Inconsistent about What He is Saying, How Can the Director of the C.D.C. be Trustworthy Enough?

The CDC is now, the DDP’s, privately owned, campaign machine, losing THE professionalism that it should have, but hey, what can you expect, it’s the DDP that’s, leading THIS god damn country, to HELL right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The executive department had signed off on the two stages of opening up the gates to this country yesterday, but, way before the news, there’d been multiple versions of the dates of opening up our gates, Wang, the director of the CDC, rushed to announce on the radio the plans of the day of implementing the “zero plus seven” before the Executive Department’s announcements of, and, after the discussion forums of the executive department, his statement, changed, again, so, which one should we believe, and how do we place our trust in a CDC that’s, inconsistent on its, announcements?

As Wang was in the seat of the head of the C.D.C., he’d called out that the CDC will “do away with the party politics, to serve the people”, and yet, as he came to office, he’d not set the new rule, but just, followed his predecessor, every time there’s a major news, he’d, told it first to the specific media press.

The “zero-plus-seven” had been the policy that’s long awaited on by the people and the businesses, as, many of the smaller enterprises had fallen out on the doorsteps of the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  And yet, Wang continued to be inconsistent on when the borders of this country will reopen, and today, it’s, “end of September”, tomorrow, “at the start of October”, then in a few days, “quite unlikely for the upper half of October!”

Chuang the spokesperson for the CDC confirmed the “schedules of opening up the borders” that started getting passed out online, and there’s the suspicions of how this got leaked out on purpose, to test which way the wind will blow.  Yesterday before the meeting at the legislature, Wang “coincidentally” went to the interviews at a certain radio station.

The very first time the head of the C.D.C. responded to the exact date of the country’s opening its gates, it wasn’t at the press conference at the C.D.C., but at a specific, radio programming.  The major policies, the head offices needed to slip out the news to the side wings first?  Not only does this show a total loss of authority, but, it’d, embarrassed the professionalism of the public health scholars completely.

Wang’s calling to keep politics separated from the defense against MERS-CoV, and yet, as Chen’s having troubles with his campaign, he’d, rushed to host a press conferences, to hopefully, gain the support of the voters for Chen’s mayoral candidacy.  Do we the people, really, need this sort of a CDC that’s, leaning toward the political party in power?  Or, do we just, tune in to the underground radio stations at eight every morn, to hear the latest on the news of the newest of the pandemic from this, “underground media”?

And so, the CDC is now, the campaign machine for the DDP’s using, and that’s, just bad, because, the CDC is supposed to be neutral, with the sole goal of helping the country defend against the spread of MERS, and now, it’d become, this, tool for the former head of the CDC, Chen, to work as a campaign motto, and if that’s not abusing power, I don’t know what would be!


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