The CDC Had Been Evasive for TWO WHOLE Years & Can’t Evade the Responsibilities

Because that, is how the DDP, rules, by BULLSHITTING we the people, and we’d, allowed them to, because we the people are way too, mother @#$%ING, retarded here, hello, hello, hello, as this is still, an ABUSER/ENABLER interaction style of interactions?  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

And They’d, Blamed Us, for Misunderstanding Them, for More than, Two Years?

As the pandemic of MERS-CoV grew out of control locally, for days, the cases of death from MERS got up to over a hundred per day, to the total number of deaths to date to close to three thousand, after the contracted died, they’d all been, swiftly, cremated, and this was, the deepest sort of pains for their families.  And the CDC, that refused to downgrade the level of MERS as a legally defined infectious disease is to blame, until yesterday, Chen, the director of the CDC finally stated, that he will talk with the funeral homes to find a most fitting way for both the families and the funeral homes.

Toward the criticisms of the rules from outside, Chen took out the documents yesterday, stressed that “there’s only the rules of twenty-four hour notices from the facilities where the contracted died, there’s no mandates on the swift cremations”.  Meaning, that it was all, a, misunderstanding by the funeral homes, but to the families, this was, infuriating, had it not been the government’s setting the rules firmly, then, the local offices of sanitations, the hospitals, the funeral homes are the ones, that’s gone off on their own, making that all-too-big an, error?  But the point is, everybody had been “misled” for more than two whole years, so how come, the CDC that’s still hosting its, daily press conference, come out an clarify?

On the questioning of the outside, Chen kept reciting the written rules coldly, explained, that since the start of setting up the rules, the rules of cremation for those who’d contracted MERS-CoV hadn’t been altered, that there was, NO time limit.  Then, pray tell, how quickly is quick enough?  An hour?  How about twenty-four hours?  This sort of an ambiguous claims, how can we not misunderstand?

And besides, the assistant deputy director, the second-in-command of offices of internal affairs, Chen, as he’d attended the news conference on the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV last June stated, “the local funeral homes should still practically go by the rules of twenty-four hour period after death to cremate, that the rules specified on how to prevent the virus from keep on getting passed around”, but this made the online community furious, once more.

In reality, a lot of the medical experts had been calling out to the CDC, to lower the level of MERS-CoV to type four legally defined infectious disease, other than doing away with the reporting in the paperwork, the restrictions of quarantine, paralyzing the medical energies, it can, get the hospitals, the funeral homes away, from the mindset of “Category five infectious diseases” which is by government mandate, within twenty-four hours’ time, the cremations needed to occur.  And the losses of close to three thousand families, Chen can’t dodge responsibilities of, by keeping himself out of the responsibilities using the press media.

So, this head of CDC, dodged behind the press, and it’s still the rules that aren’t, clear-cut, just like how the CDC had been, for two plus years, since the outbreaks first started here, this still just showed, how the DDP abused powers, ruined the lives of the people who are still alive (sigh…), as well as those who’d DIED, during the outbreaks, because they can’t get lain to rest, have the proper burials here!

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