Why Don’t You Learn the Language of the Country You’re Traveling to Instead???

Why don’t you, learn the language of the country you’re traveling to instead???  I mean, you’re the ones who ACTIVE chose, to visit a country that doesn’t have the same language as the country you’re from, and so, wouldn’t it be reasonable, that you’re the ones, who SHOULD, hone up on speaking the language of that country you’re, going to visit?  Instead of blaming those who don’t speak the common languages of English, as English is NOT a “native tongue” here, in the Asian side of the world!

And this just showed, how people only WANT what’s convenient to them, to be provided AT their, services.  I mean why don’t YOU learn our language, IF you’re coming here for a short visit, after all, there are how many billions of people who are Chinese speakers (remind me again, how many are in the population of CHINA???  Exactly!).

So, INSTEAD of DEMANDING that us, with English as our, second language, to ACCOMMODATE you, why don’t you, adjust yourselves, to us, after all, there are more in the world who speak CHINESE, than German, Italian, French, Spanish, or any other “foreign tongues”.

This is only MY reaction to a story of how a German CHICK encounter the problems on the streets, and found the police to help her, but the officers can’t speak the “universal” language of, ENGLISH.


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