You Win

This is how the high-tech devices, get between the love the two of you shared, because, you CAN’T divert his attention from “her”, no matter what, you just, can’t compete, and so, you admit to losing, and, make your, “exit”…translated…

You won!  I chose, to back out of the game.

On the MRT trains, as he sat by my side, he kept his eyes glued on you.  The attention I’d longed for from him, he’d, given it all, to you.  In the morning when we rose, before bed, he’d not even, given me a second of his time, only paid a ton of attention, to you, all he sees is, you.

In that space of privacy of only two people, I’d become, that unwelcomed, third, wheel.  And, as I’d, talked until I lost my voice, and can’t talk anymore, it’s all, wind to his, ears; and as you’d called to him, he’d immediately, tuned in, completely, focused.  Wherever he’d gone, he’d, taken you, without you, it’s like, he’d lost, his, soul.  Oh how I’d hoped, to become you, becoming the center of his, life.  But I know, that I will not, beat you, I admit, I lose.  You happy?

I HATE you!  Smartphone.

And so, this, is how addicted the modern day man can become, to the high-tech devices, to the point, that we ignore those who are around us, whom we should be, paying, more of our, attention to, well, what can we say?  We are, children, of the high-tech age, and that, is that.

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