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My Cellphone that Suddenly, Stopped Working

When it still worked, you failed to realize your dependency on it, but, once as it’d, malfunctioned, you found yourself, lost without its, convenience…translated…

Eleven days before the levels of alert dropped to two, that Thursday evening, having been diagnosed with the addiction of Tetris, I’d finally, overcome the addiction, as I was about to, turn on the app of my electronic reader, my cell phone screen blacked out all of a sudden.

Malfunctioning?  How’s the vital signs?  The body’s still, a bit, warmed up.

I’d, restarted my cell phone by force, pressed the primary key and the power button, continued for a few seconds, letting go, unresponsive still.  Lack of battery power then?  Plugged in the charging cords, unresponsible.  Switching to another cord, another charger, still, nothing.

I had, continued, forcing my cell phone to, restart, for a continued, more than, twenty-minutes on end, I started sweating hard, lifted my head up, it was, as if, I saw the masked doctor, Ying, blinked at me with those, dimmed out, but still agile eyes, telling me, “Dong-Ju, give it up already.”

I’m not Dong-Ju, I’m not doing, CPR, just waiting, for the first episode of the second season of that soap, reviewing over another soap.  And yet, the cell phone was like that patient who’s, already, dead in the soaps, stopped beating in the heart, if it had, a heart.


photo from online

“Oh, cell!  What’s happened to you!”, I’d spoken that Korean, not knowing if it’s, correct or not.  Started wailing loud, like the families of those patients who had, died.

On the following day, working from home, thankfully, the wi-fi at my home was working, I’d, connected with that sense of, normalcy with the rest of the known world.  For lunch, I’d made the Korean style ramen noodles, pulled open my storage cabinets, two packs of it left.  Opened up the fridge, two more bundles of baby Pak Choi, just my serving amount, three eggs, that’ll, last me until tomorrow at breakfast then.  In the freezer, the sides I’d used, the fish dumplings, the shrimp dumplings, not that many left.  Time to, order in then…………

Oh yeah, my cell phone broke, I can’t, call the orders.

Of course, I could, walk down the staircases five stairs, then, down that sharp slope of four hundred meters, to get some groceries from under the hills, then, carry all of that, weighing in at about three to five kilograms, climb up that steep slope for about four hundred meters, then, hike up five floors of staircases home.

Because, my scooter also, broke. 

“Oh my scooter, what shall I do, without, you?”

Eight days after the alerts got elevated to stage three, Monday morn, we were going to work in shifts, it was my turn to go in for work, I’d, twisted the key in my scooter then, pressed the start button, squeezed tight my brakes, and I heard my scooter, started, moaning and groaning, making that sound that sounded like it was, dying.  Couldn’t get it to start the engine, no matter how hard I’d, tried, seeing how I’d continued to try to turn the engines on for almost ten minutes then, if I don’t go, I will be late, so I’d, run down that four-hundred meters worth of downhill slopes, to catch, the MRT.

Gotten too far away from the subject here, back on my broken cellphone.

with this…

cell phone broken…

What’s, in it?  Games, electronic books, emails, video streams, the communication records of my group…………none of that mattered.  I’d become, totally, reliant on my cell in shopping for daily needs, food too.  It’s safe to say, that I’d been, spoiled by it.  Until I recalled how my banking app, and my trading accounts are also, on there, that came, as, a biggest, sort of, shock!  These days, any and everything is, stored on the cell phones, when did that start to happen?

To tell the truth, there’s, nothing wrong with modern day man’s reliance on the cell phones, I just hope, that it doesn’t, break again, in the past two years, enough had already, broken down, the entire world.

mixed in with…

illustration from online, and we modern day people are, totally, SCREWED!!!

And so, it wasn’t until your cell phone broke, did you realize, how much you’d, relied on it, and, as you’d realized this, you wanted to, get off depending on it completely, but you can’t, because our lives are, tied in with, these high-tech devices that we’re all using, for work, for entertainment, and everything else, and, these high-tech devices, made us, into, their, dependents, and we can’t, get off using it.

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Meeting Face-to-Face

On the brand-new ways of how humans shared interactions, translated…

From before when we missed someone, we’d called him up, and now, when we miss our friends, we simply, check their Facebook pages.  But, there are still, some friends who CHOOSE to live beyond the clouds, and NOT get logged on Facebook, for instance, Johnson.

Three days out of a week, Johnson taught classes in Hualien, and, my workdays at the newspaper office end at ten at earliest, and so, it was, really hard, for us, to match up the time, even so, we’d still meet up together every once in awhile, in the late night pubs, or drinking houses, sharing a midnight snack together, and used the goings-on of our lives, as the side dishes, and this, would be the only way I get to “follow” him, after all, he doesn’t use Facebook.

In today’s world, with Facebook, ruling the world, those who are comfortable, being outside the “kingdom” of Facebook, has that kind of solitude about them, like someone who’d insisted on following one’s own ways, instead of flowing along with the crowds, it’s almost, a sort of a personal style, I suppose.

I’d entered into the Facebook “train’’ kinda late myself, had it not been David Finch’s “Social Network”, that’d sparked my curiosities, making me want to see what Facebook was all about, maybe, I wouldn’t even have a Facebook account too.  Because I’d felt, that Facebook had started from the dorm rooms of some college boys, has that sense of losing control one of these days feel to it.  Facebook is a huge bulletin board, the receiving and exchanging of information is a hyper speed, but, you’d get easily mixed up in others’ businesses, and, you will lose your own privacies easily too, so, it is needed, that we keep a safe distance from it, not talking about the private matters, not talking about what’s on one’s mind, because after you’d said it, you WILL regret it.

And, those things you can’t post on Facebook, you can only, disclose them to your trusty friends.

The real feeling, still must be experienced, through the livings of day to day.  Even IF you’d gotten really connected with someone on Facebook, the physical distances between the two of you is still ocean wide.  If you couldn’t feel his breaths, touch his hands or arms, see his facial expressions, then, how can you hear what’s truly in his heart?

So, when I miss some friend, and was driven to check his goings-on on Facebook, I couldn’t help wonder, what hidden messages are unstated, behind those simply stated words?  Is he happy?  How are things going for him lately?  If it’s possible, it’s best, that we meet out at a café or something.

Just like how books in print is still not replaced by e-books, meeting face to face, is still, all too important, the exchanges of feelings, in the end, it still shouldn’t be imagined from the ends of the tablets or laptops.  The exchanges that people share with each other, the temperatures, the hugs, the facial expressions you see, the looks and the smiles, NO amount of advanced technologies can duplicate.  The moment the two of you meet up, the external environments, as well as how the two of you were feeling, right at the moment, will all become worth-savoring memories in the futures, and, the pictures that entered into your heart, can NEVER be replaced, by any kind of electronic products.

Collecting three thousand different accounts on Facebook as your friends, is not as good as having just ONE person you can share heart-to-heart talks with.  So, just ask the person out one day, and, take that long-awaited walk together then.

So, this, is telling us, that we NEED to return to our most primitive form of human interactions, FACE-to-FACE, and, even though inventions such as Facebook can bring people who are so far apart physically closer together, it still wouldn’t feel as real, as having someone who can hear you, pour out your heart, when you got your hearts broken, can it?  Of course N-O-T.  So, STOP getting too addicted to the friendships online, and make friends, physically, the ones you can talk to, face-to-face, after all, FACE-to-FACE interactions are an important part of HUMAN interactions, unless, you want to become a ROBOT, then, I REST my C-A-S-E!!!


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Can We Turn Our Wi-Fi Connections Off?

How. How can we lose our only “connection” to the rest of the world???  Oh yeah, this, is on addiction to the WWW, translated…

I’d gone to Korea to travel with a group of my girlfriends, two days ago, because the hotel we stayed in was old and unmodern, and there was NO wi-fi connection in our room, the group of us girls got lost in conversations until the wee hours of the night, when we still didn’t want to say our goodnights, but, we were, overcome, by the sleeping bugs.

But, since there had been wi-fi connections installed in the hotel we were staying in, although we’d still stayed in the same room, but, we’d gotten our heads, GLUED to our cell phones, and we’d not conversed at all anymore.  From the day before, we were so “intimately relating to one another”, weren’t we?  So, how come, we’re now, LINING our separate friends?  And, our shared suite became, overcome with this deafening silence, only a few words of boring exchanges, then, we’d returned to, working on the games or whatever on our separate cell phones.

What’s undeniable was, I too, was attracted by the wi-fi connection, so, there was a phenomenon, when one of us was using wi-fi, and another wasn’t, at this time, no matter what the one of us who wasn’t using wi-fi tried to engage the one who’s online into some interesting conversations, the replies we’d received from one another had become, “oh yeah, uh-huh!”

This was happening at home too, we’re all sharing the same space, but, because we had wifi as our best company, we no longer required the person-to-person interpersonal interactions anymore.

Naturally, wifi IS all too attractive, you couldn’t say NO to its siren-like calls, it’s powerful, that it can allow you to LINE some far away friends; it can allow you to check in to Facebook, and it can also allow you to follow that soap with that star you’re into.

And, because of it, our lives became very colorful, so, everybody LOVES wifi so, even when we’re out to afternoon tea, arriving at a restaurant, or any place else, we’d asked the shop for the wifi passwords, but is this, truly good?

There IS a real person sitting next to you, food that looks savory before your eyes, or beautiful sceneries, waiting, to take your breaths away, why not just, cherish what’s right before your eyes, those precious moment?

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I KNOW, because we are all, ADDICTED our high-tech stuff, and besides, we MUST let our “friends” on FB know where we are, so that, is why we’d “checked in”, everywhere we go, using that FB QR code, and this is really bad, because you’re IGNORING the people who are right there, sitting, NEXT to you, hello, hello, hello???  And this, is just one of those MODERN-DAY inventions, that was supposed to help people get closer together, but instead, it did, the EXACT opposite!

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When You Need an App to Get a Waiter to Pour You that Glass of Water…

Uh, I got one question: how HARD is it, to raise your arms, in that restaurant or bistro, or wherever the HECK it is you’re dining at???

Maybe, you think, that this water-getting APP of your magical devices IS a great invention, after all, you don’t want to RUIN your vocal cords, screaming, AT the TOP of your lungs, for that waiter who’s super, duper, DUPER busy, taking orders, running the meals, etc., etc., etc., to keep on ignoring you, do ya?  Nope!

When you need an app to get a waiter to pour you that glass of water, then, there IS a problem, with the restaurants’ workers, because, apparently, they did NOT pass that course in customer service in flying colors.  When you need an app to get a waiter to pour you that glass of water, unfortunately, seeing how EVERYTHING IS going hi-tech these days, there’s NO way, of avoiding this.

When you need an app to get a waiter to pour you that glass of water, then, you’d be in deep trouble, and, I would highly recommend you, to get BACK up, and, move your ways, OUT of that bistro, restaurant, or whatever (bar, maybe???) you’re sitting in, because those who are “servicing” you, had totally, FLUNK the COURSE on customer services, hello, hello, hello???


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I Will Go to Bed Earlier Tonight


Maybe you’d already begun searching

For my name

Many years ago, you’d followed my movements

To track down my life

Registering at places is merely

The proof of we’re losing something

And, what are you thinking of?

Everything in the world is zooming in

But, nobody’s giving you kudos

To my boredom at all

So, this, is what life is like, and, you are still, staying UP into the wee hours of the night, because you wanted to know, that someone out there, from the WWW IS actually caring about you enough, to hit that “Kudos” button of whatever it is you’re putting down on your Facebook accounts, and you will keep on waiting, waiting, waiting………

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Played on the I-Pads for Eight Hours a Day, a Four-Year-Old Child Became an Internet Addict

WARNING, for ALL you parents out there!!!  Translated…

Playing on the i-Pad for eight hours a day, the grandparents had even commanded this four-year-old little boy as a “genius”, but later on, they’d found, that this little boy could no longer concentrate; the pediatrician network yesterday called out to the parents, that for the sake of the child’s developments, before the age of two, all electronics should be banned from them.

This little boy was very active when he was younger, his parents felt that he was too difficult for them to handle, every time they’d thrown a cell phone, or an I-Pad to him, as his “electronic babysitter”, the little boy would calm down and be quiet, and play on his own, and, after awhile, that little boy could no longer focus on anything else, unless he was playing on the electronics again.

Based off of the researches done by the Department of Education, there are nearly twenty-percent of young children who are at high risk of getting addicted to internet, the chapter manager for the Taiwanese Foundation for the Preventions of Addiction to Electronics, Chang said, that although getting addicted to the internet is not a psychological disorder, however, the U.S. had already set up the diagnoses criteria for addictions to online gaming to be studied, by the psychiatric departments.

In his studies, Chang had seen a three-year-old who’d played on the i-Pads for seven whole hours every single day, he feared, that the addictions to online may became a cause, for children, to develop psychological problems in the future.

Chang worried, that with the parents, spoiling their young, will cause the child to feel too good about her/himself, causing this next generation of “narcissistic personalities”, the parents should accompany their young as much as they possibly can, instead of relying on the electronic babysitters.

But hey, it’s still a HELL of a LOT easier, to toss a kid a FLAT screen so s/he can BE quiet and STOP bugging us, after all, we adults have enough on our plates, and, we don’t want to worry about what our kids are doing, and, if they’re not bugging the hell out of us, then, everything’s all right, but hey, parents, DO remember, that you wanted your children, and now, you’re leaving those electronic babysitters in charge of them?  Are you planning on them, turning into ROBOTS, after all, children still MODEL those in their immediate environments, you DO realize that, don’t you???

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Letting Your Mind Go Offline, by T. Brady

We ALL need some time, to DISCONNECT from the web, especially at this day and age…

We all need to take a break from our screens, and not just to rest our eyes.  The downtime lets us get a little creative thinking done.

Executives’ toys that live on a desk to be played with, some say, are a productive distraction: Magic 8 Balls with cryptic messages; Zen gardens with the little rakes; Newton’s Cradle, the dangling metal balls that knock against one another, the ends flying to demonstrate Newton’s law of the conservation of momentum.

Such objects provoke dialogue and relieve stress, says Adrienne Appel of the Toy Industry Association, and are useful in the digital age.

“With today’s extended work hours, multiple screens and multiple devices, it’s even more important for people to step back and take that moment to de-stress,” she told The Times.

Scott G. Eberle, vice president for play studies at the Strong museum in Rochester, New York, said desktop toys can induce a meditative state.  Mr. Eberle has written on subjects like day-dreaming, and he sees creative value in objects like Newton’s Cradle.  Watching them can create a sense of detachment.

“Ideally, you need to move yourself into a state where your mind is offline,” he said, adding that lava lamps and fish tanks work as well.

Since much of our public space is being filled by the advertisers, Matthew B. Crawford reported in The Times, it’s harder and harder to get offline.

“In the process, we’ve sacrificed silence—the condition of not being addressed,” Mr. Crawford wrote.  “And just as clean air makes it possible to breathe, silence makes it possible to think.”

He noticed that the trays used to place items for X-ray screening at airports are now covered with advertisements, and he was jarred by the sight of all the lipstick colors offered by L’Oreal when he put a memory stick in the tray.

This noise blocks out the silent moments we used to savor when traveling, which contribute to the creativity and innovation, Mr. Crawford argued.  Silence is now marketed as a luxury good.

“In the business-class lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I heard only the occasional tinkling of a spoon against china,” he wrote.  “I saw no advertisements on the walls.  This silence, more than any other feature, is what makes it feel genuinely luxurious.”

His neck muscles relaxed, and he felt revived, after just twenty minutes.

These days we don’t have much chance to relax, Teddy Wayne wrote in The Times, because of ICYMI (In case you missed it.)

Twitter and online alerts appear every few seconds to bring links to the attention of those who may have missed them.  The news industry is publishing stories twenty-four hours a day, entire seasons of TV shows are released at once and most movies are available at any time.

It’s impossible to keep up.  But it’s also possible to access any of these things at any time “so there is no excuse for missing one—and, therefore, a more urgent compulsion to catch up,” Mr. Wayne wrote, “in case you missed it.”

Manoush Zomorodi, the host of a New York radio show called New Tech City, which examines how technology affect our lives, complains she hasn’t been bored in seven years.

She traces it to her first iPhone in 2007, Ms. Zomorodi, 41, started a project called “Bored and Brilliant,” which asked participants to avoid their devices and embrace idleness, hoping the wandering of mind is a more creative one.

Of course there is an app for it.  “We’re trying to embrace the ridiculousness of it”, she told The Times.

So, looks like we’re ALL kidnapped by these modern day inventions, huh?  Because we feel this need to stay connected (it’s still the individual’s problem if you ask me!), and so, we’re, tuned into whatever everybody else is doing, and thus, we find ourselves in the midst of this information overload, and, we wanted to unplug, but, how can we, we’d become reliant on these systems, these modern day technologies, and, it’s still due to the lack of control that people have over themselves, if you ask me, but hey, WHO asked Y-O-U again???  EXACTLY!

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On the Long Vacations, My Child is Glued to the High-Tech Products

Addicted to the technologies here, translated…

Q: How can I put a stop to my kids staying up all night long on the internet?

  • Wu a sixth grader from a dual-income household, is an only child.  Since the start of the winter vacations, his parents sent him to go to a winter camp, but there is still a lot of time that he’d spent, all alone at home, when he’d played games on the home computers or logged online using I-Pad.Seeing how their child is getting more and more attached online, going to bed later by the days, the parents thought about taking away Wu’s iPad, restrict his computer usage to the home computer in the living room; but they’d feared the child would rebel.  How can they restrict the time he’d spent online, they’re really wrecking their brains.
    • A: Banning is Not the Way to Prevent the Addiction to the WWW
    • Almost everybody in Wu’s class has a Facebook account, and, a group of kids would chat through Facebook, and post some funny footages or photos on their accounts.  And, oftentimes, when it’s bedtime, Wu still held on tight to his I-Pad.  And when his parents nagged him, he’d started ranting on how his parents would put so much restrictions on him when he’s off from school.
  • With the normalization of high-tech products, the age when elementary school kids are introduced to the online world is younger and younger, and, more problems are stemming from this.  How, can we teach our kids to use the internet intelligently, to restrict their times spent online is now, a must-master course for the modern day parents.

The assistant principal and the lecturer of psychology department from Asian University, Ke said, that the Department of Education did a survey and found, that the higher grade levels of children in the elementary years, the more time they’d spent, logged online.  The average time online for fourth to sixth grader is two hours on weekdays, and on weekends, it’s increased to three hours, and, they’d logged on to play online games the most, and, the time spent online, for the sake of their school work is less than an hour.

Although the Facebook rule was that you have to be thirteen in order to apply for an account, but the survey found, that almost sixty-six percent of students in elementary school years already has a Facebook account, and there are over ten-percent of kids in the elementary school years who are already addicted to it, or are becoming the high-risk individuals for the addictions.  Over six-percent of kids in elementary school years would go out alone with someone they’d met online.

The Parents Not Only Needed to Restrict, But Also to Educate

Ke reminded the parents, that as the addictions of online exacerbates, there would be more problems with the mind and the body too, like headaches, insomnias, sore muscles, dry eyes, blurred visions; and, you’d have a lower sense of self-worth, as well as a lowered sense of happiness, the parents couldn’t just leave it be.  “but, other than ‘restricting’, the parents also need to ‘educate’.”

Ke said, that it is unfitting, for the parents to threat, or use their authorities, to prevent the kids from logging on, and they shouldn’t say harsh words to threaten the children like “If I see you with that computer again, I will chop your hands off!”, to prevent the conflicts between the parents and children, or to the extent the children started mutilating themselves.

Five Key Points to Help Children Protect Themselves

But, how could the parents teach the kids, so they can know the limits of their time spent online?  Ke believed that you can approach the matter through five angles: who, what, when, where, and how.

On the Who: teach the kids to keep their distance from strangers on social networks like Facebook or LINE, especially to NOT go out to meet them alone, to keep oneself safe.

On the What: remind the children, to abide by the ratings on the websites or the online games, to NOT go into the solicitation sites, or play games that are too violent.

On the When: the time management online is especially important, don’t log on for more than one hour a day, and, for every thirty minutes you’d played online, take a break from the computers.

On the Where: it’s best that the kids use the Internet from home, to avoid the complicated places like the net cafés.  And, it would be best, if the kids played online in areas like the living room, to NOT have wireless connections in the bedrooms, to affect the sleep patterns.

On the How: you must be extra careful on shopping online, or trading of game treasures, because these are mostly used by scam artists.

Take the Kids Outdoor More

The parenting expert, Peng suggested, that if the child has a cell phone, then, you can limit their web accessing abilities, so they won’t use their cells to check online 24/7, and still stared at their cells until the moment before they’re about to go to bed.  And, if the kids are left at home alone during the day time, then, use a password to prevent access of i-Pad or home computers, and, in the evenings, unlock it, to restrict the time of use.

Peng said, a lot of boys enjoy online games, and the parents should not ban it altogether.  Because online gaming had become a way of socializing with each other for the boys now, not allowing them to play may end up making them isolated from their friends.  The parents should go into the children’s world, to see what kinds of games they’re playing, and can even set a playtime for Friday nights when you can play the games, to connect with each other, that way, the kids would be more likely to open up to the parents as well.

But, Peng still suggested to the adults, that in the winter breaks, do schedule more activities outside, whether it be a hiking adventure, going to camp, or exercise, playing ball, anything will do, to allow the body and the mind to develop fully, to not just feed the kids with the high-tech products.

And because the parents are NOT on “break” with the school’s schedules, the kids are more likely to be left alone during the day time in the vacations, and, if the kid doesn’t have great self-control, then, s/he will get drawn into the online world, and become addicted, and, it is up to the parents, to put a stop on it, but, like the expert suggested above, to NOT ban them from playing altogether, try to get to know what’s so attractive in those games that your children are into…

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A Temporary Goodbye to Cell Phone Usage, the Holiday to Turn Off Your Cell


The Side Effects Brought on by Cell Phones

I’d gone to a wedding banquet of a relative with my son, after he’d gotten a few rounds of food, he’d started burying his head in his cell phone, until I’d started eating my desserts, he still had the main course and appetizers on his plate.

I’d told him, “Son, are you truly that busy?”, he’d smiled an unkempt smile.

It’s no news when a group of people gathered around a table for the meals, lowered their heads to their cells and not engaged in conversations with one another.  I didn’t feel anything toward this odd condition of the younger generations.  But my son put down his phone, sighed, “having a cell phone is surely convenient, but, there are serious side effects also.  I hope that there’s a holiday where we can “turn it off”, just leave all our phones for one day.

I’d recalled how before I’d discussed our traveling plans for the New Year’s with my third eldest sister, asked her the dates of her two daughters’ return home, and, my third eldest sister started ranting, “Ignore them!  It doesn’t matter IF they’re back or not, or if we’re out dining or not, everybody is focused on her/his cell phone, children AND adults alike!”

My third eldest sister has wonderful children, and would take their kids home to dine from time to time, we all hung along well together.  But, don’t know when, this getting along well scene vanished, it wasn’t because the children no longer loved the parents, but because they’d treated their smart phones like their lovers, and allowed the cell phones to take control of their minds entirely.

And now, my son who worked at the military camps, who is restricted from using his cell and online, he’d often complained of how he wasn’t able to have access to find the information he needed online at work, but, the side effects from his cell phone usage, he’d compared the two situation, “My last company, whenever the coworkers have the time, they’d lowered their heads, to receive message from their cell phones, they lacked focus, and the work they did wasn’t that high in quality at all.”

Return to the Days without the Cell Phones

My son then talked about his classmate who’d only been married six months, because his wife found that he was flirting with other females on his cell phone LINE accounts, it’d almost put an end to their long-running, hard-to-come-by marriage.

“Because there’s no three-dollar limit (the price for sending and receiving a text message), it became too convenient to send the messages, and, the temptations from the outside world magnified.”, my son told me.

On top of that, there is NO exception to those on the MRT who had their eyes, glued to their cells, and showed absolutely NO care or concern for those around them, they couldn’t see the pregnant lady who needed to have a seat, and the distance between people became greater still…all of these, made my son worry.

Sure!  We really need a “Turn-Your-Cell-Off Day”, and it should be on January 30th, turn off the cell phones, slow your paces down, return to the days where there was NO internet or high-tech products.

So, what can we do on this day?  Get a back of old fashioned snack, and, slowly, savor the simple taste of the days.  Return back to the normal interaction modes with others, and, gather with friends and families, and truly feel the cares and concerns you have for one another.  If we pass the day like this, I’m sure, that everybody can be filled with zest, to face up to whatever challenges come our ways in the future.

And this, would be the solution to this oncoming cell phone usage addiction, but, it won’t be easy to do, I mean, how many of you are using your cell phones, even when you don’t need to, this, is a serious issue in the world right now, so, let’s all, take a holiday, from cell phone usage then???






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Who Will be the 3C Patrol for the Children?

Commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, the legislators passed a law, that might turn half the children in the nation against their parents.

It’s like this: awhile ago, the legislators amended the “Protective Rights of Children & Adolescents Act”, in the name of protecting the children, added the addendum that children under eighteen should not be allowed to use the high-tech protects for over the “reasonable time”, otherwise, the parents will get fined ten to fifty thousand dollars.

As for what constitutes as “reasonable time”, the sanitary department said, that if you’d stared at a screen for thirty minutes, then, you must take a break, in order, to save your eye sights.

After this amendment was written, there are a TON of noises, not only are the kids complaining, and the parents have a stronger opinion on being the high-tech use police in the households.

The most apparent voice against this rule is: this, is an undoable law, the children used the flat screens to watch the animated long movies, it will take over half an hour, is it, really, necessary, for them, to pause the film in the middle?

And, if the parents didn’t abide by this law, how do we report, or even, take down evidences?  The legislators said, that the grandparents can make recordings as evidence and turn them in!  This, is even MORE outrageous, which made the outrageousness of this new amendment grow even greater.

The legislators explained, “this is a very forward-thinking law”, the purpose of the law is NOT to punish the parents, but to help protect the eye sights of the younger generations, and also, allowing the adults to understand that “they should NOT slack off on their parenting duties”, to not use the high-tech products as the babysitters.

This reason is even more laughable.  The experts, from a very long ago, pointed out, that the sight problem that children are developing has to do with the lighting in the classrooms, and the heaviness of the reading and writing in school.  Way before the high-tech products came into the game, nearsightedness is already spread throughout the nation, and, blaming the high-tech products is giving the wrong cures.

Plus, are the high-tech products, the internet really hurting the education of children?  Most parents have their own takes on the matter, and, all we can say, is that it can go either way.  Some kids are addicted to online gaming, some youths are troubled by being bullied online; but, there are those children from the distant regions who’d benefitted from the online resources, and they’re finding what they needed in life, in a place where resources are limited.

What’s more is, in this sort of “controlled thought process”, what kinds of children are going to be raised?  And, knowing self-control, how to manage one’s own time, give and take, aren’t those also, important values that one should be learning throughout life too?

Recently, Mr. Kai-Fu Lee was answering the question of “how to instill that sense of innovation in children?” he’d mentioned an alternative kind of three C’s: Curiosity, Critical Thinking, and Creativity, encouraged the children to not be “well-behaved”, that they must learn to find the answers themselves, and treated the internet as the teachers one can learn from.

But the recent amendments are trying to create “Mamas’ Boys”: the time spent on the tablets, online, and cell phone usage, with the amendment of the constitution, the parents gets to decide, and not talking with the kids on how to limit their time usage, or teaching them self-control; magnifying the matter, what schools we go to, what majors we choose, what career paths we shall take, whatever our parents say go.  And, if this is the way it goes, what sort of a next generation would we have?  Can they be responsible for their own actions?

Limiting, restricting the high-tech products, this, was the most widely used strategies of the parents in Taiwan; we rarely looked into what had satisfied the children in the social networking online, and where the magnetic pull came from.

Bottom line is, the time frame of thirty minutes for the high-tech products, before you ask the kids to abide by, why don’t you ask yourselves: can the adults abide by these same rules who are lowering their heads, sliding on their cell phones from day to day?

And so, the starting point of this new law is good, to prevent the younger kids from spending too much time on the high-tech products, after all, we are, letting these things, babysit our young these days, but, the writer also posed an important problem with this rule: who’s going to strictly enforce that this law is followed?  If the parents are already busying, using their cell phones all day long, how the HELL can they be the good example for the kids, for not using their high-tech products as much?  And, how many adults CAN limit their times on their cell phone, how many of you, while commuting on the buses or transits, are not LINING people, or, clicking whatever, or playing those addictive games like Candy Crush?  Exactly, and, until you ALL can follow these rules down to the “t”, you got NO right, telling us, the younger generations, HOW we should act!

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