The BEST Opportunity in Twenty-Four Years

Chen, the former head of the CDC (OFF with HIS HEAD!), perceived as the “golden child” of the mayoral races on the DDP ticket at the end of the year, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen’s campaign headquarters had set up, Tsai stood up for him, claimed, that this was the most advantageous time since Chen, winning the mayoral race on the DDP ticket since 1998.  She’d commended Chen on being “Warm, capable, and steady”.  This sort of a recommendation, I’m afraid, that people, wouldn’t, agree with.

For twenty-four years on end, the DDP had won the presidencies twice, but lost the race for the mayors for the capital city of Taipei, and there are the reasons for that.  The first time the mayoral races got started back in 1994, when Chen had won, showed that the people expected the changes to come from the capital city of this country.  But, Chen was too brash and bossy, and only stayed in office, then, lost out.  Later, he’d become the president, and at the very end, he was, ousted from the office on charges of embezzlement, and bribes, turning the democracy in Taiwan, into, a total, nightmare.  The DDP’s words are incongruous with their actions, the citizens of Taipei can’t ever get over, this was why the DDP lost out on the race for mayor in the capital, city.

the LOSERS who’d, @#$%ED up the policies of defense against MERS-CoV, now running for mayor of the capital city…

posing for his photo op! Photo from online

Twenty-four years passed, and this time, the mayoral races is impacted by the “three-legged watch”, the DDP originally had the opportunity to win the mayoral races again.  Problem being, that Tsai nominated the wrong person, as Chen, in being director of the C.D.C., showed that he was “cold, bossy, and, played favorites”; and who would’ve known, that Tsai misread him as “warm, capable, and steady”.  Clearly, Tsai didn’t have the head for knowing people’s abilities, had Chen dropped out from his post of director of the C.D.C., to run on the mayoral races of the capital city.  And, her wayward means of running the country, is, following the former president, Chen’s lead, this was also another reason why Chen wasn’t a “party favorite” to the citizens of Taipei.

Tsai saw Chen as “the best chance of twenty-four years”, but this was only from the DDP’s perspectives; if Chen got elected, then, the city of Taipei would be run over, with NO peace.  The voters in the city of Taipei aren’t stupid, they will NOT get fooled by the politicians, and the DDP’s authoritarianism in ruling the country, can’t take the capital city.

And so, the god DAMN president put ALL her eggs (yeah, as if she has any left???) in the baskets, betting on the former director of the C.D.C. Chen, also, counting on how the voters of Taipei has only a three-nanoseconds’ worth of attention span, counting on that the voters in the city would have forgotten how it’s due to the policies of Chen, that the outbreaks took over the country, and how many had been DEAD because of it.

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