The Three Shortcomings Caused the Outbreaks to Lose Control

There are only, THREE???  This must be, only, “inventories” on the major things then, on how the government finally realized, that we’re, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y behind in adapting to MERS-CoV, and that game of catchup is, finally on, and yet, this country is already, way, way, WAY behind from before day one, and there’s NO chance that it’ll, ever, catch up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the past few days, the confirmed diagnoses of MERS-CoV had spiked up past 60,000 per day, and so, there’s the need to readjust the means of government’s orders to defense against the spread, “using the quick-scan means to replace the quarantine”, is a working mean of preventing the sudden rise in total people in the at-home quarantine systems.  But the forefront of this, is that we must have enough supplies of the quick-scan kits.  Toward the waves of the hard-hitting pandemic, the government should prepare enough quick-scan kits, vaccines, and medications for the people.

“The symptoms of MERS-CoV had become flu-like”, this does NOT mean the reduction of the rates of death.  Therefore, it’s very vital, that people get vaccinated, as means to control the number of contracted, and the treatment means of after contraction must also be set.  The data from other countries showed, that Omicron not only caused the rate of death to spike up, causing the resources of medical treatment to run short, the CDC should take heed of the other counties which were hit too hard from before, and learn.

At the moment, there’s the need to strengthen the “prevention, the testing, the treatment”, three combined into one, as well as the effective testing, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading out too fast, but, the country’s supplies of quick-scan kits are still solely reliant off of international exports, too costly, this is why the people in the country are calling out to the government, to make these quick-scan kits available to us for free.  The government should purchase enough of the supplies of the quick-scan kits that we may need, to cope with this current wave of pandemic, also, to encourage the local pharmaceutical companies to manufacture the kits too, to prevent being controlled by the shortage of supplies from overseas.

The vaccinations are still the key to this, other than setting up the hoard immunity, this can also, reduce the total number of contracted individuals, lower the rate of death too.  And so, the government needed to have the supplies of vaccines, enough for all, and to consider how the virus will become flu-like in the future, to have the needed supplies of vaccines for all.  Recently there were the infants and toddlers who’d died from the contractions, and so, this makes purchasing of the children’s vaccines vital, and the vaccination should be decided by the parents of young children.

The medications to treat MERS-CoV is already purchased by our government, but, the shipments still came up short of what people are in need of, nor do we have enough supplies to cope with the major-scale outbreaks of South Korea and Hong Kong, the government needs to be held accountable for purchasing enough supplies of the medications that people need, to reduce the moderate to severe conditions, and the rate of morbidity.

Countries in Europe and the U.S. had already, pulled a halt on the restrictions of people’s lives, and as the number of countries had finally found, that MERS-CoV can’t be eradicated like chickenpox, and decided to do away with the means of “clearing up the cases”, there’s the high possibility that MERS-CoV is here to stay.  The government should up its purchasing power to get enough vaccines, to offer the cheaper costs of the quick-scan kits available to we the people, and buying up enough medications used to treat those who’d unfortunately, contracted the virus, and NOT letting MERS-CoV spin out of control, due to the lacking of any of these three.

And yet, this government gave up on trying to clear the cases a bit, too late, and now, the government is playing that game of, “catching up”, and it never will, because this government by the DDP had been slow to react since before day one, from before the virus blew out of proportion, the government didn’t take advantage of that and we the people living in this, god DAMN country is still, getting SCREWED, by this government, with only ITS own agenda in mind.

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