My Son Needed to Go to the Hospitals, but the Hospitals are All Full on Occupancy with Patients, He’d Had to Wait Endlessly

Thanks to the DDP government, and, give them ALL, the credits here, a mother’s, worries, for her son, due to the lacking in provisions of protection means the government gave to the people, of the pandemic, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

My son who’s studying in Taipei originally booked his train back home for Mother’s Day, I was expectant of his, return.  Yet, on May 3rd, we’d gotten the news, that he had been confirmed of contraction, I went blank, became, dumbfounded for a very long time, can’t decide what our, next steps would be.

My husband originally planned to head up by car to get him home to take care of him, but considering how he’d be, exposing himself to the dangers and the possibilities of contraction too, he can only, started, calling the local quarantine hotels like crazy, and, for hours on end, he’d, gotten transferred, transferred, put on hold, endlessly, couldn’t wait for the officials who are in charge to give us a response.  During this time, my son kept himself hidden on the rooftops of his dorm, worried that it might affect his other dorm mates, it was a cold, wet day.

As we got the night’s advantage, my husband and I immediately, booked a hotel nearby his school, my daughter and I checked in the following day, and we still went to work, to class as we had done.  We’d called the entire night, couldn’t get the cabs to go and pick my son up, thankfully, my husband was able to get to the Taiwan major cab group, and gotten the number to the specialty transport cab.  We’d, cleared our house, setting our son in our master’s, my husband returned home then, with him, staying with our son in our son’s at-home quarantine, lowering the impacts to minimal, otherwise, it would be all four of us, stuck at home in quarantine, and, nobody can help us buy our needed items, and it made me feel so helpless, thinking about this.

For the days that followed, we’d called up the hotlines, and yet, the results were, all the same: endless waiting; wanted to log online to ask our questions, the internet got completely, jammed up; wanted the packages of defending against MERS-CoV, do we ask the city government of Taichung, or Taipei?  Nobody we can ask, luckily though, we were able to, get a kit of five quick-scan kits from last week, if we saved them, it would be, enough.

Mother’s Day was yesterday, I’m certain, that there are a lot of mothers like me, worried over our own, ill children, and worried the risks our healthy children are in.  Do not tell me, that the symptoms are mild, that it was, no big deal, there are those who’d still, worsened; don’t say, that the college students need to learn to take care of themselves, without the space for the quarantines, the rationing of the items they needed, how will these college age students, care for themselves?  Our government surely is, “tolerant” all right, having us take care of our own problems, and my son, was blessed, to have enough resources, but what of those children living inside those tents on their college campuses, or those who are, chased out, can’t the parents not feel the heartaches?  And, do those in power, hear our, cries, feel our, worries?

Writing this article on Mother’s Day, at a hotel, it’s quite, memorable, I suppose.

This is from a mother, who’s son was, HIT, by this wave of the pandemic, and, this still showed, just how, incompetent, our government is here, not giving us enough test strips now, and the vaccines are still, currently, going on, and there are still, those in the population, who can’t get vaccinations, due to allergies, or whatever, and they’re what considered, DEAD, right???

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