The A4 Revolution is to Help Make China Stronger, Not Destroy it

How the end results of these riots by the people, are supposed to become catalysts for, change!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Reuters showed that the architect who’s on exile from China, Ai Weiwei stated, that the waves of revolt in Communist China had no effects, as the police oppressed the voices of the people, and people can’t have any, rebellious or radical actions, and the protestors lacked organization, and leadership too.  There are many who’d agreed with Ai, on how the A4 Revolution would be a total, bust.  But I hold the different interpretations:

First, it should not be feared, that the movements are organized, with someone at the helm, leading, what’s scary is the people heading out on the streets individually, that was, the dangers of expressions of people’s freedom from the hidden to the, apparent, which was what the A4 Revolution had taken the route of in China.

Secondly, the local gatherings, or the individuals gathering into groups, and acting upon the displeases, that’s from the long-term oppressions and, if the accumulated upside boiled over, then, it’s no longer a matter of whether or not the riots can be, controlled or not, but how the changes in the minds of the people had fermented, and the people started, feeling animosity toward the way the government had, run their lives and surely, this would, exert an unformidable force.  As Communist China is, currently, feeling this power right now.

Third, Communist China may be able to control the internet, but they can’t, control how the minds of the people living under its rule had slowly, shifted, this can’t be equivalent to the other cases in other countries as in the Jasmine Revolution, or the Arab Spring.  The historical farmers’ revolution in China, destroyed many of the imperialistic rule, the farmers are a metaphor for the changing thoughts of the people, and currently, the minds of the Chinese is changed, and, the power of that can’t be, ignored.

The preciousness of Taiwanese democracy and freedom lies in exactly this, the Chinese are, fighting for the freedom, the democracy the human rights, and other natural born rights like what we already have, this is, the true meaning of the A4 Revolution.

The fall of an empire, the destructions of a country, of the homes, this is a brand new birth of a new democracy, a necessary evil of that shift towards freedom.

Dickens said, “This is the best of time, this is the worst of time”.  Maybe, this is a description of Xi’s third term rule over China.

China would not die because of this, but, if the country can change, then, it deserved the applauses.  After the metamorphosis, then, it would be a blessing to China, also a celebration for the rest of the world.  And so, the purpose of the A4 Revolution, is not to destroy Communist rule of China, but to, make China even, better.

And so, this is important to note, as we the people became tired of being ruled by these authoritarian leaders, we the people are getting upset, and, we will, revolt, with our without, organization but we the people WILL no longer be enslaved by our government, because the government had, controlled us, for way too long, and ruined ALL our, lives, and we are finally, awakened, to the FACT, that something NEEDS to, CHANGE to make our lives, better!  That is what should be taken away, by all of these, riots, revolutions, started up by the people of the various countries in the world.


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