It’s No Bet, of Electricity Provisions for the Fried Chicken Steaks!

These government officials are, totally, full of HOT-AIR, not known how hard hit we the people are, by their, god damn, policies, ignoring the voices of, we the people, and we still don’t have it in us, to OVERTHROW them!  Yeah, we are, a people, enslaved all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The outage across all of Taiwan on March third, due to the “switch error” at the Xing-Dar Powerplant of Taipower, caused close to forty-percent of power outages in all of Taiwan, a total of 5.49 million homes.  The incident had caused the stop of operations of Taiwan Railroad Company’s southbound routes, and people getting stuck inside elevators, the traffic lights malfunctioning, causing a huge mess, the hospitals, worrying over the vaccines going bad, due to no refrigeration, our lives are, greatly, impacted for sure.

it says “multiple location with the outages, with Taipower Company working hard to fix the problems”…from online

And, the various industries, semiconductor, steel, etc., etc., etc., are also, impacted, suffering losses up to billions of dollars, and the harder to estimate forms of losses too.  And this was, the FOURTH major outage since the president Tsai, took office, the most serious hitting power outage in recent years.

On the very evening, the head of Department of Economics, Wang hosted a press conference, and posted the preliminary investigation results of the cause, that it was because the operators not following protocol, causing the gas to not fill up the pipes, causing the short circuits, a manmade error, and stressed again, that it wasn’t because we’re, running short on electricity.  She’d apologized to the public a second time, and declared that she’d requested a reprimand from the head of state, and announced the reimbursement plans; and yet, the people are still, getting louder in complaints, and, the people are now, fully certain, that we’re, living in the times of not having enough power!

A few days ago, I recalled that the president, Tsai had just promised the eight major business groups, that Taiwan won’t be short on electricity, she will, make sure, that there would be, no worries of the provisions of electrical power that the entire island needed!  And yet, in only two short days, her cover blew!  The legislators used the “giving the chicken fried steaks bets” to show the irony of the head of economics, Wang’s promises; and, a lot of the public also feel, helpless and confused, at Wang’s, “I’ll bet you all the fried chicken steaks!”, and the bureaucratic, “I will be sending in my resignation!”  because, in the past two years, the power went out, again, again, and again!  And could it be that whenever there comes a power outage, a few of the technical department workers gets, punished, is that, enough?

The electrical energy provisions, is the lifeline for the Taiwanese industries, and when there’s not a stable enough source of supplies, then, it will affect the growth of ALL the industries, directly or indirectly impacted the international investment ventures to Taiwan, causing huge impacts to the development of the economic growths here.  It’s no wonder, that the local governments, while they’re all, trying to, resolve the mess from the power outages, and asked the government run by Tsai, the real cause of the recurrences of, power outages?  And, the people wanted to know, are we really “not running short on electrical power provisions?”, will we have, “enough power”?  and, does the government really have a plan, to tackle the problems of the huge losses the public will suffer, and the risk, from the lacking in electricity?

This made me recalled, the two major issues votes of “restarting the Nuclear 4 plants” and “moving the electric stations” that didn’t pass, but the realities from that are, we are, constantly, fearing when the power will, go out.  With the nuclear powerplants becoming history, our energy provisions turned towards natural gas, coal, and renewable energy provisions, to the point of the electricity nets being, reliable enough, as well as the risk management designs, and the reusable energy generations internationally, and other trends, these are all, what the energy policies of this country needed to face.

Stabilizing the electricity provisions, this is directly related to the economy of the country, and, the head of economics, in a programming, used “I’ll bet the fried chicken steaks” to promise that we will have enough electrical power in 2022!  Such an outrage!  We agree with Mr. Go’s, the subject of energy is related to the developments of the country, an issue of national security, and we also, need to consider the environmental on the matter too, that this subject, is extremely, professional, that it shouldn’t involve politics, and no presets either.  And so, we call out to the higher up government officials, to stop “betting with the chicken fried steaks!” anymore.  To take the experts advice, to set up the forums of professionals, to discuss the means of energy provision for the long run for this country, to discuss the problems at hand, to come up with viable solutions, to use the policies to make our lives easier, so we can find a renewable means to keep on going.

And so, you see, how all of these, government officials are all, huffle and puff, they are blurting out these meaningless promises (which had proven to be lies now!), and, instead of manning up, taking up responsibilities, and working together, to SOLVE the problems of energy shortage, they’re still all just, sitting high up, without any SENSE of how hard life is, down here, the REST of us are living!

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