The Very First Case of Jury Trial in Hsinbei City, the Mother Being Charged with Smothering Her Son to Death, the District Attorneys Offices: She Did NOT Qualify for Reduction of Sentence

The very FIRST case of trial by jury here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-six year-old Hsu, because of her own emotional instability, economics, and other issues, last year in October, she’d smothered her own son to death, then attempted to kill herself with a knife, but was rescued, the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office indicted Hsu on murder, and this would be the very first case with a jury.

The D.A. found, that after Hsu was divorced, she’d made an agreement, to alternate the care for their son with her ex.  Last year in October, at her home, Hsu murdered her own son by smothering him with a pillow, then, attempted suicide, and as her ex couldn’t get in touch, he’d arrived at her apartment with the police, broken down the door, and found that his son was smothered to death, the district attorneys charged Hsu on murder.

Based off of understanding, due to how this was the very first case that will be ruled by a jury, the district attorneys already prepared for how the defense was going to use a psych evaluation, that she was in distress after the divorce, or economic difficulties, that it’d caused her to become unstable, asking for leniency, the D.A. asked for the psych evaluations, and investigated into the couple’s relationship, interviewed the school teachers, and found, that this case does NOT qualify for the reduction of sentencing.

An unnamed district attorney stated, in this trial, whether the defendant was a good or a bad mother, is the key point of the argument, in the cases of parents murdering their young, the D.A.s claims, and the defense’s claims of how the defendant is, is usually quite, diverse, both the D.A. and the defense believed, that which side can get to the jurors would be the key.

The unidentified district attorney told, that a able-bodied district attorney, in the ordinary public hearings, should NOT jut explain the law so that the laypersons can understand it, when asking of the sentencing, they would always use the factors of, emotions, and, toward the jurors, they will have to use vernacular explanations, that are simple to understand for the laypersons.

And so, this case if important, because this would be the very FIRST case of trial by, jury, and, nobody knows how this will go, and, nobody knows, if the defense is going to play on the jurors’ emotions, to get them to feel for the mother who’d committed suicide (showing that she was, remorseful!), or not.


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