Beware, of the Illusive Effects of the “Ring of Online”

This still just showed, how you should NEVER believe what you see or hear on the internet!  On the validity of the news you get off of the internet, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict that’s currently ongoing, the influx of “data of the warzones” came like wildfires.  And, naturally, for those YouTubers, trying to get the kudos, and the hits, they’d, taken advantage of the situation, but in just one short week, there’d been, a lot of, mismatched cases.  For instance, the writer, Nick Wang posted the footage of “brave Ukrainian little girl, yelling at the soldiers”, he’d, told that the little girl was telling the soldiers to get the HELL out of her country.  And the online community called him out; because the footage was from Palestine ten years ago, and, it was the Israel soldier who was yelled at by the child.  Wang then stated, then, just, watch it like a soap opera then.

It’s minor, that you see the footages, the photos, the claims online, and started forwarding it, and adding more fuel to the fire, and in the end, you’d, made a, mistake.  And, those who started blabbing online, may well hurt themselves, as well as their own, fellow countrymen too.  As the war in Ukraine just occurred, a lot of the Chinese online communities started operating under transference, believed that Russia would win soon enough, and started talking trash about Ukraine, there were the slanderous claims of how Ukrainian women are whores.  All of these came onto the news media, and naturally, it’d, angered the Ukrainian citizens, who are trying to fight off Russian invasion, and, the hatred for the enemy’s supporters got, sparked up; causing the citizens of China currently in Ukraine to become scapegoats, and their lives are, threatened.

The internet brought the boundlessness of the world full of information at our finger tips, more so than we can ever, imagine but, is what’s broadcasted on screen, reality?  Or does it, just, look like it’s, the reality of things, the mixed and matched, the, misinformation being, passed, around?  Especially with the anonymity of the internet, it’d, allowed people to loosen their own morale, and those things we have trouble opening up on, got spread out online is, certainly, nothing good.

how the internet, connects ,and we can all be, fooled by what we encounter, on the WWW…photo from online

As the war far off is currently ongoing, in wishing that everything eventually turns out, peacefully, the people are, faced with, enormous amount of data they must, sift through carefully, and, we should never get, tempted, by this ring of information that’s been placed on our, fingers.

And so, this still just showed, how we all need to check, at least three times (sometimes more than that!) to make sure that the data we receive from online is true, as anybody can claim just about anything (i.e. I AM, G-O-D, but you don’t know that!!!) without the proofs of what s/he is, claiming, which is why we all need to be, careful, of the sources of information we are taking these data off of, is it, credible, factual, or is it, huffle and puff, just, someone, trying to, gain the number of views?

Be smart when you sift through everything online, otherwise, you are, going to get, fooled.

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