The Weakening of the Humanities, Not Reading Became Wasteful

On the legislators of the DDP’s calling to do away with Chinese in the academics, this is totally, trying to ERASE the children’s knowledge of where they came from, similar to the Mao Zedong Era in China from before!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislators of the DDP called out to the Examination Department to eliminate the Chinese language exams on the national exams, and quote how the former testing department legislators stating how “young people shouldn’t waste their time away on the ancient texts”.  A lot of the members of the younger generations are addicted to their cell phones, if the Chinese examinations are eliminated, this may be more the excuses for the younger generations to not read up on things, and, wasting away the culture, that is, the truly sad thing.

Those of us who were demanded by our instructors to memorize the ancient texts, our Chinese had its foundations set firmly, the classics that we’d been told to recite from our memories, we still remember these texts to our old age, and we found these texts useful for our entire lives.  Doing away with the ancient texts not only would this weaken the literacy of the people, it would cause us to become the butts of jokes too. 

controlling what we read off of the internet…comic found online

A lot of the members of the younger generations don’t read at all, and has a weakened level of understanding of the Chinese language, there was a coworker of mine from before, with a master’s degree, but he couldn’t even write the characters in his own name correctly, he wrote one stroke less when signing his own name, it’s quite, shocking!

With Memorial Day just around the corner, when they got to the tombstone of their forefathers, and can’t even read what’s on the tombstones.  “Not taken the advantage to study hard when we’re still young, when we’re elders, we’d regretted not having studied at all”.  Crack open a book is beneficial to us all, we should encourage the younger generations to read more texts in Chinese, so they won’t regret it when they’re elderly, instead of stripping them of the rights to read and to understand the ancient texts.

Reading the ancient texts, you will absorb the essences of the cultural traditions, as well as the humanities, there was a line, “in your stance, there’s the books you’d once read, the paths you’d, walked, as well as those you once, loved.”  The writer, San Mao also wrote down: the books you’d read will seep into your blood and bones, change your face, elevating your flair.  The politicians should not fall prey to their ideologies, for their own political advantages, eliminating the lessons in the ancient Chinese texts, and, causing damage to the younger generations’ futures.

And so, welcome, to the “book burning” of the Mao Zedong Era, only, that these aren’t the “red coats” who are now, burning those, ancient text, they’re, the DDP legislators, DDP supporters, and I get that, the ancient Chinese texts may be somewhat irrelevant, as everything is now, written in plain Chinese language, but, there’s that need to learn the ancient Chinese texts, because after all, the most important knowledge from the ancient times are, within those texts, and, by doing away with teaching the students how to read these texts from ancient times, the DDP is, depriving the next generations of children the ability to tell what’s right and what’s wrong for themselves, and so, the DDP is creating, the next generations of ZOMBIES, who will just, follow the leader, without ANY of their own, differences of thoughts, and differences of, opinions, and then, the DDP can all lead us to, H-E-L-L (uh, as if we’re not there already, under their rules!).

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