Fearful of Listening to the Voices of the, People

How We WILL, be HEARD!  Even if it meant, that we have to, rise up, and riot, or even, revolt against the authoritarianisms of these, popularly elected officials, and this time, the voice of the people in Taiwan, was, heard, but this didn’t happen in China, with Xi’s policies of clearing ALL the cases of contraction, locking the country down, and people are getting, restless, and upset, and eventually, they will, riot, revolt too, as the people here in Taiwan, had taught the DDP its lesson this last voting session we just had!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were, the continuing tragedies of the China’s clearing all contraction means of handling the pandemic.  The fires in Ürümchi shehiri due to the sealing of the towns, causing the help to not arrive on time, resulted in ten deaths, this started up the riots locally in China, the masses held up the white sheets of papers to protest their upset toward how the government handled it in silence.  “The A4 Revolution” had made it into Beijing, causing the unsettlement, the global economy came into play, as the outside world watches the developments of how Communist China is to handle the matter, and worrying more that the suppression of the towns and cities may cause a political riot.

the white paper movement of China, photo from online…

Xi stressed, “the people are everything”, keeping the people is keeping everything well.  And yet, the people of China can only raise those white sheets of papers up in protest, their voices aren’t being heard by the government.  Xi based his policies off of how he was advanced in the governing powers, disregarded the need for personal freedoms, and the needs of the people in their daily living.  The policies of sealing up the country, eventually got turned over by the World Cup, as the people saw how the rest of the world is living with the virus, returned their lives back to normal; and thus, the government became, a comparison basis of the people.

And, another government that zoomed in on clearing all the cases, Tsai’s, also went under fire of the judgment of the people.  The Tsai government claimed that the country was an example of how we’d kept the cases of contractions down, but, seeing how clearing the cases, to how the pandemic took over the country n such a short time, how the government had to, adjust its policies from clearing all the cases to coexisting with the virus; the higher up officials, sitting atop the glories of wealth and economy, with we the people, bearing the consequences of the bad policies.  People are faced with the high morbidity rates, the high contraction rates too, while the Tsai government doesn’t do a thing, and it’d, attempted to shut us all up, by stripping us of our rights to vote.

Thankfully, we the people of Taiwan TAUGHT the government a hard learned lesson with our votes.  Comparing to the A4 Revolution, it showed, just how important, the votes we’d cast were, and we will, NEVER forgive the Tsai government for taking away the right to vote from we the people.

Xi’s father once stated: the revolution of the party occurred, the people’s voices won’t be heard.  “Fearing democracy is an expression of neurosis”.  The online community used Xi’s father to mock him.  These words, should be a loud wakeup call to Tsai as well: how can she behave like Xi, hiding herself away, for more than seven hundred days on end, because she feared hearing the people’s, voices?

This is classic avoidant personality, not dealing with the problems, and, it’s the leaders of the country, the party in power that’s, avoidant, on the important matters regarding ALL of our (we the people’s) lives here.  And, this country IS, shifting towards authoritarianism, and we the people are still, enabling the government in abusing us, because we are at our wits end, on how to FIGHT, how to DEFY the authoritarianism of the DDP, but we’d showed them by voting a lot of the city and county leaders from that party, OUT of office this last election!


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