Dreams Trapped by Reality’s Net

These dreams, are like butterflies, caught in the nets, struggling, to break free!  Dreams trapped by reality’s net, they will, NEVER, break free that’s for sure.  For reality is what we’re, living in, we ain’t got no time for dreams, don’t you know???

Dreams trapped by reality’s net, you see them, struggling, fighting hard, to break the hold of reality’s, tightened grasps on them, and, maybe, one seemed to break free, but, wait a second, what is that again?  Oh, the hands of reality that, SMACKED down, and, KILL that, buzzing, little, F-L-Y there.

and this, is what we all, became…

pretty, but soon to be, DEAD! photo from online

Dreams trapped by reality’s net, we are, all living like this, because, we got dreams, that we can’t, “exercise”, because the reality is pressing, mortgage, car payment, interests on our loans, etc., etc., etc., the cost of living, the cost of milk just hiked up, five cents from a week ago!  Not mentioning how costly it gets, to buy them, toilet papers, or, tampons that we are needing there.

Dreams trapped in reality’s net, well, there’s, only, ONE end for these dreams, DEATH, but, these dreams they still, struggled on, foolishly, believing, that they just might (delusional is what this is!!!), break free…

Dreams will continue to get trapped in reality’s net, and, we are, those butterflies, fluttering our wings, as we get ourselves, CAUGHT, DEAD, in the black widow’s net, not knowing, that by struggling as hard as we are doing, it only, hastens our own, deaths.

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