The Solitary of Your, Confinement

These four walls, the solitary of your, confinement, you can’t, EVER, break out of that, you’re now, trapped for L-I-F-E!  You will long to, reach out, but, nobody’s “out there”, as you’d, “off-the-grid” living in an, undisclosed, location (kinda like the “address” of my ivory tower???).

The solitary of your, confinement, you got nobody ELSE to blame for that but you.  As you’d been the one, keeping everybody who tried to reach out to you, out, and eventually, every one of us out there, stopped trying to reach you, ‘cuz???  Lights are on, phone’s ringin’ off the HOOK, but, nobody’s, H-O-M-E!

and this, is how you’ll, live!

photo from online…

The solitary of your, confinement, with fate as the, warden, and, you ain’t NEVER gonna be released on “good behavior”, ‘cuz you ain’t NO good, and, besides, where you gonna go, if you do eventually, get released?  Got NOBODY to love you, to care for you, so you might as well, just rot, in that hell of your own, loneliness then!

The solitary of your, confinement, that’s all your own, making, and I can’t help you, as, “the number you have reached, hadn’t been in service since LAST century!”, and you will keep on, reaching out, and guess what, “honey” (still sarcastic here!), I’m no longer “available”, ‘cuz I’d been, DEAD, since………when was that again???  Oh yeah, ’08!

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