Outrageous!  It’s the THIRD Time that the Taoyuan District Court Had Drawn a Demented Elderly Person as a Member of the Jury

Anybody CAN be selected as a juror, now that all of us, over eighteen are all, in the systems here, problems of jury selection in the brand new system of trial by jury here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The trial by jury system is set to begin next year, but there had been, multiple instances that are, off, a one hundred one year old elderly severely demented woman, Chang who lives in a nursing home had been selected three times to sit as a juror, her daughter was upset, and wrote, called the district courts of Taoyuan, but no response, claimed, “this is, outrageous!”  The justice department responded yesterday, that in this particular case, the evaluation committee of the Taoyuan District Court system had failed in its functions, that they’re sorry it’d caused the inconveniences to the members of the public, the court system will reevaluate the juror selection process.

The jury system is the most important item of Tsai’s reforming the justice department.  The judiciary branch had smashed down a ton of money to set up the mock practices, and had the director, Wu film the promo, etc., etc., etc., and now, a one-hundred year-old demented elderly woman had been picked, more than once, it’d caused great debates.

The Justice Department told, that the jury system mandates that the selected must be “twenty-three-years-old age at least, and needed to reside in the jurisdiction for more than four months, a citizen of the country to qualify.”  But it’d not set up the roof of the age limit, unless one is “under the custody of another”, otherwise, the hundred year old elderly can still be selected as a juror.

The daughter of the woman in Taoyuan, Chang, who had been selected as a juror stated, that last August, they’d received the very first notice of their mother’s being selected, but because the mother had become severely demented, and couldn’t speak, is immobilized, and had started living in assisted living three years ago, she’d had to use certified mail to respond to the justice division her mother’s conditions, stated that she wouldn’t be fitting to serve as a juror.

And in February of this year, Chang once got her name put down for the list of the second round of selection for the jurors, as her daughter received the second notice from the courts, she’d called up the courts herself, and the individual she talked with stated, “the man in charge of the department is busy to take your call”, the call ended.  Two days ago, Chang’s daughter received a third notice for her to appear in court as a juror, demanded that her mother present herself at nine in the morn on August 16th, she’d exclaimed, “this is outrageous!”

The justice department told, the roster for the eligible jurors were set up by the local governments, that if the selected jurors had an illness or isn’t fit to serve, the district court’s evaluation teams would make a note (to delete those who are with a severe disability), believed that it was the members of the evaluation group that’s problematic.

Last night, the Justice Department issued a press release, formally apologizing to the families and the individual who’d been troubled by this, stated that before the actual implementing of this process, they will set up the needed regulations, discuss if as the selected jurors refused to participate in the trial systems by legal means, then they will be eliminated early in the juror selection process.

The Taoyuan District Court stated, that there are improvements in this case particularly, that they will advise the justice division to set up the related regulations, that as the evaluation teams the first time or the second time give the notices, to eliminate citizens who are over seventy, or those who have severe illnesses, and stated that they are unable to serve as jurors, that they will tailor to the practical needs of the citizens, but insisted that the court didn’t do anything wrong.

Yeah, because this is only the beginning stages of the trial-by-jury system that’s begun here, there are a ton of things that the justice department overlooked, and, that’s just inconvenient for us, the citizens.  Besides, the jury system isn’t always justified, because, there would be biases in everybody, and who knows, the members o the jurors may already set up in their minds, that the defendant is guilty or not, and the cases would be deadlocked, as there’s a need for an unanimous verdict of guilty or not guilty that’s required.

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