The Repeated Sex Offender’s Lost His Case Against How the Department of Corrections Tossing His Parole

I got a question: how did a SEX offender MAKE the parole board again in the first place???  Yeah, and his claims were justifiably, tossed all right!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The inmate of Taipei Penitentiary, Hsu filed for parole, but eight of his reviewing committee all voted against it, he’d filed a suit, claiming that the evaluation of the paroles of the inmates is, problematic, that the department of corrections is uncertain of their ability to reform the inmates, and asked the review be tossed, and be given parole; the Taoyuan District Court investigated, that Hsu is a repeated rapist who’d forced the victims to get their nude photos taken by him, that he’d not settled with his victims, and not gone to the therapy sessions mandated by the courts and the correctional facilities, found that the corrections department isn’t faulty in tossing his asking, Hsu lost the case.

Hsu had been sentenced to four years eight months on assault, obstruction of freedom, and obstruction of secret, etc., etc., sentenced to four years eight months by the courts, started serving in June of 2019, last year, he’d served half of his prison term, and became, eligible for parole, but, as the parole board evaluated last November, the eight members of the committed voted against his parole, it’d dissatisfied him.

The courts found, that in September of 2009, Hsu used the claims of working as a photographer, stolen the models’ assets, and, in October of the same year, he’d sexually molested two women against their wills in a motel, he’d served his time, but not gone to court mandated treatment therapy sessions, in May of 2016, he’d sexually assaulted a woman, and, took her nude photos against her will, to, threaten her to have sex with him again.

Hsu claimed, that the parole board did NOT specify the dates of the parole board hearings, and not given him a chance to plead his case with the committee members of the board, and tossed his parole asking on his priors, his criminal offense, and the payments to his victims, that it was not by the ratios, that there’s no justification for that, and the prison system used his past behaviors to decide on how he become reformed from serving his time, that it was the prison systems’ lacking in confidence in their own work.

The Department of Corrections rebutted, that to meet the parole requirements, other than having to serve a set term, there’s the considerations of the crimes committed, the criminal records, and the behaviors in prison, and the efficacy of being reformed by the correctional facilities to be considered, that everything was by the book.

The courts investigated, that the Taipei Penitentiary’s parole board evaluation had gone by the books, and allowed Hsu to state his case, considering how Hsu had committed the crimes of forced sexual intercourse, forced molestation, robbery, encroachment, and other crimes, that his criminal actions are multivariate, that there’s an increased chance of him, impacting the safety of the society, that the eight members of the parole board agreed unanimously, that the contents wasn’t out of accordance with the law, there was no flaw in ruling.

And so, this is how, this LOSER didn’t GET out, thank god (uh, as if!), as it would be, impossible, to reform a sex offender, and, the parole board saw his tricks, and, not allowed him to make parole, thus, keeping the society safe, for one more day.

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