How Would Lin Face His Constituents?

Shameless, the DDP now showed its, ugly self, and, we the people are no longer gonna, buy it NO more!!!  This is, hopefully the FINAL straw that goes to end the reign of terror of the DDP in the cities of this country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of Lin’s thesis being accused of plagiarism, after N.T.U.’s Research Ethics Committee looked into the matter for ten plus days, yesterday, the board confirmed that he had, plagiarized, and announced that they will be taking back the degree awarded to him.  As for the professor, Chen who kept on cunningly defending Lin, N.T.U. stated that if there was something wrong on his behaviors being reported to the schools, they will go by the research ethics evaluation processes, and examine his behaviors, Lin and his professors were able to walk so tall, so high from before, and yet, after they were both busted, there’s nothing, but corruption deep down to their bones.

With the reputations of a “Five-Star Mayor”, but for the sake of his own vanity, he’d used the means of plagiarism to get the undeserved degree, Lin’s halo had shattered, his character, his ingenuity, crashed down into the valleys now.  His falsified dress, not only managed to “scam” Tsai for her trust in him, and he’d even attempted to cheat from Hsinchu to Taoyuan, does he actually believe, that we the people are gobbling up all the propaganda sold to us by the DDP as a population?

Maybe, it’s because of how the N.T.U. became shocked, for three times, the school had asked the mayor of Hsinchu and his advising professor, Chen to explain themselves in front of the school board and the press, but both evaded this.  If they have nothing to hide, then, why wouldn’t they have at least the courage to clear up the accusations stated on them, but kept spreading the words of how they’d been defamed, blackened in the reputations outside of the school?  And, thankfully the man who was plagiarized from, Yu had been fearless, coming out to the press to explain things, to speak for one’s own innocence.  This going up against the favorites of the head of the government is a show of how that sense of right and wrong is still alive in Taiwan.

And surely, we also need to applaud the N.T.U. too.  During this time, the political attacks on the school kept coming nonstop, including the calls for the members of the ethics committee to get switched out, in their attempt to blacken the correctness of the reviewing of Lin’s thesis, but the N.T.U. followed the procedurals step-by-step.  And now, Lin is officially, the biggest open sore for the end-of-year election of the DDP, and, how to avoid the DDP’s losing all five major cities’ elections because of Lin’s misbehaviors, it’s on Lin to think very hard over.  He may fool his party members, but he won’t be fooling us all, voters.

And so, this would be only, a first straw, that started breaking the big camel’s back, and, after this tiny straw gets pulled out, like that game of the wooden sticks stacking up, everything will fall down, and this is expected, as the DDP had shown that it got NO morals, that it’d FUCKED (no need to pardon me here!) up we the people’s lives, since the start of their ruler, with Tsai getting voted as the president.

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