A “Not-a-Big-Deal” Deed

A helping hand from a complete stranger that noted your need, translated…

I’d usually ridden my scooter out, because it’s convenient, and saves me the time, but, it’s, “always easier to ride out, and hard to find that parking spot”, and I know I’m, stating this, for all who lives in Taipei, the scooter-commuters.

Early that morn, because it’s still early, there are, a lot of parking spots, and I’d gotten in easily; and yet, as I went to get my scooter out in the afternoon, the scooters are jam packed into the parking spaces, handle-to-handle, and my scooter was like that tiny one, stuck, between, two motorcycles.

Didn’t know how to begin to get my scooter out, I’d looked dumbfounded at my ride for a while, and in the end, I’d, tipped up my toes, used all my might, lifted up the back of the scooter parked to my right, hoping to move it a little bit.  But unfortunately, being petite as I, it’d not, budged.

As I’d, circled around the scooter, hopeless in my feat, then, a scooter parked next to me, a younger gentleman in a black helmet that covered up his face got off, with his large hand, and, scuttled to the left, then to the right, used all his might, worked up a sweat, and finally, he was, able to, help me get my scooter out from between the larger motorcycles.

I’d bowed toward him to say thank you, he’d rubbed his hand, “it’s not big deal!” then, rode off.

Such a “no big deal” to him it was!  He’d, stated it so lightly, but, I’d, carried his act of kindness to heart, and, how much focus, how much strengths he’d used, to help me move my scooter out, is still, clear in my mind.

And so, this, is receiving help from an unknown stranger, the man saw you in need, and, given you the assistance you’d needed, and to him, it may have been no big deal, but to you, it was, a huge deal, and that still just showed, no matter how tiny the act you’d performed, to help someone out, to the individual receiving the assistance from you, it’s, something major, and, the one helped will remember the acts of kindness you’d shown them for the rest of their lives, even if you’d already, forgotten.

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