Who Doesn’t the Ceasefire, Benefit?

From the U.S.’s angles, a ceasefire would NOT play to the country’s, favors, because, the U.S. get to sold the weapons the Ukraine needed, and, if a ceasefire agreement is reached by Ukraine and Russia, that’s, how many dollars and cents again that the U.S. won’t be making anymore???  Yeah, right!  Observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chairman Xi is visiting Russia for three days starting today, and after that, he will be speaking with Zelenskyy, the world is guessing, that he will try to mediate between Russia and Ukraine.  The spokesperson of the White House National Security Council, Kirby immediately stated, that U.S. isn’t in support of the ceasefire right now, because “it doesn’t fit to Ukraine’s benefit at this point”.  But what Kirby is stating is actually, “a ceasefire would NOT benefit the U.S. right now!”

The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict had gone on for over a year now, last year, as Germany, France tried to mediate, but to of, no avail, with the primary opposition coming from the U.S.  The U.S. provided the weapons and the money to help Ukraine to help it fight Russia, it’s someone else’s countrymen who dies, this is, a good business, but too selfish too.  And, as soon as the Putin-Xi meet news came, the international criminal court immediately issued an arrest warrant for Putin, with the primary purpose, of diminishing the possibility of a, ceasefire, for the negotiations for peace to go, bust.

like this??? Photo from online

What’s going on in the mindset of wanting to see others at war?  From two years ago, Biden announced the withdrawn of the armed services from Afghanistan, called out, “we’re at the end of the era, of trying to reform other countries”.  And yet, he’d gotten interested into altering the workings of other countries in the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts.  And this time, Biden didn’t even need to send the American Armed Forces to war, only allowed the Ukrainians to die in the wars, and to fight this war against Russia, while the U.S. stays behind the screens, manipulating.  From the point of view of Taiwan, the U.S.’s part in the conflicts between Taiwan and China, isn’t it also, staying behind the scenes, to watch how the wind will, turn, to the point, of playing one side against, the other too?

As the mediations by the western countries failed, can Xi be successful in mediation, he can’t be overly, optimistic.  The key is, that he will have to find an agreement that both Russia and Ukraine can, live with, so both sides step away from the war with, their own dignities intact.  The U.S.’s “not supportive of the ceasefire right now”, the keywords are, “right now”, which was, totally, missing the point, Kirby should wait until the results of the negotiations are out, then, make his, comment.

How can a country who is passionate about war, know the meaning of, peace?

So, the war between Ukraine and Russia only benefits the U.S., and a ceasefire would totally NOT work in the U.S.’s favors, because, where would the sell all those, bullshitting weapons that they’re planning to dump on this country too to?  There’s no more market for it, if a ceasefire between Russia, and Ukraine is, reached, so, of course, it does NOT “approve” of China’s acting to try to mediate, not that China does NOT have alternative motive, China has its own, agenda, to prove that hey, what the U.S. can’t do, China C-A-N, to SOLIDIFY its own status, as the head honcho of this global world.

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