The Interlude at the Airport

How the strangers who were around them helped prevent what could’ve been, a serious, injury, the cares and concerns, bystanders, show toward those in need of their, assistance, translated…

That was the day after my husband and I were married abroad, the day we returned back to Taiwan.

Back then, we were in the second terminal, as we were riding down the escalator to get our luggage, he’d made a sound of panic, I’d, turned around, to try to find out what got into him, and, the following second, I saw his visa for his stay in Taiwan, falling onto the floors below.

And, the visa started doing the three flips in the air, we both extended our hands to save it, but the attempts were, fruitless, and, we’d both, let out that yelp at the same time.  I’m sure, that this sound we made together, must’ve, alerted other travelers who are riding down the escalator with us.

Looking forward a bit, I’d found that the residential visa was close to where we were, on the steps, I’d rushed quickly down the steps to retrieve it, but I’d, missed it.  As I walked down the escalators, turned to see if my husband was successful in retrieving it, I watched him, lose his balance, falling backward.

At that very moment in time, the fear indicator rose in me to sky high, and, everybody else on the escalator started getting antsy too. Some tilted their heads to see what was happening, others helped me steady my husband, some helped gathered what he’d dropped back up.  Anyways, in the “scene of the accident”, there was, that uneasiness, that scent of chaos in the air.

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Following, I’d, gotten what these fellow bystanders had helped us pick up, and I’d thanked them one by one, and I saw a traveler, showing concerns to my husband, and saw he acted awkward as he’d returned the man’s, long wallet to him.  Turned out, that as the man was standing behind my husband, as he fell backward, the man caught him with both his arms, my husband had, clamped the man’s long wallet tightly, under his arms.  Or maybe, the moment was emergent, that the man didn’t realize that he’d lost his long wallet.  They’d looked at each other, and smiled, while I was finally able, to let out, that sigh of, relief, finally.

As we waited for our bags, I’d started talking with my husband about what had just happened, and found, that the cause of the incident was, somewhat, stupid, and we’d started, laughing to, beyond our controls.  Even as in the moment of what had happened, I’d, flown into that panic, seeing how he could laugh about what’d happened, my nerves finally, relaxed, I was more than certain, that he was, all right.

On the bus back to Taipei, I’d recalled how on the day we were flying out to get married, his bad temper which didn’t come often at all made me cry at the airport, it almost caused me to not want to marry him.  And yet, this tiny “accident” on the escalators, it’d, made me realized, how important he was, to me, and I’d, reminded myself, the moment he’d put that wedding ring on my hand, it’s not just the start of, carrying out his wedding vows to me, but also, the start of the moment when our hearts, beat as one, when we start, looking out for, caring about, one another too.

As I thought back to how we’d, alerted so many strangers who were close by, I’d still felt, embarrassed.  Or maybe, he’d, already, forgotten that interlude we had at the airport, but, in those short one-hundred-twenty-second’s time, I saw a beautiful painting of how all the other, bystanders, strangers chipped in, to help my husband, and that sense of gratitude toward all who’d helped, the heart, is still, currently felt inside my heart at this very moment.

And so, the most beautiful scene of a place is still???  Its people, take how this “accident” worked out, those around this couple all rushed in, to help the man, to prevent him from getting seriously injured, and that still just showed, that the bystander effects, the diffusion of responsibilities, are both, overridden, by the people’s feeling that sense of urgency, to lend a helping hand to this man.


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2 responses to “The Interlude at the Airport

  1. A fightening, but a heart warming story too … in general, among the general public, kindness and compassion still prevails

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