The Mistakes the Energy Policies, the Culprit Behind the Huge Rise in Cost of Energy

A hindsight DISSECTION, of the rise in energy costs, and it’s all because we the people who’d voted, were manipulated by the DDP government!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Can’t keep the costs of energy stead anymore!  On March 17th, the Department of Economics held an evaluation meet for the discussions of increasing the costs of energy provisions, to set up the rates of cost from April to September.  The evaluation committee decided, that the cost of fuel is still too higher up in 2023, and decided that the larger companies’ rates be increased to seventy-percent; and for the smaller scale enterprises, it’s a ten-percent increase; and, considering the livelihoods, to steady the costs of resources, those families with seven-hundred degrees per month usage, and the small shops with 1,500 degrees or below, the farms, the fisheries, and schools, no increase.

And, all of these only amounted to, catching the huge, releasing the small, appeasing to the ordinary citizens, and causing a larger divide between the large and the smaller, enterprises.

the DDP’s doing away with this! Photo from online

As the Department of Economics announced the hikes of energy costs, stated that the reason for the increase is due to “the fast rises of costs of fuel energies globally”, that the government already increased the budgets, and helped with the financials of Taipower Company, for it to keep maintaining the electricity provision costs, stated that other countries have a higher cost of energy than we do; totally denying the real reason behind this huge hike in the costs, that it was due to the wrong energy decisions.

So let’s let the statistic talk.  Based off of Taipower website, reporting that from January of 2020 to January of 2022, the costs of the accumulated electricity costs, the highest being buying up the equipment for wind powered and solar powered energies.

And, by the way, the natural gas we use are imported by China Petroleum, and the government disallowed for the company to rise the costs of natural gas, which counteracted with the costs of using fuel to power electricity, and so, the costs of natural gas, isn’t the real cost, which means that this increase does NOT take into considerations, the losses of China Petroleum at all.

While the costs of nuclear powered electricity is only forty-four percent of the total cost of Taipower Company’s purchases of electricity.  And I want to stress, that the cost of operation for nuclear powered energies had included the disposal costs of the nuclear energies, and the cost of taking down the nuclear powerplants, which allowed for the amount for purchasing the uranium to be at a lower percentage of the total cost of energy provisions; which means, that nuclear power is steadier, and would not be affected by the costs of energy from the global community, this is one of the reason why Taiwan must continue to rely on nuclear power.

causing this…found online

And, if the DDP government did NOT become too insistent on pushing forth a non-nuclear powered policy; had the DDP gone with the votes of close to six million votes of the people “to use nuclear to get the green energies stabilized”, and heard the head of state, Lai’s words of, “the best energy is nuclear, if we base it off of air pollution”, and start pushing forth the renewal of the licensure of the nuclear plants, then we may have a total of eight nuclear power plants running right now, and giving off sixty billion degrees worth of carbon emissions free power, then, would this current, hike in the global fuel costs hit as hard on the costs of electricity?

This still just showed, how shortsighted the government here is, in the energy policies, and as the results of the public issues votes came out, we already KNEW that we will be at a shortage of power soon, and yet, this is still due to the DDP’s insisting on doing away with nuclear plants to power the electricity provisions that we are in need of, and, we are still, paying a hell of a lot more, because the government lacked, foresight!

But hey, it’s, the people’s faults, for going WITH the DDP’s ways, so yeah, we the people still got, nobody else to blame but ourselves, because we’d allowed this DICTATORSHIP to, manipulate we the people here.


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