The Constitution Won’t Force Nuclear Contaminated Produces Down the People’s Throats

But the government will, or, it already H-A-D, just like the forced imports of pork with ractopamine from the U.S. too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Executive Department, and the Department of Welfare & Sanitations declared, that the local district’s own restrictions to prevent the citizens’ consumptions of nuclear contaminated produces from Fukushima is unconstitutional, that it is against the regulations of laws of food safety, that it’s null and void.  It’s bad enough, that the government led by Tsai can’t keep the nuclear contaminated produces out, she’d brought out the claims of the separate regions’ setting up the regulations on their own as unconstitutional, but, where does it state, in our constitution, that we the people, MUST consume nuclear contaminated food items?

how the fat guy on top, is the government, and what he sat on, are the people’s, right! Illustration from online

The core of this debate of the legalities of nuclear contaminated produces is to “protect the people’s health, the local wanted a stricter set of provisions than the central government’s.”  And yet, the local governments drafted up the rules and regulations based off of the principles given to them by the central government, how could the two be in conflict?  Unless, the central government’s orders were “no stricter regulations allowed.”

For instance, on the regulations of operations of the arcades, the distance to schools, to the hospitals, the grand justice used the No. 738 explanation, believed, that the local governments setting up a stricter regulation, a longer distance of the arcades from school, wasn’t unconstitutional.  Unless, in the mind of the Tsai government, the arcades are, more “poisonous” than nuclear contaminated produces, easier to get into our lives?

Truthfully, based off of the local legislations, the central has the right to declare the self-governing directives null and void, besides, it wasn’t yesterday that the central government started ruling like a dictator; but, using the excuse of the local’s own food safety regulations being unconstitutional, and against the rulings of the central government, it’s not just, belittling the grand justices, but also, telling the grand justice, ruling over the matter of importing the pork with ractopamine how to rule on the matter.

despite how the people here protested…

photo from online

Surely, the constitution want the central and local governments’ laws to be in unison, but if the constitution is set to protect the people’s right’s, then, it would NOT be forcing the people to swallow in the pork with ractopamine, the produces contaminated by nuclear wastes; comparing the unison of the legislations, surely, the guarantees of food safety is closer to the core of the constitution.  If the Central government wanted to local cities to lift the stricter means of regulation of the food safety laws, they can be brash, they don’t need to shame the constitution of this country!

And yep, that’s, currently how the constitution works here, it’s NOT set up to protect we the people, after all, WE the people, are forced, to swallow these, poisons from all around the world, because under the dictatorship of Tsai, we’d become, EVERYBODY’s, BITCH, and, the central government here, is putting that ban on the separate city governments’ means of, trying to protect its people?  Yeah, how’s that, constitutional, huh???  It’s NOT!

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