Has Tsai Become a President of Statistics, Reporting Only the Good News, & Not the Bad?

So, this is where the head of the CDC learn that from, its (instead of HIS!), “master” then???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before May 20th, the President, Tsai had, commended how Taiwan ranked high on the defense against MERS-CoV, but just yesterday, the cases had, surpassed 90,000 from only one day’s time, and today, it will get up over to a million, this is, the biggest, wakeup call of May twentieth; with the public getting more and more upset, the songs of the amazing work of the government that the president’s office sung on, only the members of the DDP are intoxicated about, “The Tsai government is so amazing”.

In 2016, as the party leader of the DDP, Tsai put herself up for the presidential race, as the then president, Ma posted his declarations on New Year’s Day, it’d made her remind herself, to NOT be a president who’d reported just the statistics, that the stats were only references of the country’s leader, not the pursuit of her political career, that if the government only sees the statistics, and not seen the people’s needs, “Then, it would be a disappointment government to the people”.  It’s now, six years later, I wonder, how the chairwoman of the DDP from then, Tsai, would view her self, as president currently?

“The highest of economic growth n eleven years, the rate of pay increased to an all-time high in fifteen years, air-conditioning unit for every class, every student given an iPad……………”, all of these, seemed to have become, Su’s, most overly used phrases as the head of executive department.  As Tsai about to celebrate her sixth anniversary in office, Su started, counting out the good things she did for this country, but, as the rate of growth in economic is perceived, the raised up rate of pay, does he mention of how the cost of everything is still, going up, the food shops, are charging people at an all-time high rate, along with the many months of egg shortages?

and, here’s that “Visual” for what this, looked, like

photo from online

The government only reported on the good news, and not the bad in the past, not mentioned a single word of the hardship that’s to hit us all in the near future, the hikes in the costs of everything we need to live off, the energy policies, the loss of population, the cost of housing going high out of control, the challenges between Taiwan and China, or even, the hardships in our near futures, the government neglected to tell us about.

In the past two years, Taiwan called itself, a “model student” of defense against the pandemic.  On the eve of May 20th, Tsai’s “New Taiwan Mode”, put the country at the top spot of another sort of a list, “the highest confirmed contraction per day in the world”; and, surely, after May 20th, the number of confirmed contraction is bound to get higher up still, and, behind all of these digits, is a family tragedy, does the government led by Tsai really feel satisfied of her own, performances?

If “the government is truly doing something”, then, the people wouldn’t be shy in applauding it.  But, from the shortages of the vaccines, then the quick scan kits, and the messy insurance policies, it’d shown us, how the Tsai government’s “getting ahead”, is actually, putting us all way, way, way behind;  Su’s feeling good about how we’d, “kept the pandemic controlled the best, and we are affirmed of this by the rest of the world around us”, lived in that, parallel universe to the rest of we the people.  It’s another year, Su and Tsai should not be “face-to-face” in their discussing how wonderful they’d ruled the country, to keep themselves and each other warm; but instead, they should both get into the communities all around, in this country, face the people, and solve all our, problems.

Yeah uh, that’s not going to happen, because this president is nothing but huffle and puff, with the head of state just as full of SHIT too!  Look at what’s happened so far: at the start of the pandemic from???  Two years ago was it, we were ahead of the rest, and the government got too pompous about itself how we’re number one, and “Taiwan can help”, to running out of vaccines, to accepting the vaccines that aren’t effective anymore as “donated goods” to us, like we’re beggars, asking for that handout, and the government still boasted on how, wow, the rest of the world cares about us, blah-blah-blah, to how the local pandemic finally started, and, ran from south to north, north to south, with the separate heads of the cities, trying to do all that they can, but without the papers getting signed by the federal government, these local mayors can’t do a thing, and Tsai played favorites over the cities with the DDP party mayors, and, neglected to allot the needed resources in the northern cities of Taipei and Hsinbei (because these mayors aren’t from the DDP party!), and, due to the delayed response time toward MERS-CoV, we are now, number one, in contraction, mortality rate of the entire world, wow, that’s, something, isn’t it?  How the corruptions of the government can, take us from number one, to last place here!

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