The Parallel Universe the President Lives, in

EARTH to the, PRESIDENT here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

May 20th was the sixth anniversary of the current president of the DDP taking office, the president had gone to the “frontlines the major outbreaks” to make her rounds, to show her concerns.  And yet, she’d not gone to the hit-the-hardest regions of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, but to the DDP mayors’ Taoyuan and Hsinchu.  It’s curious to the people, that the first line of defense against MERS-CoV for the president, is it, only the counties, the cities, with the heads from the DDP?

this is, where this, god DAMN president currently lives!

in a parallel universe! Photo from online

The last time that the president made her “public appearance” related to the outbreaks, was on April 26th, a whole month ago, and her schedule then was, “going to visit the CDC command center”.  And yet, as the virus spread out, other than using her FB account to make some literary claims, she’d not gone personally, to the frontlines of the defense against MERS-CoV again.

And on the time she’d visited the CDC, she was comfortable in her seat, telling the locals to, “follow orders of the CDC, to keep calm, to be careful, but not to fear”; but ever since, things changed completely, and it’d become, “unclear on the rules, the policies going wayward, people living in fear”.  On May 20th, Tsai told in Taoyuan, “this outbreak hit the country quite hard”.  And she’d, come to her senses, too slowly, and now, she’d only begun to realize, the major impacts of this round of, outbreaks?

At the committee meeting of the DDP last week, the scholar, He gave a presentation on her research, “Theories of Immunity Based off of Vaccination Plus Contraction” whether it be that He was sucking up, or that it was her professional opinions, it’d become, debatable.  And yet, Tsai showed total lack of interest, and inquired, if she could “borrow those concepts”, because the concepts are, “too important”.  Could it be that the president “want EVERYBODY in this country to contract the virus, to fight it off, to increase our immunity against it”?  This is, truly, scary!

The president’s reactions to the outbreaks, it’s as if she’s, living in, a parallel universe.  And in that world of her delusions, Taiwan is still the HEAD of the CLASS in the defense against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, the local governments, grateful toward the central government’s kindness, that contracting the virus can only, make our systems tougher.  So, why did she dodge away for a whole month, and the first time she’d visited the regions, she’d, actively, skipped over Hsinbei and Taipei cities?  And because, she didn’t have the corresponding performances of those who agreed with her, the president finally got that needed, wake up call, she can’t pretend that the outbreaks are, nothing now!

while this, is what she should BE, wearing, on her body

from online

And so, this is how, deluded this president that’s, living on her own plane of reality (it’s actually a plane of our, the people’s, DELUSIONS!), still stuck in that, wow, we’re, number one in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and as the rest of the world started adapting itself to the imminent existence of MERS-CoV, she’d finally started, waking up, but still NOT completely awake yet, because, all who’d died, aren’t related to her personally, they’re NOT members of the DDP, and even IF those who’d died of contraction are members of the DDP, unless they’re her closest cabinet members, she still, won’t realize, that wow, we should, tighten up the defense, we need to catch up, and yet, we’re only begun in that game of catch-up, and we are, way, way, WAY behind already.

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