A Better Example for the People

We can’t look up to this government of ours, because it has, NO morals, and, if we look up to this, immoral government of ours, and follow its lead, then, this country will completely, go, D-O-W-N, that’s for sure, written by the professor of neurology, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d bumped into a friend who cares a whole lot about her health, saw she carrying out a whole case of instant noodles at the wholesales mart, I was, a bit, surprised, she’d felt embarrassed, and told me that her last year high school son studies into the depth of nights, and, when he felt hungry, he’d normally gone to the super convenience shop to get the midnight snacks for himself.  But a few days ago, when they were shopping downstairs, there came a man without a mask, she and her son were shocked, and immediately, they’d recalled the eye-gouging case in Pingdong, the clerks were all tensed up too, they’d immediately decided that they didn’t want to buy the food anymore, left immediately.  But her son would still feel hungry in the middle of the nights, especially with the weather getting colder, he’d wanted something warm to eat, that’s why she’d bought a whole case of instant noodles, stashed them up at home, to save her son from the chances that he might encounter danger at night when he needed the refuel.  She’d sighed, “wasn’t Taiwan known for how safe it was from before?  Why is it like this now?”

Surely, from before, we were proud that we could go out late at night, and when, we started worrying, that in the broad day light as we are out, there may be someone who’s psychologically ill that stabs you from the back?  Yesterday, a friend told me, that she saw a man with his head shaved flat, with a weird look on his face, walking towards her, without a second thought, she’d, immediately, cross the streets to the other side, she’d come to inquire, that if she was, too neurotic?  I don’t know how to answer that.  In the past, we’d not placed a weapon in our cars, and now, a baseball bat seemed, fitting.  Recently, there are, the violent air that’s, filled up this, society.  Even in the public high school in Chiayi, a group of students had fought each other using baseball bats in the hallways too.  All of these acts of violence, maxed out our capabilities to handle them psychologically, they’d affected our lives, to the point that the government needs to, do something about it.

The readers wrote into the newspapers, that this sort of atmosphere of violence was started up by the politicians, these drunken younger generations are modeling after the politicians ruling over us, brash, and without the laws.  They don’t see the laws, disrespected others, as well as, themselves too, even the servicemen in uniforms, they would get plastered too, and fallen asleep outside the doorways of the super convenience marts, totally, not care of the image of what their uniforms, represented.

I’m too curious why do these younger generations need to get plastered, to numb themselves out, or smashing up the vehicles, beaten someone else up, to vent?  They were, blessed to have been born, in the resourceful environment of Taiwan, which war had not happened in seventy whole years, they have more resources than we ever had, what do they, feel, upset about?

I’m sure, that a lot of people are wondering about this, and worried that the younger generations couldn’t find a purpose for their own lives, gotten lost in the materialism, and wasting their lives, away.  If we don’t know what we want to do in our lives, then, we can’t change into who we want to become from where we currently are, nor would we have the motivations, the drives, to move forward in our own lives.  So, humans must grow, and we all must have goals, and role models too.  Role models are important, just like Confucius said.

The role models come from all over, so long as their actions are worthy of us following.  Some feel, that the students now lacked that role model, because of the deletion of the contents in history and culture lessons, because they don’t like to read, especially, not histories, they’d not known who in history are worth their modeling after.

A child looks up to Guangong, as he got his stitches out in the hospital, the doctor asked him if he would like anesthesia, and the child told his surgeon, “Guangong wasn’t afraid of pain when he got his injuries treated, nor am I!”, and that is the effect of a role model, it’d encouraged the kid to become the hero that he’d looked up to.

There are so many in the world, who are, wandering, aimlessly, without a sense of purpose, because they don’t know where they’re going in life next; there are also so many who are without goals, who are, in that state of dormancy, because they don’t know what they’re waking up to.  We are given the gift of time, placed on this earth, don’t waste it away, and, the government, do NOT boast your achievements all over the places, DO something that can cause some positive feedback in our lives!

And so, this, is still, a “top-down” problem, because the government does NOT lead by example, we the people have NO role models to look up to, to model our behaviors after, and, because of how bad the government is, misbehaving right now, that’s why, there are, so many things that are, going wrong in society right now, and, we’re, all a part of this, because, we’re, living, in these, societies, that we are all, living in right now.

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