The Subject, Lesson of Being a Daughter

How the beliefs about what’s given to the sons and daughters in forms of inheritances, still showed how sexist the Asian societies are!  Translated…

As the three of us, daughters married off one by one, and my youngest brother, discussing the matter of marriage with his girlfriend, my mother told me, that she could, finally let go of what’s on her mind, and thought that she could finally relax, to live out the rest of her years with ease now.

On a sunny day, my younger brother went on a date with his girlfriend, living closest to my mother, I’d often worried, that after my father passed, my mother, when she had nothing to busy her about, would get sad over my father’s passing, and so, I’d suggested to my husband we could take our two young children to see mom to have a meal with her.

After the lunch, my husband took our two children to the yard to play, my mother and I started in conversation in the living room, and, my mother suddenly asked, “what are your thoughts on if I’d left all my monetary assets to you daughters, and my properties all to your, younger brother?”

As a graduate of the law department, I’d known a little about the laws on inheritance, understood, that even as the daughters, they still had equal rights to, inherit the parents’, assets, and, due to the reasons unspecified that’s caused the uneven splitting up of the parents’ assets, no matter what, daughters have the right to equal shares of the parents’ inheritances!  I’d felt a bit, soured in my heart, and instinctively responded, “Then, I shall fight him in court for what’s rightfully mine!”

As my mother heard, she became furious, believed that as a daughter, I’d planned to, take the family assets, and disobeyed the elders’ will.  And so, this originally good-willed company, ended in argument.  And, my husband took me, who’s, upset then, wanted to say some words, but didn’t, away from my mother’s home.  Although, the sexist beliefs are getting away from modern day world right now because of education in this generation, but, in our older generations, it’d still been, rooted in, way too, deeply.

Afterwards, I’d, asked myself, will I really, take my younger brother to court about this?  Do I, really, care about, all of these, external things, and where they’re going to?  Or maybe, I was, just, feeling, upset over how my mother is still, too traditionally, sexist in her, belief systems?

And yet, this does not mean, that my mother didn’t love us, her three daughters, the root of it all, is on the splitting up of the assets, unevenly among the sons and daughters, and, how many in the world, can actually, be truly, fair?

Afterward, my mother never brought up that argument t and in that we had on that day, and in the peace, I’d still, felt the ripples, and yet, I can only, let it go; after all, making it nice is my own choice to comply with the woman who’d, used everything she had, to raise me up into, adulthood.

And this still just showed, how deeply rooted, the SEXIST beliefs about sons and daughters, are inside the minds of the older generations right now, and whether or not we like to believe it, this still exists, daughters are expected to give themselves, to sacrifice for their families of origins, as well as the families of their husbands (1 @ a time!), and yet, when it comes to the inheritances, we don’t get a single cent, because our parents believed, that hey, I’d raised you up, and gave you those, properties, we’d, signed over the deeds of those properties, to you, our daughters already, therefore, you got NO right to FIGHT for the inheritance rights with your, brothers, and this is still BULLSHIT, because, we women have equal rights of inheritance to YOU, sons!

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