Prioritizing the Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV?  The New Rules of Coexisting with the Virus is Too Wayward for Us to Follow

The policies of the CDC is still, ambiguous here, and, we the people, got NO clue of what we should do, because, the heads are, bobbing right now, as the head of the CDC has his own, agenda, of running for MAYOR of the city of Taipei at the end of the year this year, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The commander of the CDC, Chen finally stated that in all of Taiwan’s total population, there may be fifteen-percent who will end up, contracting MERS-CoV, and, doing the math, that comes up to, 3.45 million of the public.

That’s, almost, one in, every six person, based off of this percentage, in a classroom of twenty-nine, there would be four, to five children who contracted the virus; in a university with 10,000, there will be over 1,500 professors, students who are confirmed of contracting MERS-CoV; and in the army population of 200,000, there would be, three whole platoons contracting the virus.  In the nearly 70,000 police forces, over 10,000 who’d contracted the virus.  And if they all went away for quarantine of the week’s, ten days’, or, fourteen days’ terms, how will the orders be maintained in the society?

And, all of these, supposedly contracted, to avoid taking up the medical resources, they would surely, start from the at-home quarantines, who will help supervise them?  Who will assist them?  And if these individuals have elderly, and young children of twelve and under to care for, who will offer assistance to them, how do they get their leaves of absence filed in?  How do you confirm who’s served their full quarantine days, and are now, safe to return back to their, normal, lives?  Not mentioning yet, the statistics of those who might progress into moderate and severe symptoms, even if it’s only, 0.1-percent, it’s the deaths of, 3,450 members of the public.  This government who boasted itself on its capabilities, showed us, that in this week’s time, it’s preparation of enough medications, the handing out of the fast-scans, how the sixth of the population should, coexist with the rest of the population, had all been, too wayward, and, is our government, really, ready?

In the past two years, the other countries, as far as the U.S. and Europe, and as near as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea, they’d all, demonstrated to us the proceedings, and slowly, headed toward, opening up their borders now, and formally announce the era of coexisting with the virus, and, our government had already, sorted through, the other countries’ responses, and saw how other countries had, dealt with this matter, and yet, it’s still, confused, as to how it will, answer this, million-dollar, question.

And, the head of the C.D.C., Chen had already, put out the words, that he will be up for the mayoral race of Taipei this year, and, this sort of a government still, kept, propagandizing how we’re, number one in defense against MERS-CoV.  The distances of the officials’ level of confidence, and the people’s worries, are, farther, farther, farther apart by the days now.

And so, this is still how when the HEADS of these god damn, mother @#$%ING (must refrain my self from “swearing” here!) government got sidetracked, with their own, agendas, how we the people can’t adapt, because, these heads of the departments that should be setting up the rules correctly, don’t, and, it’s still corruption, from the head, all the way, downward, and we the people, still, end up FUCKED (don’t pardon me this time here!) up in the very, end of all of this shit.

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