The Garage Owner Put Up $100,000N.T from His Own Pockets Per Month to the Meals-for-the-Poor Free-of-Charge Program

Someone who is using everything he has to help others in need, a story of hope here, and he’d, given a whole lot to this free meals program for those in need, found the shops that are willing to come onboard this meal program he’d started on his own, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The garage owner of Xinyi District in Taipei, Weng started up the “suspended meal” packed lunches, he said, that the Xinyi District isn’t as glitter or golden as the outside believed it to be, there are many who are in need of assistance there, he’d put up $50,000N.T.s to $60,000N.T.s for the charitable causes, and, as the pandemic hit hard, he’d put up more than $100,000N.T.s, “my wife fought with me on this”, and he only hopes that the world can have more warmth, to show more care and concerns for those around.

Weng doesn’t work in the food industries, and so, he’d worked alongside the food shops, those who are in need can go to his garage to pick up a business card, and take the business card to the shop that are working with his garage, to get the free meals, and the shop would tally up the tabs, and at the end of the month, he’d gone to the shops to pay up the tabs.

the photo of the man…

in his garage…from

When asked of his providing the free meals to those in need from two years ago, he’d told, that back then, the pandemic starting caused a ton of troubles for the livelihoods, the shop where his garage ordered the lunches went out of business, there were also those around him whom had lost their jobs during the outbreaks, it’d made him realized, that there are a lot who needed help around him.  And so, he’d found the shops that are willing to work with him and notified the online community of the meals-for-free for those in need, “There are too many trolls online, a lot of those who are in need don’t dare asking help as they are in need of it.

Weng found that the number of those in need of the free meals are increasing, and started, expanding his “jurisdiction”, brought the program to Shijr, Nangang, Songshan, and other districts of Taipei.  Other than the free meals, he’d also shipped out the boxes of items for those who are in need free of charge.

He’d spent more than $100,000N.T. by the month as the outbreaks were hitting the country hard, and currently, the pandemic slowed down a bit, and, he’d spent around $50,000N.T. per month right now, he’d even used the unused space of his own garage for the storage of the goods he is shipping out.

And so, this is an amazing man, who’d noted the needs of the world around him, and, without any hesitation, he’d started, gathering the resources, found those who are like him, willing and able to, help out, and together, he and his group are, making a huge difference, especially right now, as the outbreaks are still, hitting very hard, and, not all of us have steady jobs, to put the food we need on our, tables here.


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