The Other Woman Fought for the Inheritances, the Judge Found Her Loss for Claiming the Alimonies & Child Supports as She Has a Viable Way of Making a Living

On the rights to the deceased assets of the illegitimate child and the mother of the illegitimate child, off of the Newspapers, translated…

As a loved one dies, someone unknown to you, suddenly appeared, wanted a share of the deceased assets?   The man, Hsu had been established in his career, because he didn’t have a child in his marriage, he’d gone against his wife’s back, had an extramarital affair, and had a son, and, five years later, Hsu died suddenly, the other woman went through the laws, and, confirmed that her son had the right to Hsu’s assets, then, she’d SUED the wife of Hsu to pay another half a million for child support too, the members of the legal realm stated, that there’s the strict rules of child support, and because you’d paid the support when you’re still alive, there’s, no guarantee that after you’re dead, the support will keep on being paid to the individuals.

Civil Law 1149 pointed out, that those who are raised by those who’d died, should have the relatives of the deceased to decide to what extent the child or spousal support should keep going, to split up the inheritance accordingly.  Simply stated, this is applicable to those whom there’s no legal bounds of support, a sort of an after-death support.

Based off of the courts’ investigations, Hus met a Chinese woman, Wei back in 2015 and started dating her from the tea rooms, he’d bought her a stay, and paid her for her living expenses, while Wei reproduced a son for Hsu by 2018, then in 2020, Hsu died suddenly, Wei had lost her economical support, and quickly filed for the paternity suit with the courts of her own son.

And, although her son had the right to inherit the assets of Hsu, but Wei believed that she got nothing, and so she’d quoted Civil Code 1149, hoping to get the relatives to come together to a meeting, to consider giving her part of Hsu’s assets as money for her livelihood, but all of Hsu’s next-of-kin didn’t respond back, and so she’d gone to the courts, demanded that Hsu’s wife have to pay her half a million dollars N.T. out of the total she’d inherited from her deceased husband.

The judge reviewed over the data to investigate, found that Wei had sent the letters to Hsu’s direct blood relatives, the distant relatives, a total of twelve members of his families, and asked for the meetings of the families to be held, but, none of those whom she’d written the letters to responded back to her, this gave her the right to take the matters to court.

Hsu’s father testified, that Wei told him, that Hsu didn’t have a child, and wanted her to reproduce one for him, and Wei also produced the records of their conversations on the matter, of how he’d helped taken care of their son, and cooked, the judge found, that Wei’s status of cohabiting with the woman was legal, and that there’s the facts to prove, that he was, involve in the upbringing of his own son with Wei.

But in the end, Wei still didn’t win the child support claims, reason being the definition of child support.  The judge based the rules of Code 1149 being how the death of the individual, causing the inherited unable to support themselves, that was why this law was to set up to protect the wellbeing, the key here is that the individual couldn’t maintain the basic needs of life for oneself, and is reliant on others to help.

The judge reviewed over Wei’s financial records, that in these few years, she’d not just had a car registered to her, there weren’t any viable assets, but Wei was born in 1985, still able-bodied and capable of making a living on her own, Wei didn’t deny that, plus there’s no proof that in order to care for her young offspring, she couldn’t work, that her conditions didn’t qualify to “unable to sustain life, and lacking the skills to provide for oneself”, that’s why Wei is found to lose the claims of the inheritance of the man she’d reproduced a son for.

And so, this is a “win”, I suppose, for the wife, because this other woman wanted to get the assets from the man she reproduced a son for, who’d died, and he was rich, and she’d wanted a piece of the pie, that’s why she’d sued, that’s what this sounded like, and, if this were truth, then, the woman is really awful, she’d already, broken someone’s family up, and now, as the man who had an affair with her died, she’d still, wanted a piece of his assets, uh, yeah right, if the judge allowed her to claim the man’s assets, then, that would be, INJUSTICE, but he didn’t!

But this is still not, justice, because imagine the pains, the trials of the wife, what she must’ve weathered through, as her husband cheated on her, @#$%ED around with HIS whore, and, nobody’s paying for that here!

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