The Young Alien & Mr. Sun

How this young child is, learning about the world, through the inquiries he had for him mommy, on the inquisitive nature so a young child, translated…

Not long ago, my son became a “freshman” of the preschool class of children.  The preschool was in the midst of a field, with the tiny train station, the electric cable cars.

In three months, my son is turning three.  At this age, the children are stubborn, and started exercising their own autonomy, giving the adults, huge, headaches.  Being as young as he, he was, an alien from a different planet, accidentally “landed” into this world of ours, and, everything here, the rules, the orders of how things happen, surely, is totally, unfamiliar, to him, and, toward this, weird and unknown planet he’d, landed on, it must be, unsettling for him, I suppose?  Up to here, I guess, I can, settle myself down, to cope with his, tantrums again, who’d, sometimes smiled, sometimes, acted upset, totally, unreasonable.

how parents can feed to the curiosities of children, starting at a very young age…photo from online

He’d, relied on my words, to get to know this world.  For instance, we park our cars in the parking lot, our car parks in the basement level one of the garage; if we’re to go out on the scooters, he knew, to press the B1 button on the elevator when we get in.  For instance, early in the morn, is when everybody goes out to work, and in the evenings, it’s time for everybody to come home from school and from work too.  Like in the evenings, he’d still wanted to play longer out, then I’d told him, that the skies are getting dark soon, that mommy would get nervous, to ride her scooter home in the darkness.  I’d lifted him, high up, to show him that red sun that’s, half-set not the western skies in the distant mountains, told him: “that’s Mr. Sun, he’s about to get off from work and when he does, the skies will, turn dark!”

And today, I rode out on my bicycle to pick him up.  As I strapped him in, he saw that sun setting by the edge of that distant mountain, he’d pointed to it, stated, “mom look, the sun is about to fall down!”

“Yep, Mr. Sun is about to get off work!  He’s headed home for his supper!”, I’d told him.

He thought a bit, stated, “going to B1?”

I can’t help but smiled.


“Does he live in B1?”, my young son pressed.

“Mommy wouldn’t know, does he, live in, B1?”

I pedaled hard, got my bicycle, through the fields, passing through the buildings that grew taller, taller, and taller before us, rode into the darkness, with the neon signs, waking up in the nights.  The night breezes, blew our conversation, far, far, far off into, the distances.

And this is, an ordinary day of after work, of picking your young son to get home, and, in these few short moments from picking him up to arriving home, you two shared the wonderful moments of connecting to one another, and, your son will, keep these memories of his younger years intact, and, he will be, intrigued by the outside world because, you allowed him to inquire, to ask questions he may have regarding his surrounding environment, getting that love of learning about things he never encountered before going inside of him.

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