Another Shooting in the U.S., the Gunman Shot Four, Then Turned on Himself

And you still don’t think that being able to own and BEAR arms is the root of this, problem???  And yet, the police department patted itself on the back, on their, short response time in the incident there, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the afternoon of the first, there was a shooting at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a total of five deaths, including the gunman who’d turned the gun on himself.  The police estimated that the age of the gunman is between thirty-five and forty, and the motives are, waiting to be, checked out, but stated, that the gunman with the assault rifles, and the handguns hadn’t gone locally to shoot people at random, but the police didn’t provide the public with any more extra details.  There was the twenty-one death massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Texas on the twenty-fourth, so the timing is, especially, sensitive.

The assistant sheriff of Tulsa Police Department stated that as the police received the call stating that the gunman had made his way to the second floor clinic of St. Francis, they’d immediately sent out the officers, and, they’d searched the hospital rooms one by one in the building, on all the floors.

The captain of the police, Meulenberg told, that the police treated the local hospital as an “area of a major disaster”, with multiple victims injured.  Currently, they’re still unsure how many others may have been affected.

Based off of White House Press, President Biden had already heard the debriefing of the case, and the government also offered the assistance, the supports needed to the local government officials.

The paralegal who lives close to the clinic said, that as soon as she’d heard the choppers and the loud sounds coming from the hospital’s direction, she’d immediately rushed out of her own home.

The forty-three-year-old paralegal, as she was interviewed, stated, “This was the most number of law enforcement officers that all rushed to one location in my entire life that I’d, ever seen”.  She’d recalled, the squat team making their ways into the building, described how the police were, “Swift and fast in execution”, “without any, hesitation”.

Reuter reported, that the assistant chief of police told, that as the police received the call in the afternoon, they’d, arrived at the hospital three minutes later, and fie minutes upon arrival, they’d found the gunman, and the victims.  The upsets from the public of the Robb Elementary School shooting was that the police stayed outside of the school, doing NOTHING for a total of seventy-eight minutes.

And, comparing to how the Robb Elementary School shooting the Tulsa Police Department surely DESERVED, that PAT on the back, don’t they now?  And this still just showed, how the excess of armed weapons available to people in the U.S. had, caused yet, another, shooting, only that this time, not that many were dead and injured, so it’s, no big deal, or at least, that’s, what this shit sounded like to me.

KUDOS to the police of Tulsa, OK, for your, quick response time, really, you all deserve that raise from the Department.

Yeah right…

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