to let HER son know, that his parents didn’t love one another.

The mother-in-law is a psychiatrist, and belonged to a well-known women’s group, and she felt that her son had an affair, because Ice Cream had done so many things that made her son angry, for instance: Ice Cream’s stay for one and a half year in America, and she still couldn’t speak English fluently, didn’t dare to drive, and how she’d gotten knocked UP in just THREE months in America, this, was also why the mother-in-law believed to be why her son had had an affair.

Last year, Ice Cream asked for a divorce, her mother-in-law wouldn’t allow for it, and told her, to give her husband some time, to break up from HIS divorce.  Ice Cream did what she was told, but in the end, the husband’s affair got even MORE passionate, she’d found photos of them being intimate together, and they’d even got themselves matching rings too.

And now, the husband won’t return, and Ice Cream’s heart is cold, she wanted to protect her son, and the rest of her own life, to leave THIS high-stress environment she’d been living in.  But the problem is this: she is a full-time mother who took care of her son on her own, and the husband failed his pilot test, and the two of them had lived OFF of her parents-in-law completely, she wanted to know, that the party that’s NOT economically established, is it really impossible for her to get custody of her son?

A My Advice

On the subject of the custody of her son, Ice Cream is NOT entirely the weaker of the two.  Firsts, she must have evidence.  In other words, she MUST collect the incidence, like by tape recordings or voice recordings, along with slips from trips to the E.R., and how her husband would CUSS her son out, and the bad language he’d used, she’d needed the HARD evidence, and NOT just her words.  Based off of the situation described by Ice Cream, it may be difficult, for the marriage to end in a more positive note, in the end, they may finalize the divorce, and, how the husband didn’t like children, or even hit or cussed out the son, can be used in court.

And, this, is a woman, who’s TRAPPED in an abusive marriage, calling OUT to help, but, by this time, she’d already allowed her loser husband to take advantage of her too many times, and, it’s NOT going to be EASY, for her OR her husband to SNAP out of it, which is precisely, why the very FIRST time you’d been HIT, or gotten screamed at and apologized to, you SHOULD put an E-N-D to it right then and there.

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A Mother Who Abused Drugs Is Not Fitting to Be a Mother

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday I’d seen on the news about a woman who abused drugs and was arrested, it was the mother of that little boy who was abused to death three years ago.  She’d gotten high, but had used her pregnancy as a shield, and gotten off easy, and, what’s worse was that her fetus, before being born had already been exposed to illegal substances, what SORT of a life will the child have after s/he was born?

As a mother myself, I MUST blame her for being an unfit, we’d carried our kids for TEN months, they’re our flesh-and-blood, how can she be so cruel, and so STUPID, and just keep on using, and murdering her own kids?

Maybe she didn’t meet a good guy, but, the child is still innocent.  And, are there NOT social services foundations that would forcefully MAKE the pregnant ladies detox?  All of these woman who’d gone down the wrong paths all have their separate SOB stories sure, but, the children belonged to the country, NOT your own “property”, and, the government IS responsible for children from those lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and those mothers who were deemed unfit should have their kids forcefully removed from them, to place in temporary foster care. As the citizens are NOT doing well, the government should use ALL the power it can, to protect the offspring of the citizens, instead of allowing the citizens to treat their own offspring howsoever they chose to, to allow this sort of child abuse to continue.

And so, this, is how a teacher sees the issues, and, on some level, she is right, on how those UNFITTING mothers should NOT be allowed to “breed”, but hey, a woman’s right to REPRODUCE is all her own, and, there’s just NO way of educating, of preventing this sort of SHIT from happening…

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And You Wonder W-H-Y I Don’t Talk to You…

I still have to “apologize” (uh, yeah right!!!) for “swearing” here!!!

Are you FUCKING (oopsy, like I’d already stated???) kidding me?  And you wonder W-H-Y I don’t talk to you, it’s because, uh, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, let me see, I don’t want to, I don’t need to, tired of listening to your BULLSHIT, what else???  Yeah, that sums up all of it.

And you wonder why I don’t talk to you?  Need I remind you, W-H-O was it, that IGNORED my cries (yeah fine, I did NOT cry physically from that time, but…), that allowed MY sufferings to go unnoticed for all those years, and, what OF the way I’d FUCKED my Barbie Dolls (I did STRIP them BUTT-NAKED and did “bad things” to them!!!), or those nightmares and night terrors I’d had, plaguing my sleeping hours and during the daytime?

And you wonder why I don’t talk to you?  Are you SHITTING me?  Why the HELL would I want to talk to you, I mean, sitting here, talking to THE “Wall” is more beneficial than talkin’ to you, and this, is still me, talking to THE wall here.  And you wonder why I don’t talk to you?  Are you stupid?  Or are you, just stupid?  Are THICK or something?  Did you have a STROKE that damaged ALL the neurons inside that head of yours?

And you wonder W-H-Y I don’t talk to you NO more (feel free to “report” me on that!!!)?  I don’t talk to NOBODY (oopsy, just “slipped” there!!!), ‘cuz I got NO need to, I don’t wanna, and I don’t hafta, and that ‘bout sums it all up…






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The Grown-Ups Who Stole Our Lives

They are, the grown-ups, who stole our lives, the TWO most important, in a child’s life, but because of their separate SETS of different “issues” (still UNRESOLVED!!!), they’d killed us all. The grown-up who stole our lives, they’d gotten away with theft, and this, is WAY, WAY, W-A-Y worse than grand theft auto, AND larceny, C-O-M-B-I-N-E-D!!!

The grown-ups who stole our lives, who do they think they are?  And how could they get away with such atrocities?  No, this, is NOT right, something MUST be done, but what?  There’s NOTHING I can do, I’m still too young, still, way too RELIANT on the adults in my life, and so yeah, I had died, growing up, and, chance that I’ll grow up and get turned into a thief is still extremely H-I-G-H, and, I will, in turn, steal the lives of the younger generations, and, whilst I do that, I would NOT have a clue, boy, am I stupid?  Or am I just, STUPID, or rather, uneducated, here???

The grown-ups who stole our lives, they’re still NOT being held accountable for the EVILS they’d done to us, and, there’s still NO justice, and we’d been waiting here, in “limbo”, for…………… ’bout FOREVER now, and justice, is still, NOWHERE getting S-E-R-V-E-D, and I’m believing, that justice will NEVER get served, and so, our deaths, are still, in V-A-I-N!!!



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Taking Care of Your Parents AND Your Offspring

Just like the middle class, the MIDDLE generations are also, JUST as, if NOT more: STUCK!!!

This, is what this NEXT generation of children (me, along with older, and younger folks too???) are stuck with. We not only have to take care of our aging parents, we’d also have to look out for our own kids, and, there’s still NO guarantees, that they (our own young???) will look AFTER us, the way we’re looking after their grandparents, and so, this “middle generation” is still very S-C-R-E-W-E-D here.

Taking care of your parents AND your offspring, but, who would “weigh” more? I mean, in a hypothetical fire, if you’re only allowed to save one, who’ll it be? Taking care of your parents AND your offspring, this, is very straining, because the middle generations are now, STUCK between their ailing aging parents (do you even KNOW all the problems that surfaces during old age???), along with taking care of their own young, and I’m still not referring to changing diapers, handing those children their bottles when they cried either………




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