The Nanny Went to the Restrooms, the Two-Year-Old Young Girl Passed Out from the Hoist Attached to the Backpack

This is still, a NEGLECT charge!  Also W-H-Y, you should, always KEEP your young children by your sides, at ALL times, tragedy off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The two-year-old young girl, Hsieh from Taichung, yesterday sustained a serious strangulation, she’d lost consciousness, and was rushed to the hospital, under her nanny’s care in her home, yesterday, the young child was admitted to the I.C.U. and intubated; Yeh told, that the young girl was strangled around the neck by the harness from the backpack she’d set her down by the protective child’s seat, back when it happened, she was “going to the bathrooms”, the child climbed up the protective railing, which was what caused the accident.  The police took the nanny in on negligence charges, the social services intervened to understand what exactly happened, at the same time, the social services transferred the three toddlers that Yeh was looking after.

The police investigated, that the forty-three-year-old Yeh is a licensed nanny, and took on caring for Chou’s young daughter for a little over a year to date.

Yeh told, that at eight in the morn yesterday, she’d taken a short bathroom break, put the child down inside the enclosure, and as she’d returned back, she’d found that the young girl’s neck was strangled by the strap to the backpack that’s hung on the walls; she’d immediately loosened the strap, carried the young girl down, and immediately called the emergency services.

As the paramedics arrived, the child was with no signs of life, on the way to the hospital, the emergency service workers continued performing CPR on her, and finally, her vitals returned, but it was still, weak; after the assessment of the physicians from the Lin Shin Hospital made the decisions of intubation, rushed the child to the Taidong branch of Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, after the emergency resuscitation measures were performed, the young girl started breathing, with a heart rate again, but, the toddler is in a stage four coma, severely injured, and she may have permanent brain damage.

As Chou went to the hospital alongside her young daughter, she was very emotional, and hadn’t decided to sue the nanny for negligence yet, Yeh said, “it was only for a matter of a few short moments she’d stepped away to go to the bathrooms”, she’d not expected that the child would flip herself over the enclosure, and get tied up by the straps, she felt awful over the accident.

The social services of Taichung stated, that there’s no record of the young girl being reported for child protective services, that Yeh is a certified and registered nanny, the social workers will work alongside the district attorney’s offices, as well as the police investigators, to find out the cause and effect of the injuries of the young child.

And this still just showed, that you should NEVER leave a young child alone, no matter how safe you think the environment you are in is, because, it’s not, as these cases showed, that children will get their heads, STUCK in the cookie jar, like another case I’d written up on, how that young toddler boy committed suicide by HANGING himself using the strings from the window blinds, or how that young baby girl got crushed to death, getting put down for that nap, next to the grandfather by the grandmother, and unfortunate as these cases are, they will, keep on happening, because you @#$%ING (so???) parents have absolutely NO sense!

And all of these tragedies could’ve been easily, avoided, and these young lives, spared, but they still weren’t, due to adults’, CARELESSNESS!

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