The Bite-Back of the Net Armies that’s Messed Up Taiwan

 taste of their own, @#$%ING, medicines now, karma’s still, a BITCH here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator of the DDP, Kao being abused by her ex-boyfriend, Lin, the former vice president, Lu pointed out, that it was the DDP net armies that became, the enablers, hoped, that the DDP can keep itself in check more, to respond to this currently, social injustice; the head of state, Su told, that he will make sure that Lin gets a severe punishment for his abuse of his girlfriend, Kao, but hadn’t respond a single word on how the DDP net armies are the enablers in this.  And, the entire case had, entered, into, another level of concern for all in the country now: how does the political party in power, that’s relied on the net armies solely to build up their forces, gets bitten back?

how the net army, draws, the “crowd”…

photo from online

In a few short days, Lin’s identities of an abusive boyfriend, a writer, a member of the Taiwanese Taliban, political-social cockroach, to the malicious of the net armies were all, exposed.  But, what sort of a political biosphere, that’s, allowed those like him, to get what they wanted, out of the government, to take as much as they wished to, as much as, they can from the government?

As Lin was put on that cross, in the shortest time, there were the net armies that’s tried to turn the wind, and there was that incident of members of the net armies, publicly and openly, threatening Kao.  And, what the outside world saw as a loser, abusing his girlfriend, busting the innerworkings of the various systems of the various net armies of the DDP; the related net armies even started engaging themselves, in the party’s internal discords, getting involve all around the island, from the north to the south, those who support us, live, those who don’t, gets, eliminated, and nobody can fight them off.

But what’s funny was, Lin, who’d become reduced, to less than, a “nobody”, can keep up the lies of how he’s, closely tied with the political realms, not only did the famed politicians, the famous businesspeople made an appearance at his own mother’s, funeral, and when something had happened, it’d, taken the heads of the DDP to “show concerns over the matters”.  And, had he not shown his “power”, then, how can these older generations of politicians, of businesspersons, pay attention?

The case of Yang, allowed the members of the public see, how swiftly, the net armies, severed off those who damaged their reputations; Han, Ke, and Lai’s being, ganged up on, made the people see just how, hard the net armies can hit; the case of Kao, it’d disclosed, just how dark the workings of the net armies are, and how the collective stupidity of the party in power, and debauchery of the party had, become.  The net armies that’s made a huge mess of the country now, bites back at its, host, this is, what’s, trending, now.

And so, the net armies, set up by the DDP became, this parasite now, and now, the DDP is only, starting to taste, their own, bitter medication, which they’d, sown the seeds for, and it’s still karma, and payback is, still, a total, BITCH!  Now the political party, will, suffer, the consequences of that bad seed they’d, planted down.

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