Vouching for Plagiarism, the Immoralities of the DDP

The corruptions here still run from the very top, downward, and the dominoes are still falling here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP candidate of the mayor of Taoyuan’s debate of N.T.U. National Development Graduate Department thesis came under fire, yesterday, the N.T.U. confirmed that Lin had, plagiarized his thesis, and, retracted his master’s degree.  But the DDP issued a statement afterwards, stating that they believed in the innocence of Lin, called out that those who are trying to defame the party need to stop.  The behaviors of the DDP clearly, a case of “politics versus the scholastic”, for the sake of the elections, they’d tossed out the honesty of their candidates.

The issues that Lin had been involved in, the “thesis debate”, the “cases on the baseball park”, etc., etc., etc., the entire DDP had backed him up, other than protecting their own, they are also, making sure that they have the elections down.  But, if the ethics committee of N.T.U. had ruled the matter, and the DDP denied its validity, to the point of questioning of the school’s defaming the party, this showed of the party’s value systems, that it’d, drifted too far from what ordinary citizens deemed as just and right.

Based off of the evaluation of the ethics committee at N.T.U., Lin’s thesis isn’t just debatable in whether or not he had, plagiarized, but of how large portions of his thesis had been plagiarized, that it’d not fitted to the ethics of research at all.  And if this isn’t plagiarism, then, not only would the morale of research break down, in the future, the school won’t have any means of making sure that its students don’t plagiarize.

As Lin had been involved in all of this, he has the right to defend his own honor, and the way to do this is to go before the ethics evaluation board, to show the members that he’d not plagiarized.  And yet, Lin and his instructing professor, Chen refused to go before the board to state their case, and yet, after the proceedings, they’d bashed the validity of the procedures used, and started criticizing the N.T.U. evaluation board; Chen stated that due to the unsettlement between China and Taiwan right now, nothing should deter the country’s attention from dealing with that, it’d made us laugh, clearly, he’d forgotten how before the speaker of the House, Pelosi came, he was still questioning the claims of Lin’s plagiarism his thesis.

As the master degree had been tossed, Lin immediately stated, that it won’t affect his status in running for the position of mayor of Taoyuan.  And this was only half correct, because, having a graduate degree is NOT a prerequisite to running for office, but, honesty is.  The DDP’s entire party backing one man up, is also, contradictory.

The DDP’s insistent on not switching Lin out, it’s counting on the KMT’s lack of cohesiveness; but, the voters now see very clearly, once the after effects of the morale on his thesis start to expand, are the DDP unafraid, that it may cause, too many bodies to drop left and right?  When winning the election became the only pursuit, the DDP’s insistence on backing Lin up, other than showing how they are too desperate to win the elections, where does the value of this political party lie?

In hell, that’s where the values of this party lie.  And, everything is still, crumbling down right now, and, at the end-of-year-election, the cards will finally get flipped, and, we can, already, guess the results, the DDP are going to lose, BIG times, hopefully, the KMT can be intelligent enough, to know to work together as a whole party, instead of pursuing the individual wins, to change the systems of how this country will run, but, does the KMT have the wisdoms to do it?  We’re still all, holding our breaths to see here.

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