Squatting Outside of Other People’s Homes, the Distant-Education Means, the Children in Lanyu Had to Chase After the Connection  Signals to Keep Themselves in School

How the resources needed by the children living in the distant-regions, are lacking here still!  The ins and outs of Taiwan (not the world!) here, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The pandemic raged out of control in Taidong locally, the local department of education gave the instructors, the students the options of “distant-learning means”.  However, the councilwoman of Lanyu, Huang told, that the signals in Lanyu isn’t stable enough, awhile ago, she’d seen the children, squatting outside of someone else’s house, and she’d inquired, and the children told her, that “there’s no signal at home, I can only go to a place where there’s a stronger signal”, watching how the students had to chase the locations with the stronger internet connection signals, Huang’s heart ached.  The Department of Education pointed out, that the internet signals, isn’t solvable by ability.

Huang told, that due to the landform and environment in Lanyu, the communications signal is already, very unstable, and, toward the impacts of the coming of the pandemic, the Department of Education pushed forth the policies of distant-education means to protect the students and instructors, this is out of good will, but, there’s the need to consider IF the regions with these rules being implemented, are, with the means of distant education; from before, Lanyu hadn’t had stable signals, and some of the families don’t have the internet connections, how are the students able to attend classes, the related government agencies should help resolve this matter.

the location of a local elementary school, with the internet signals, blocked by the mountains all around it! Photo from online

The head of Department of Education locally, Lin said, the port at the schools’ ends in Lanyu are working fine, the problem is in the students’ homes’ end; that the local office had already, filed a notice to the Department of Education already last year, but the set up of the cell towers of the internet connections, then, it would be on the telecommunications companies and the higher-up offices.

He’d told, that not only Lanyu, but in the distant regions of Taiwan, or the area where the internet can’t reach to, the students are faced with, no signal, and, from the angle of the Department of Education, he hoped, that the central government can step in and help resolve this, to NOT impact the right of children to get educated.  Up to yesterday, there had been a total of 418 students, forty-eight instructors who’d been confirmed of contractions, and, the halting of the in-class sessions had been extended to seventeen schools and twenty classrooms locally, and they’d all started the distant-education learning sessions now.

“When the weather is awful, there’s no, signal”, the parent, Chen told, that the signal was sent by microwave on the island, but, when it is raining, or when the clouds got too thick, there’s, the signal that grows, too weak to stay connected, and it was quite difficult, for the children, to have a full course session at a time.

And so, it’s the geographical location of this distant region that’s caused this, but, the connection is a bigger problem, because you can’t change the geographical setting of where you are, and, these students in the distant-regions are, deprive of their right to receive an education, which will help them get out of the poverty-stricken backgrounds they were born into, and, this problem still doesn’t, get resolved here.

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