Asking for the Death Penalty & Eliminating it, are Both, the Emperor’s New Clothes

Observations of the recent murder of police officer, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It took only SIXTEEN short days, to close the case on the dual-deaths of officers in Tainan killed in the line of duty, the D.A. asked for the death sentence for the murderer, this was the second case of the district attorney’s asking for the punishments of death penalty of the major crimes after the execution-style murders in Nantou, but, this was ironic, against the president, Tsai’s claims of “so long as we set up a protective security net in the society, then, we no longer need to threaten the criminals with the death penalty anymore”, the government’s ambiguousness of the values of whether or not to do away with the death penalty, is exactly WHAT cause the debates of death penalty.

The cases of the two police officers being murdered in Tainan had gotten the debates of death penalty all around recently, the government’s shift towards doing away with death penalty is clear, but, toward the broiling of the people’s opinions, the higher up government officials are evading their responsibilities thereof, which made the outside world believed, that if death penalty is still in place, then, it can resolve all the problems of violence in this society of ours.

As people feel more and more upset over the matter, the two cases where death penalty would be proper by the Tainan and Nantou D.A.’s Offices, all used the large volumes of news to declare why the death penalty is absolutely needed: there were the clear and precise descriptions of how the cruel measures of the murderers being used, stressing the seriousness of the murders, that without death, justice can not be served.  This seemingly was to soothe the people’s mind, to respond back to the needs of the public opinions, but it is more like the “emperor’s new clothes”, the means to deceit the ordinary people of this country.

The two consecutive cases of asking for the death penalty, most of the legal experts believed, that the courts would swiftly arrive at the decisions of death penalty, like how there are still thirty-eight death row inmates currently, awaiting their, executions, the head of department of justice, Tsai claimed that there’s the rules of “cases not reviewed over by the grand justices can’t assign the death penalties to” clause, and yesterday, toward the D.A.’s asking for the death penalty again, he’d read off the scripts again, that if the verdict of death is warranted, then, the strict rules of evaluation would be employed, afterwards, the death penalty shall be, carried out.  Translated to plain words: we may not execute anyone.  Using these words, does the justice department think, that laypersons such as we, are easily, fooled?

Seeing how Tsai, the president had already declared, that so long as the system of the country is set up safe enough, if we have a complete social security net, then, we no longer need to threaten the murderers with death penalty.  Then, why can’t the government set the society to be safe enough, so we can live in an environment, without the NEEDS to have the death penalty as a punishment for the criminals?  And, why does the government on the one hand stated that death penalty can’t scare the criminals from not committing the crimes, and stressed how, death penalty is the only way that justice would be served, for the victims?

And, we the people, are living under this, ambiguousness of the country’s not ridding itself of death penalty completely, with the lacking of the existence of death penalty, it’s a wonder, we’re all, so, confused, and harder for we the people to trust the system of justice.

And so, this is how the DDP uses their ambiguous statements, to try and fool the people into believing that hey, they’re doing something about this matter, when they’re actually, just giving the people the runaround, because that is what this DDP government does the best, with Tsai at the helm, leading the rest of her party members.

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