Chen & Liu

Getting the people into the mindsets of “us versus them”, that’s what the DDP, and its officials are, doing right now, and we the people, are letting them!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen is probably regretting stepping down from his post of director of the CDC, he’d lost that exposure rate now.  But, as Pelosi visited here, he’d expressed his patriotic beliefs, “so long as we have the mind to protect our country, then, nobody can pick on us”.  So true, those words, but, defending ourselves, it does NOT mean, that we should, rouse up trouble, right?

His claims seemed to be insinuating that those who wanted peace between Taiwan and China don’t have the mind to protect the country, this is poisonous words.  Nobody forgot, just how good Chen is at using the words.  For instance, he’d called MERS-CoV as “Wuhan Virus”, used that as the reasons to not allow the children of Chinese spouses to come back to this country, he’d turned down the BioNTech vaccines with the Chinese agents to be sent into Taiwan, there’s nothing but hate for China in his heart.

here’s Chen…

photo from online

Opposite of us in China, there are, more of those with that nationalist mindset like him.  The Chinese ambassador to France recently called out to Pelosi’s visiting Taiwan, stated that if China and Taiwan became unified, then, there would be the “reeducation” that’s necessary, turning Taiwanese into “patriots”.  As his words came out, the international fronts started hitting on him left and right.  An ambassador, who’d viewed oppressions, brain-washing as the norm, isn’t this admitting to how the Communist Chinese government’s setting up the labor camps, the reeducation camps in Xinjiang?

Chen in Taiwan, Lu in China, they’re both who are, pouring in the oils, setting the fires.  They carried that banner of patriotism, but, spread out the venomous of hatred instead.  And if these two looked closely at each other, they will find that scary similarity between them, that they were made, from the same molds.

In recent days, the locals in China started using Baidu Maps to search for the streets in Taipei like crazy, and the street names of Nanjing E. Road, and Chunking Road, along with the Sanxi Noodle Shops, it’d sparked up the debates.  And, we blame it all on Baidu’s NOT opening up the portal sooner, and, are we, that, different?

here’s the Chinese diplomat to France, Lu

photo from online

No, of course not, we’re all, from the same roots, it’s just, that the DDP government tried its hardest to get the people into the us versus them mindset, and, this splitting up the country does NO good for anybody, and the only one who’d benefitted in the time being would be, the DDP, because it got its way, in swaying the people to go against the PRC, when we all shared the exact same roots!

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