Using the Illegal Means to Arrest the Female Instructor, the Police Officer Who’d Made the Arrest Broke the Law & Got Sentenced

As he should, for police brutality, and, abuse of power, and, some other, “charges” too…but, this officer still think he’d done no wrong, and is, going for, an appeal, to overturn the verdict, with the help from the police department, who’s actually, backing THIS sort of a bad behavior up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Getting Pulled Over, Refused to Allow the Police to Check Her, Got Slammed to the Ground, Arrested, Led Away in Cuffs, the Officer Broke Two Laws, Sentenced to Ten Months, the Victim: if the Police Abused Power, then, There’s NO Need for the Citizens to Comply

The former officer, Yeh from Zhongli Police Substation of Taoyuan in April two years ago, without just cause, pulled the music instructor, Jeng over, and, body slammed her to cuff her, causing the communities to get upset.  The district court of Taoyuan found the officer, Yeh having broken the law, used his status as an officer of the law, to abuse the woman, sentenced him four months on forced behaviors, and six months on obstruction of an innocent person’s freedom, the part of forced behaviors, he is allowed to pay the fines to escape the time served.  This can be appealed.

Jeng told the press yesterday, that she’d hoped that her case can help the public become aware, that “if the police use the authorities of the law to abuse, the people don’t have to comply”, the police should also be more aware, of their own boundaries in their moral responsibilities, and their, roles too.

the drum instructor who was a victim of police brutality, holding up the verdict stating how if the police abused power, then, we don’t have to follow their requests, off of

In April of two years ago, the officer, Yeh, went across the jurisdiction of where he’d been assigned to patrol, pulled Jeng over, and told her that she looked like someone who’d been reported missing, and demanded her show him her identification, and block her path with his body, and, as he was accusing Jeng, he’d used the body-slam to arrest her based off of obstruction of affairs of the police business; afterwards, they both accused one another on assault, obstruction of police business, and other charges, the charges were dropped, and Jeng filed for an appeal, in the end, Yeh was indicted on obstruction of freedom.

In the trial, Yeh denied the allegations, stated that the location where he caught Jeng walking down was a hotspot for crime, that Jeng was carrying a huge load, looked fatigued, he’d suspected that she had abused drugs, or that she was reported missing, that’s why he’d pulled her over, stressed that he’d gone by the book in the behaviors.

The courts found, that at the time, Jeng was walking on the outer of the sidewalks along, looked well-dressed, and clean, appeared normal, didn’t show any abnormal behaviors as one would from after using the illegal substances, that she’d not had any physical visible dangerous weapons, as she was pulled over by Yeh, she’d only questioned why she was pulled over by him, didn’t attack, nor ram the officer, nor tried to get away, that there wasn’t any, signs of her engaging in criminal behaviors at all.

Yeh broke the laws first of illegally pulling Jeng over, and his comments toward her calling him out on the justifications of his pulling her over “Really stupid”, and “What you’re doing is against what you’d been train and told to do”, he’d body slammed her to the pavement, cuffed her by force, that this behavior can’t be compliant with the laws.

the courts believed, that as an officer of the law, Yeh should’ve followed the laws himself, yet, he’d, pulled Jeng over without just cause, that his behaviors had severely destroyed the trust of the people in the police, and hadn’t shown any regrets, nor remorse over what he’d done, not gotten Jeng’s forgiveness, or reached a settlement agreement with her, that he’d not had a good attitude afterwards, that he would be given a fitting sentence for his crime.

The police department stated they will respect the verdict, and will be asking all units of the police to enforce the education in what would be just force in the field; the Zhongli Police Substation told, that the officer Yeh is considering filing for an appeal, that the police will continue to provide the legal assistance that Yeh needed.  The Examination Department last March already reprimanded the Zhonglin Police Substation.

And so, the police forces, the officer still, won’t admit what the officer did was, wrong, and that just showed, how the police believe that they’re, above the law, that they can break it, and they won’t get punished, because this society is NOT run by the law, but the people who are, supposed to enforce the law, to protect the people, and they’d, abused the ordinary citizens with these, illegal arrests, without the, justifiable, causes.

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