The Other End of the Teeter Totter of the N.T.U.

Finally, something that knows right FROM wrong, and NOT allowed the politics to dictate things!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The N.T.U. had made the declarations that Lin’s thesis was, plagiarized, and there are a lot of people who wanted to overturn this ruling.  But, the DDP, Tsai, and a group of students took turn, sitting on the other end of the teeter totter, and, yet, none could make N.T.U. take back its declarations.  And to this end, the DDP can only denounce the nominations of Lin as the mayoral candidate for the city of Taoyuan on their ticket.

The councilman, Miao who’s leaning toward DDP, in the shortest time, denied what Lin was capable of.  She said, it’s too clear, that DDP butting heads with the N.T.U.’s credibility with Lin’s credibility, that the DDP is getting into it with the younger generations of voters who are undecided in their party preferences.  Following, challenging that upgrade, the DDP selected to sit itself on the other end of the teeter totter opposite of N.T.U..  But the DDP legislator, Chen and Tsai stated the truth, “butting heads with N.T.U., this is going to not help the DDP’s case in the election”, “what are they counting on, the people not have the senses to, decide for themselves?”

And these two are both, Tsai’s key legislators too, but in their eyes, DDP in the showdown with N.T.U., DDP loses.  Reason being, the politics are powerless, in this judgment call, we the people are the judges, and, that sense of right or wrong is already set in the people’s minds.  And so, challenging the upgrades, now, Tsai sits on the other end of the seesaw against N.T.U.

And in the end, it does NOT look well at all.  As Tsai ordered the DDP to back Lin’s case, the DDP legislator, Kao questioned, that when Lin can’t even defend his own honor, how can someone else speak on his behalf?  What’s worse, was the Tsai issued a post on FB supporting Lin, and none of the DDP representatives gave her kudos, instead, her FB page had been overflown with the words against her vouching for Lin, and stating how she’d, “ruined the party singlehandedly for Lin”.  Tsai is completely lost, and, it’d even sparked up the debate of whether or not she’s an unwise ruler or if she’s just, a tyrant.

Even IF Lin was Tsai’s favorite, he still needed to face up to the truths, that no matter how agile DDP is in evading the truths, it still won’t measure up to that measurement of justice by the society, and, no matter how much power Tsai had, she still can’t turn what’s right into what’s wrong.  The N.T.U. verdict is, invincible, it’d shown how powerful it truly is, in the teeter totter, and this was reliant on the minds of “knowing right from wrong!”

And so, at least, the N.T.U. is NOT in the DDP’s pockets, and, that’s a good thing, because at LEAST, someone (in this case, something) can differentiate between right from wrong, and this number one university of the country didn’t fail the people this time, because it’s not in the pockets of the DDP here, based off of how it’d ruled on the plagiarism of Lin’s thesis.

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