As TMSC Moves to America to Build its Operations, the Diplomatic Advantage that the Country Had, Lost

The country is now, officially, S-O-L-D, to the, highest, “bidder”, the government had, given the U.S. the ONLY homing advantage, the production technologies of computer chips, willingly too, and, after we got used up, guess what, the U.S. will NOT be on our sides, if war is to occur between Taiwan and China!  And this country is, officially, FUCKED up, thanks to the STUPIDITY of the DDP government!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The TMSC announced its opening the manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona back in 2020, proposed the productions of the nanotechnologies for twenty-four years.  Awhile back, the president of TMSC, Chang had disclosed, that the company will be expanding operations to three nano technology plants.  It’s estimated that by 2027, the TMSC will become the largest manufacturing plant of nano chips in the U.S.  This made people in the country start wondering, if the U.S. is trying to buy out the operations of TMSC from Taiwan, to reduce the reliance of semi-conductor technologies on Taiwan in sum.

Everyone knows, that the U.S.’s demands of TMSC to set up operations in the country is to avoid the chip supply shortages of U.S. in case Taiwan were to go to war with China.  As TMSC goes to the U.S., satisfying the need of the U.S. tactically.  But, who is going to look after the tactical needs of Taiwan?

the Arizona plant set to start production by 2024! Photo from online

And, as TMSC is going to be used as a tactical need for the U.S., shouldn’t Taiwan use the company as a bargaining chip diplomatically, to get a little give and take from the U.S. in exchange?  But the DDP government’s inactiveness, gave TMSC away, on a, silver platter to the U.S., without asking anything in return.

What’s more, U.S. doesn’t necessarily need the most advanced technologies of TMSC in producing of the chips.  They only needed to ensure that there’s enough supplies for the country’s use, and they won’t need to worry anymore.  And, in these conditions, would U.S. actually, care about the safety of Taiwan?

After the Biden-Xi meet in Indonesia awhile back, the tension between the two major world powers got reduced a bit.  The secretary of state is planning on Blinken is planning on visiting China next January, showing that U.S. and China had reached more consensus.  Although the U.S. reiterated the importance of peace between the straits, but, as TMSC satisfied the U.S. in its chip needs, the support of U.S. toward Taiwan would surely, be, reduced greatly.

And that is how, this country gets, sold, for SCRAPS, and the one doing the deal is no other than the devils, the U.S. government and the Taiwanese government, and the government of the DDP is handing our one and only homing advantage, the chip technology production on that silver platter, and serve it to the U.S. willingly too?  Wow, is the Taiwanese government stupid, or is it, fucking (so???) retarded???


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4 responses to “As TMSC Moves to America to Build its Operations, the Diplomatic Advantage that the Country Had, Lost

  1. A very sad sell off … for a short gain, but there is nothing in the long term to gained for Taiwan… just another big gain for America 🥲

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