The Votes are the BEST Weapons Toward an Opaque Government

How WE the people, SHOWED the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP, that we will, NO longer put up with their, abuse, by the votes…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s a very low turnout rate in the nine-in-one elections, reasons are because people took the votes as nothing we can use, to change things, after all, putting democracy into practice should be an everyday thing, not just at election time.

In recent decade, the world’s countries started unifying the standard operations of voting, the four core values included: transparency, participation, review of the government’s actions by we the people, in hope that we can, knock open the door of government, to allow the citizens to participate in setting up the laws, to enforce the practices of democracy in our, every day living.  This seemingly new political movement, is actually, related to our, daily living.

The issues considered by the people in this last election included the matter of purchasing of vaccines, the quality of construction of the Hsinchu Baseball Park, the cases of plagiarism of the researchers in the Agriculture Department, as well as the mayoral candidates, all of these are related to the transparencies of public information.

Starting with the matter of the baseball park in Hsinchu, a stadium that’s not been evaluated for the safety of use, can it start being used, this is directly related to the safety of those who use the stadium.  And, the results of rushing to allow for use, is the risk of the players life.  Like all the constructions that are in our ives, and, often, there’s, that steady stream of information, that didn’t update as the construction was being worked on, and sometimes, people have NO clue what’s being built behind the fences.

Then, there’s the purchasing of the vaccines, and it’s clearly, NOT as the party that was in power stated, “we’re ahead of the rest”, and what’s more questionable, was that the contracts of purchase submitted by the Department of Health & Welfare had been blacked out for most parts, and, there was the clause of the purchases staying under cover for as long as thirty years too, and the statistics evaluation department, demanded that the Department of Health & Social Welfares to be opened up about the purchases of the vaccines, without breaching the confidentiality clause.

As for NCC’s allowing Mirror Media to set up the station to air so quickly, it’s unclear if the higher up government offices had a hand in it or not, the current and past C.E.O. of the station have their separate claims; the Department of Agriculture found the ancient research documents, and started up the investigations of whether or not there’s the infringements of rights………, these cases, not only did NOT help with the people’s interpretations of the candidates in question, it’d put more doubts, and the party in power is the most responsible for this, reason being that the processes of handling the investigations aren’t, transparent enough.

Take for instance, the research hosted by Chang, the KMT candidate for the mayor of Taoyuan, it was the ONLY case of encroachment that the Department of Agriculture had looked into in its history!  How can we not think, that it was targeting the candidate from the KMT ticket?

As for the rights of the citizens, the government has the duties, to show the information that it’s discovered, to satisfy the people’s needs to know.  Demanding the government be open, to lift up all the covers, we would better avoid the cases of bribes, and it can be used as examples to follow in future elections too.  What those in power wanted to keep out of public awareness, there may be more that’s harmful to we the people, hidden in them, while, the best way to show the government that’s not transparent enough, IS, with our, votes!

And so, this was, exactly what WE the people had done, we’d, VOTED the DDPs out of the majority of the local government offices this time around, because of what happened with the DDP, how it’d, screwed us over, and, we are still, getting the party back, for ALL who’d died, due to the delayed purchases of the vaccines, of how the DDP is making us eat poison from other countries, making this country’s people into everybody’s BITCH, well, guess what, we the people will NO longer put up with the abuse by our government, that, was what this last local election showed.


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